ICL bats to save the tiger

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ICL bats to save the tiger
Calcutta News.Net
Monday 10th December, 2007 (IANS)
The Indian Cricket League (ICL) here is attracting attention not only for its matches but also for its social messaging.

In a first, Zee Sports and ICL have donated advertising space to their chosen cause – the protection of tigers.

Zee Sports approached the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) and offered banner space, sightscreens and use of the venue – the Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex in Chandigarh – to spread the message of saving the tiger.

‘This was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the plight of the tiger. Our national animal is fast disappearing and too little is being done to stop it slipping into extinction,’ Belinda Wright, executive director of WPSI, said in a statement.

‘The tiger has no votes, but if we all join together and appeal for its protection, the government will have to take notice.’

‘The world is watching us. It would be a national shame to let this magnificent animal, the soul of wild India, disappear through indifference and inaction,’ she said.


For The Tiger


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