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Cat Updates

Gabrielle, a.k.a. Gabby and Priya are neighbors.  Gabrielle has to be fed before Priya gets fed or she gets upset.  Priya is more patient about waiting her turn than Gabrielle is.

Nirvana is really enjoying being back outside in her enclosures.  Of course, she had a lot of marking to get done.  She worked on that off and on all night long.  Ocelots are nocturnal so they are naturally more active at night.  Here at Big Cat Rescue the cats are allowed to roam their whole enclosures at night.  We think it is sad that some places lock their cats up inside ‘cells’ at night.

King Tut has decided he has two favorite foods which are mush and turkey.   Cats frequently change what their favorite food is.  Do your domestic cats at home do that?

 The Picky Boys


HOOVER!!!  Yesterday, he ate a combined total of 12.5 pounds which is much closer to what we want him to eat everyday.  GOOD BOY, HOOVER!!

TJ!!! Yesterday, he ate a combined total of just a hair under 12 pounds.  This is a lot closer to what we want him to eat daily.  GOOD JOB, TJ!!

Cameron and Joseph didn’t eat quite as much as we wanted them too, but they ate well.

Let’s give a GREAT BIG CHUFF and ROAR to the keepers who never give up on getting these picky eaters to eat.


 Facebook Live Video Replays

VIDEO:  1/24/2017 Kitten Cabana Cam / Max & MaryAnn 

OK…this time it really is Max the Bobcat napping in the afternoon sun at http://explore.org/live-cams/player/big-cat-rescue-kitten-cabana

VIDEO 1/24/2017 Nikita Lioness Waiting For Breakfast

Meet Nikita Lioness, 500 pounds of Her Royal Lioness waiting for breakfast. Watch more at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue


VIDEO:  Moses Has a Stick

Moses Bobcat has a stick stuck across the roof of his mouth. Will Jamie Veronica be able to remove it?  This video also shows how Moses and Bailey’s cages are connected by an overhead tunnel with ramps going up into the tunnel.  See Bailey go up the ramp and into the overhead tunnel.  They have cages on both sides of the tunnel that they can go back and forth between whenever they want.


 Announcing Facebook Live Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize. So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos. Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too. Be sure to book mark BigCatRescue.org/win which is where you will post your answer to qualify for a future prize if you are the first one to get the correct answer.

1/24/2017 Contest

Question: What are the white spots on the back of Breezy’s ears?

Winner: Kris

Answer: Flashes

Winner’s Chosen Prize:  Tank – Panthera Leo Racerback Slim Fit in Purple


Note to contest purr-ticipants:  Everyone who purr-ticipated in Big Cat Rescue’s Facebook Live contests on January 23rd and 24th has been sent an email with an 8×10 digital photo at 300 dpi and permission to print a personal copy of the photo or to have a professional service print that copy for them.  Again, there were a couple of emails that came back as undeliverable.  Please note: You need to be careful about typing your email address correctly into the form at BigCatRescue.org/win because when you type it incorrectly you won’t be able to receive your winner’s email or the hi-res digital purr-ticipation photo.


Here is a low-res version of the hi-res Mickey Cougar photo that was emailed to purr-ticipants for January 23rd & 24th Facebook Live Video contest.


Here is a low-res version of the hi-res Nikita Lioness photo that will be emailed to the purr-ticipants of the January 25th Facebook Live Video contest.


 Valspar Contest Update

WOW, Great Job, Everyone!!  YOU ROCK!!

Because of YOU, the cats have 6,027 votes as of 3:00 pm 1/25/2017.

Let’s keep the momentum going!!  THANK YOU!!

YOUR votes for Big Cat Rescue and YOUR shares are Making A Difference at VoteCats.com

Here is a new photo for you to copy and share on your social media pages to help the cats win up to $65,000


Note To Viewers:

If you have not yet heard about this contest that we are purr-ticipating in here are the details and you can find more details at BigCatRescue.org/contest

PLEASE, Vote for Big Cat Rescue and Help Our Rehab Bobcats!!

Last year the online votes of over 9000 supporters won us over $50,000 toward the $350,000 expansion of our bobcat rehab area we are currently building. The 2017 Valspar PGA TOUR Volunteer Challenge contest is now underway – will you please help us continue the rehab enclosure expansion by taking just a quick minute to vote just once?

Big Cat Rescue will get $1 for every vote we receive of the first 10,000 votes cast for the tournament; votes after that will help us win a portion of the $65,000 in prize money!

You can only vote ONCE; please don’t try to vote more than once. The final day to vote is March 11. Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.

VOTE HERE: votecats.com

Look for Big Cat Rescue and click on SELECT.

Fill out the form that pops up and is used to confirm you only vote once and submit. Over 9000 supporters voted last year and no spam or unwanted mail resulted from the form.

A Validation Email should show up in your email but there may be a delay. Please click on it to confirm your vote. Don’t worry if you do not receive the email – your vote will still count.

Thanks so much for helping us help the tiny orphaned bobcat kittens. Please pass this information on to anyone you think would share your concern for them.

Voting instructions


 Join ADI in Protesting Garden Bros Circus in Estro!

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is partnering with local advocates to protest Garden Bros. Circus in Estero, Florida to warn audiences of the behind-the-scenes suffering of animals in traveling circuses.

WHAT:  Garden Bros. Circus Protests

WHEN:  Saturday, January 28, 12:30pm, 3:30pm and 6:30pm

WHERE:  Germain Arena, 11000 Everblades Pkwy, Estero, Florida 33928 MAP

RSVP:  Contact ADI at (323) 935-2234 or reply to this email

Signs and leaflets will be available. We encourage you to make your own signs too!

More information can be found at this Facebook page.

Studies of the use of wild animals in traveling circuses show that circuses cannot meet the physical or behavioral needs of wild animals. Animals are confined in small spaces, deprived of physical and social needs, spending excessive amounts of time shut in trailers and train cars. These animals are often seen behaving abnormally; rocking, swaying and pacing, all indicating that they are in distress and not coping with their environment. ADI’s video evidence has shown how these animals are forced to perform tricks through physical violence, fear and intimidation.

Please contact our Los Angeles office for more information about how to get involved at 323-935-2234 or usa@ad-international.org

Together, we can end the suffering of animals for entertainment.

Jan Creamer, President


 Video From Project Earth

“What do captive tigers have to do with wild tiger populations? Watch this.”

  Captioned Photos To Share On Social Sites

When you share these captioned photos you are passing along either a smile, a giggle, or a food for thought moment.  In addition to that, you are helping promote Big Cat Rescue’s website or Facebook page or the updates page because of the URL on the pictures.

Question/Note to Viewers:  Please let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page if you want this section of Captioned Photos to continue to be included on these updates pages.  This is YOUR page, please help us learn what YOU like to see on it.  If you like them we will continue to share these past ones as well as make some new ones.  If you do not want them, we will stop putting them on this page.

ALSO, if you DO like them, want us to keep adding them here, and know of some funny or inspirational quotes you’d like to see on cat photos, email them to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org to see if she can put them on a cat photo.  (be careful of copyright issues)


 Valentine’s Day is Coming

Question For Viewers:  Would YOU like some cat photos decorated for Valentine’s Day that would be available, for free, for you to share on social media?

If you answered yes:

  • Which cats would you like to see decorated for Valentine’s Day?
  • What sayings would you like to see on the photos?
  • When would you like us to start adding them to this page for you to have them in time for Valentine’s Day?

PLEASE, Let us know either in the comments at the bottom of this page or email your thoughts directly to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org

 Big Cat Fun Pix

A moment shared by Keeper Afton and Joseph Lion.   Thank you to Viewers Susan & Linda T for capturing and sending us this photo.  I think it is from one of the Facebook live videos.   Joseph is one of the picky eaters that requires multiple small meals a day instead of one large meal.  Joseph is very opinionated and only likes certain keepers.  Afton is definitely one he likes.

“The look of love is in your eyes.”


 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

VIEWER VIDEO:  TJ has a stick 2017 01 24

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Dinner with Luke and Leia 2017 01 24

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Saying goodbye to Luke and Leia (sort of) 2017 01 24

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Foggy drink 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth and assisted breakfast 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Elfie’s guest visit in the KC 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Kathryn and Elfie 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Kathryn checking in on Elfie 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  TJ being sneaky 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Itchy fox outside VR 2017 01 25

By Susann


VIEWER VIDEO:  Sweet freedom! TJ and Seth January 23

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Niki and her water bowl, January 23

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Morning my handsome boy! Hoover in Recovery January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Thank you ladies! Hoover breakfast, Recovery January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  A thirsty boy in the morning, Seth in VR January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  A Hoov in the night, Recovery January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  What are you saying Hoovie? Hoover in Recovery January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoovie having a visit and making some conversation, Recovery January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth checking the den and the platform, VR January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoovie dinner and evening, Hoover in Recovery January 24

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Good morning handsome! Hoover in Recovery January 25

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Hoov had a lot to say today, Hoover in Recovery January 25

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Sweet TJ, January 25

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Can’t a tiger have his beauty sleep? TJ January 25

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Seth holding the platform, January 25

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  A fox wants to visit Seth, January 25

By Ruxandra


VIEWER VIDEO:  Handsome Hoovie, Hoover in Recovery January 25

By Ruxandra


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