Sabre the black leopard may be the oldest cat on property at 24 years old, but he still loves to play and be silly.

Posted by Afton Tasler - Big Cat Rescue on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan 20 2017

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Cat Updates

Carole is streaming live again on at 5:00 PM EST today.  Today's purr-ticipation photo is Keisha.

Hoover had two breakfasts today and ate a combined 7 pounds of pork and chicken. He refused his red meat. The goal is 10 to 14 pounds so the keepers will, of course, keep going back to offer him more food throughout the day.  Watch Hoover Streaming Live from the recovery cage.


Nirvana is still in the recovery cage inside the hospital. She is doing well and eating well.

Lately, Joseph seems to have decided he likes chicken and turkey better than red meat.   So far today he ate 6 pounds of turkey.  Keepers will of course take him more food throughout the day in an effort to get him to eat a few more pounds.



Keeper Afton will be the one giving out the cats' evening meds today at 5:00 PM EST and Carole will be tagging along with the camera broadcasting live on so drop by, see the cats, learn about the cats, and cat issues, and say hello.

Carole will also ask the Facebook Live Contest Question.  Remember the link to answer the question will be and to find answers quickly, take a little time and get familiar with the links at the bottom of these update pages.  There will be one main prize and EVERYONE ELSE who purr-ticipates will get a high-resolution digital photo of one of the cats.


 Keeper Snapshots

Keeper Note: Can you find the bobcat?  ~Keeper Afton

All of our cats are given places to hide for those times when they want to be secretive or sneaky which wild cats love to do.  In captivity wild cats are told what to eat, when to eat, where to live, who their neighbors are, etc.  They get to make so few choices for themselves that giving them places to hide is important.  It gives them a little power over their own lives letting them choose to be seen or not be seen.  Some of the cats like to hide and pounce out as if hiding is a game.  Others like to hide when they nap, while others will hide only if they see the vet coming.  Unless we need to coax the cat out for observation, meal, or meds we frequently pretend like we do not see the him/her.

Keepers will sometimes, simply walk away immediately giving the cat its privacy.  Other times, for the cats who act like hiding is a game, the keeper will walk all around softly calling the cat and pretending like they cannot find him/her for a minute or so before walking away.  For those cats, you should see how proud they are when they come strutting out of their hiding spot knowing THEY WON!

Question for viewers:  Does YOUR cat like to hide?  Is it just certain times of the day or when they are in certain moods?  Do they like you to find them or leave them to hide?  Does any one else's cat like to play Hide-N-Seek?


Keeper Note:  Sabre the black leopard may be the oldest cat on property at 24 years old, but he still loves to play and be silly.  ~Keeper Afton

Sabre the black leopard may be the oldest cat on property at 24 years old, but he still loves to play and be silly.

Posted by Afton Tasler - Big Cat Rescue on Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 Valspar Contest Update

YAY!!  You All ROCK!!!!  THANK YOU!!!! Our goal yesterday was to get 500 new votes and YOU DID IT!!!!!!

Yesterday at noon the cats had 991 votes when we posted it on social media.  Then when we posted it as a Big Cat Challenge on yesterday's update the cats had 1,024 votes.  Now, today at almost noon the cats have 1,574 votes.

This contest is important because YOU CAN WIN $50,000, or more, for the Bobcat Rehab & Release Program.  If you have not yet heard the details of this contest, please go to to see how YOUR vote AND YOUR Share can make a big difference.  If you have not voted yet, you can do that at



If you live in the great state of New Jersey, we have fantastic news and a crucial request!

Bill A.3899 to prohibit declawing of cats was approved and will be voted on this Monday, January 23rd. New Jersey stands to become the first state in the nation to prohibit the cruel and unnecessary practice of cat declawing. However, it can’t advance through the Assembly without your help.

Please find your Assembly member by zip code here and make a quick call to his/her office between now and January 22nd:

You can simply and politely say: “My name is ______, I live in (town/county of residence) and I strongly support Bill A. 3899 to prohibit cat declawing. This practice is harmful and unnecessary. I hope the assembly member will vote in support of this bill."

If you’d like, you can add that declawing is associated with health and behavior problems for these cats. Many experienced veterinarians who are fully educated on the issue refuse to perform it; they assert that it does NOT keep cats out of shelters – rather, it often puts them there.

Please encourage your feline-loving friends and family in New Jersey to call as well. We can’t thank you enough for your active support – it is making a difference!


Kitten clipart, cat art People Often Ask

Often for Enrichment the cats enjoy items that have been rubbed with or sprinkled with spices.  They also enjoy various perfumes and scents spritzed on bags, boxes, tubes, and toys.

So people often ask: What spices and perfumes do the big cats like?

Afton is the Chairman of the Enrichment Committee and recently told a viewer the most popular spices with the big cats are of course catnip, cinnamon, apple pie spice, and pumpkin pie spice.  We use the same kitchen spices you use at home such as those mentioned above, as well as, Italian seasoning, oregano, nutmeg, etc.  However, we do NOT use any pepper type spices.  We are only allowed to give the big cats perfumes and spices that are brand new and still have the seal on them.  Mickey especially likes the pumpkin pie spice.  Mac Cougar really 'gets into' cinnamon, especially if his favorite keeper Matt gives it to him.

Mickey is also a really big fan of his big cat popsicles both tuna and blood flavor.  So tuna is always helpful to have around for making that flavor.  Tuna is something we sometimes run low on because so many of the cats LOVE it.  Besides being a source of enjoyment for the cats, we give the the older cats sicles daily to help keep them will hydrated which is something older cats sometimes need help with.   As you can imagine we go through a LOT of tuna.

The most popular perfumes are Betsy Johnson and Calvin Klein obsession.  Chris once told me that Joseph Lion note only enjoys Rosemary & Thyme spices the best but that he really likes the scents of pine and lemon/lime perfume.

YOU can get regular kitchen spices, tuna, and catnip on and have it shipped directly to the cats at Big Cat Rescue, 12802 Easy Street, Tampa, Florida  33625.  If you order catnip or spices for the cats, please let us know because when we get items from Amazon they do not include anything in the package letting us know who to thank.


 Global Cat News


One problem with shutting down the circus: Where will the animals go? | Albuquerque Journal 


With Mike VII, here's how LSU could potentially become an accredited tiger sanctuary


 Captioned Photo To Share On Social Sites

OOPS!!  Now, is that song stuck in your head ;-) like it is in mine?


 Big Cat Gift Shop

Roaring Lion Hoodie: Soft Lightweight medium blue pullover Hoodie. Features lion roaring on rock design. Past Videos

Past Video:  10 Steps to Rehabbing a Wild Bobcat

Originally posted on April 12, 2016

Note to viewers:  The Vaslpar contest can help win $50,000, or more, to fund our expanding Wild Bobcat Rehab and Release program.


 Viewer Videos From

The videos in this section are clips recorded by online viewers, (you can do it, too).  Find the list of live streaming cams at and feel free to submit links to YOUR recordings to for possible inclusion on this daily update page.  You will find the cams are by far the best quality.  The other cams are nest cams etc and are not as good a quality, but are still quite enjoyable.


VIEWER VIDEO:  Afton Visiting the Kittens

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Nirvana's Breakfast 1/20/2016

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth Finds a Stick
LOL, all those toys, and he chooses to play with a stick. What a silly boy.

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth's Morning Close ups 1/20/2017

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO: Seth's Very Long Friday Morning Breakfast 1/20/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Keeper Afton & Hoover 1/20/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoovie Moments 1/18/2017

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth Showing Off His Cuteness to the Explore Cam 1/20/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoover Having Some More Food & a Bath

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Amazing Roar From Joseph 1/19/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Nikita Going For a Salad

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoover's Walk & Moo 1/19/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoover Mooing

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth's Long Bath and He Finds Another Stick in the Lake 1/19/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Kittens, READY to PLAY in the Kitten Canbana 1/19/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Max & MaryAnn Waiting for Breakfast 1/19/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  "Servant" Feeding TJ 1/19/2017

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  TJ Calling for Afton

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  The new hype: Yogabath with HRL Nikita (please read disclaimer) 2017 01 19

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge HRL Nikita from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of HRL Nikita's negligence. By Susann


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