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Cat Updates

Will Bobcat didn't eat yesterday or today so Dr Justin has been called to come look at him.

Sheena Serval does not eat red meat so she gets a lot of fish and shrimp.

Zimba Moved to a new enclosure with several sections.   Zimba walked right into the the transport cage and and enjoyed the 'ride' to his new enclosures.  Once there he did not hesitate to walk right out of the transport and immediately begin exploring his HUGE, HUGE, HUGE new digs in between Ginger and Desiree.  He has dens with hay, dens without hay.  He has platforms, places to hide, lots of sunshine and shade.  He did however, take time out to get a couple hisses in at the girl next door.  A fella just has to show off.  See this on the Facebook Live Video Replay below.

Hoover is doing well.

Help us keep an eye on Nirvana at: https://video.nest.com/live/B7C7VpSW4b


 NEWS - Heads Up - Don't Miss It

At 5:00 PM EST, Today Carole will be LIVE on Facebook

She will be walking around with Kathryn while she gives the evening meds to cats.  That means TREATS!!

You Don't Want to Miss That!!!!



Big Cat Rescue has learned that notorious magician Jay Owenhouse (pictured here) plans to hold a magic show featuring his tiger act on the campus of the University of Missouri this Saturday evening. Owenhouse claims to train his tigers using "positive reinforcement" and says his "tigers probably live more comfortably than some people." How is being forced to perform unnatural acts comfortable for tigers? It's NOT. Please take action by emailing UM leaders below and asking them to CANCEL THE MAGIC SHOW WITH TIGERS.
Learn more about magician Jay Owenhouse and his exploitation of tigers:
PLEASE EMAIL these University of Missouri leaders:
NOTE TO VIEWERS:  This Action Alert is posted on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bigcatrescue/photos/a.184533141956.138790.122174836956/10154121547446957/?type=3&theater PLEASE, Go There and SHARE SHARE SHARE the post!!  YOU Can Make A Difference!!

 BigCatTV.com NEW Video

NEW VIDEO: Seth Tiger's Stinky Face Remix

This video highlights Seth's first reactions to his first vacation.

GREAT JOB, Afton!!

Note To Viewers:  Be sure to let Afton know what you think of her videos by commenting on them and sharing them.


 Facebook Live Videos

VIDEO:  Carole's Walkabout 1/17/2017  (about 8 minutes)

Zimba Serval moves to HUGE, HUGE, HUGE new digs in between Ginger and Desiree. Please vote to help us win at BigCatRescue.org/contest & today's Facebook Live Question.

VIDEO:  Kathryn Does Evening Meds 1/18/2017  (about 59 minutes)

 Announcing Facebook Live Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize. So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos. Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too. Be sure to book mark BigCatRescue.org/win which is where you will post your answer to qualify for a future prize if you are the first one to get the correct answer.

1/17/2017 Contest

This is a very important issue because it is at the very root of big cat suffering.

Question: What is the full URL on our website to our "Cub Handling Fact Sheet" that you can send someone to or that you can print to give someone to explain the bigger issue surrounding the cub petting issue?

Winner: Kitty Crispell (has been notified by email)

Answer: http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/WhyIsCubPettingBad.pdf

How to Find the Answer:  go to BigCatRescue.org and up around the menu area find the search icon .  Click on it to open it and type in the phrase "Cub Handling Fact Sheet" then click the ENTER key on you keyboard or tap GO on your device.  That brings up a list of pages.  Click on one of the pages, scroll down and look for the graphic and link.

Graphic is:  

Link is: http://bigcatrescue.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/FactsheetBigCatsHandling_rev.1.pdf

NOTE TO VIEWERS:  This is a great link to bookmark because as you talk to others about the cub petting issue this flyer can be a wonderful tool.

NOTE TO VIEWERS:  Many of you got very close to the right answer.  You found one of the pages the flyer is on.  BigCatRescue.org/cubs  VERY GOOD JOB!!

Winner's Chosen Prize:  We will post it as soon as we know.


Jan, the winner of the 1/16/2017 Facebook Live Contest has chosen The Snow Leopard Trust Embroidered Cross Over Purse


 Big Cat Challenge

Today's Big Cat Challenge goes hand in hand with yesterday's Facebook Live Question.

  1. Open and Read our "Cub Handling Fact Sheet" flyer.
  2. Share that flyer or a point from that flyer on YOUR Facebook page.
  3. Let us know in the comments of this page, or tag us on Facebook, so we can come like and comment on your post.



  Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

VIDEO:  Nikita Enjoying the Sunshine 1/18/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Pond Life 1/18/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  On the Lookout for the Breakfast Cart 1/18/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Seth's Hump Day Breakfast 1/18/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Trying to Feed Picky TJ 1/18/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Seth Showing the Texans He is Not Intimidated By Them

Amandra, Andre, and Arthur Tigers were rescued a few years ago from Texas. We often refer to them as "The Texas Three" ot as "The Texas Tigers" or as The Three As". They live across the tour path from the Vacation Rotation.

By Susann


VIDEO:  A Rest on the Platform Before Continuing Patrol Duties 1/18/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Nikita's Breakfast 1/17/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Big Ole Seth Having a Dip in the Pond, AGAIN 1/17/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Trying to Get TJ to Eat 1/17/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Seth Storming Out of the Pond

By Susann


VIDEO:  TJ Finally Eating 1/17/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Nirvana Drinking Water - Hospital CageL

By Susann


VIDEO:  Seth Pondering What to Do Next 1/17/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Joseph 1/16/2017

By Susann


VIDEO:  Good Boy Hoover Eating All His Food. Thank You Gale

Hoover in the recovery cage on 1/17/2017

By Ruxandra


VIDEO:  My Magical Hoov, Hoover in Recovery 1/17/2017

By Ruxandra


VIDEO:  Hoover Eating Breakfast in Recovery 1/18/2017

By Ruxandra


VIDEO:  Seth a Very Clean and Handsome Boy 1/17/2017

By Ruxandra



 Foster Kittens

VIDEO:  Karma Visiting Kittens

By Susann


 BigCatTV.com Past Videos

VIDEO:  What Are the Cats Up to at Night?

Originally posted August 30, 2016

We teamed up with our former media producer, Chris from Cole ad Marmalade, to see what the big cats are up to after hours.  Take a look!

 Big Cat Gift Shop

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This soft 18"x18" pillow is an excellent addition that gives character to any space. It comes with a soft polyester insert that will retain its shape after many uses, and the pillow case can be easily machine washed. And it's completely cut, sewn and printed in the USA. Concealed zipper, printed on both sides,  pillowcase cover: 80% polyester, 20% fleece, pillowcase insert: 100% polyester.


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