Jan 8 2017

Big Cat Updates

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Spirit Feather Goes Free on Jan 8, 2017

Support Spirit Feather’s Release

Sale Spirit Feather Tote

YOU CAN HELP us rehab and release more bobcat by PURR-chasing Spirit Feather Gear at http://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/search?q=spirit+feather


lynx leaping clip art Calling ALL Spirit Feather Fans

We want to do an update, and something special, all about Spirit Feather for Jamie & Dr. Justin.  We need YOUR HELP!

If you have photos or videos of Spirit Feather and you wouldn’t mind letting us use them PLEASE send them (or their links) to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org


 Announcing Facebook Live Winner

Each day that Carole does a Facebook Live video she asks a question and someone who answers it correctly wins a prize.  So, go to Facebook and Like our Facebook Page and choose to get notifications of our live videos.  Then participate in the contests, join in conversations in the comments area, too.

Question: Guess Spirit Feather’s weight

Winner:  Pam Lazo at 10.7 lbs.

Answer: 10 lbs  (note the furthest from the weight was a guess of 300 lbs!) They must grow ’em big where that person comes from 😉


 Facebook Live Videos


VIDEO ONE:  Jan 7th Afternoon Spending Time With Charaka

Jamie spends some time with Charaka Tiger before his stomach is scoped. She’s really worried because he can’t keep enough food down and is quickly losing his appetite.


VIDEO TWO:  Jan 7th Afternoon Sedating Charaka

Charaka is asleep and we are getting the transport ready.


VIDEO THREE:  Charaka’s Surgery Part One


VIDEO FOUR:  Charaka’s Surgery Part Two


VIDEO FIVE:  Checking On Charaka

Checking in on Charaka Tiger the day after his surgery and putting him outside. The volunteers are overjoyed that Spirit Feather will be set free today.  He wasn’t taking his meds so  Jamie distracted him with a scratcher while Dr. Justin gave him a shot.


VIDEO SIX:  Getting Things Ready to Say Good-Bye to Spirit Feather

Say Goodbye to Spirit Feather the native bobcat who is being set free today. Find out more about her story and how you can help us save bobcats who have been orphaned or injured for release back to the wild. https://bigcatrescue.org/spirit-feather/

Be sure to Like our  Facebook page (Facebook.com/bigcatrescue)and click for notifications of our LIVE feeds so you don’t miss important events like this.


VIDEO SEVEN:  Spirit Feather’s Release Back Into the Wild

Spirit Feather the bobcat was released LIVE on Facebook. Sorry about the image being turned on its side but the camera operator was excited that Spirit Feather was going free and not experienced with how to film for FB. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube.com/BigCatRescue channel so you don’t miss the edited version, which will be high res and include some great drone footage (I hope) More about Spirit Feather’s rescue and rehab here: BigCatRescue.org/Spirit-Feather


VIDEO EIGHT:  Getting Little White Dove Ready to Go Home


VIDEO NINE:  Mickey Gets Hay


 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

VIDEO:  Third Surgery on Hoover’s Man Parts

By Susann


VIDEO:  TJ Eating

By Susann


VIDEO:  Little White Dove

By Susann


VIDEO: Picking Up Spirit Feather For Release

By Susann

Thank you Susann Mesna for capturing the last capture to ever happen on this web cam at this location.  We will be moving the cameras to the new bobcat rehab area.


VIDEO:  Nikita Lioness Viewed From Above

By Susann


VIDEO:  Nikita Playing With A Big Stick

By Susann


VIDEO:  Nikita Being Sneaky

By Susann


VIDEO:  Nikita Playing With Her Ball

By Susann


VIDEO:  Charaka in Hospital

By Susann


VIDEO:  Spirit Feather On Rat Watch

By Susann


VIDEO:  Nikita Playing With Her Feet & Roaring

By Susann


VIDEO:  Push That Ball

By Susann


VIDEO:  Charaka Waking Up

By Susann


VIDEO:  Hoover After Surgery

By Ruxandra


VIDEO:  Precious & Funny Nikita

By Ruxandra


 Letter To Management From Monty

January 8, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

Now that my BFF Spirit Feather has been released to the wild (I miss her already), I have a request.  Since there are now some new bobcat rehab cages, and everyone has a vacation rotation except me, I think it would only be fair that Spirit Feather’s old digs be named “Monty’s Vacation Home.”

To be fair, I was there before Spirit Feather, so she actually stayed in MY space.

I’m not asking for two weeks like the big cats; I don’t need that much time because Chelsea takes such good care of me.  But a day or two would be kinda nice.  You could put my peanut butter out there for me to eat and maybe a toy or two.  That’s all.  I’m pretty easy going.

It would be nice to be back there and remember the time I spent with Spirit Feather and smell her smell again, and visit the old haunts.  And I figure I better ask quickly, before those two stinky playboy tigers try to turn it into a love nest or something.

Please consider my request.  Thank you.



(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats and a Rat)


 Big Cat Books

iBooks:  9,876 Downloads

Currently on iTunes we have the following books.  The number beside each title is the number of times that book has been downloaded from iTunes.  Click on the title to go see that book on iTunes and to get your free copy.

1,930 The Elusive Sand Cat
1,260 Lions of Big Cat Rescue
1,200 China Doll Loves Pumpkins
985  Meet JoJo
702  Black Footed Cat
665  Black Panthers: Fact or Myth
505  Big Cat Attacks
488  Who Is Big Cat Rescue?
469  Big Cat Care
458  Tigrina or Oncilla<
358  Shaquille Shattered Dreams
342  The Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue
208  What Do You See?
140  The African Wild Dog
45  Caracal Lynx
45  The Dunking
34  Black Leopard, Jumanji
30  A Leopard Named Armani
12  Common Myths That Fuel the Cruel Big Cat Selfie Trade

Amazon Kindle:  1.546 Downloads

Below is the list of book we currently have available for Amazon Kindle.  The number beside them is the number of times that title has been downloaded from Amazon / Kindle.  Click on the title to go see that book on Amazon and to get your copy.

169  The Elusive Sand Cat
300  Lions of Big Cat Rescue
204  Black Footed Cat
284  Big Cat Attacks
29  Shaquille Shattered Dreams
356  The Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue
25  What Do You See?
31  Caracal Lynx
74  The Dunking
33  Black Leopard, Jumanji
41  A Leopard Named Armani
??  Common Myths That Fuel the Cruel Big Cat Selfie Trade

NOTE:  These Kindle versions are supposed to be free.  Amazon was prices matching them to the price on iTunes, which is free.  However, from time to time the price jumps back to $2.99 instead of free.  If that happens, let me know (lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org) and I will show you what to do to get the Kindle book free)
PDF Version 

There is a PDF version of most of the books above available for PC, Mac & other devices.  We did not keep a count of PDF downloads however, there are far more PDF download requests than iBooks and Kindle combined.  If YOU want a PDF copy of one of the above books go to ChatBigCats.com/books/


 PLEASE, let us know if YOU THINK we should make more books.  If so do you like info books like Species Spotlight books, books about individual cats and their rescue, or fun books with a lot of pictures of the cats.  YOU let us know what YOU would like to see more of and we will give it a try.


 Big Cat Kids

Each day you have been getting two new pages from the coloring book made by SparklyPony.com for an event we did a few years ago called “March For Lions.”   Today is the end of this coloring book so tomorrow we will start a new coloring book.



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