January 12 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Ariel Bobcat went back outside to her enclosure.

Alexa Flash Briefing

Coordinator Report - Afton Tasler 1/11/2019

Who’s that new yellow shirt? Congratulations Lacy Benton on your promotion!

We got started on Valentine’s Day❤️ Enrichment tonight. Lots of fun ideas. Thanks, Steven Becker for constructing the two helmets for the super bowl Enrichment. Kali is going to love them. ?

Thanks, Lauren Grant, Rebecca Williams, Alyssa Weber, Lacy, Danielle Smith, Babs Riddle, Steve, and Susana Zhong for working on Enrichment tonight. - Maureen Calderon

Great day today!!! It started cold, but it turned out really nice weather to work in!

Before lunch: A bunch of keepers took classes and got sign-offs. Food prep was done, double checked, and the cooler was cleaned. The Windsong hospital was vacuumed and mopped. Fred and I took out a bunch of enrichment out of the enclosures.

**After lunch: **All of the interns went to do tours with the help of a couple partners. Steph, Bonnie, and I worked on Ginger's enclosure and a bunch of the raking around the outside and tour path got done.

**Projects to get done: **Ginger's enclosure could use some grass seed and hay in the dens. Finish raking around the outside and tour path of her cage.

The squeeze cage on the left side can get put away, but the other still needs to be cleaned as well as the one still in the recovery hospital. That hospital needs a sweep and mop as well. We got an empty blue dumpster today, so the trees on the ground next to it can be thrown in.
I think that may be it?? - Afton Tasler

Coordinator Report - Becky Gagliardo 1/12/2019

Really good day today, weather was good, most of the cats ate well. Had enough keepers and interns to get everything done. Got trees put into the blue dumpster thanks to Barbara Ann. Tanya put hay in Ginger's dens and spread grass seed around and watered it. She was raking on the tour path but more still needs to be done.

The squeeze cage on the left side can get put away, but the other still needs to be cleaned.

New Rehab Bobcat

Weekend rescue! Meet Bandit, he was caught stealing ducks from a farmer. Bandit was not injured so we are making arrangements to release him in the coming days.

New Rehab Bobcat - Bandit

New Rehab Bobcat - Bandit

Videos of the Day

Big Cat Rescuers play with rescued kittens while they wait for their forever homes.

Photos of the Day

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends! ?
Silly Amanda is excited it's CATurday night! ?
Nite nite friends!

Amanda Tiger Goodnight

Amanda Tiger Goodnight

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️
Happy CATurday from Ares! He is watching the tour path for all the tours to come by with treats today!

Ares Cougar

Ares Cougar

Good stretches from Thurston Bobcat!

Good stretches from Thurston Bobcat!

Good stretches from Thurston Bobcat!

Natalia the Amur Leopard is settling into her new enclosure nicely - she has a favorite walking path, favorite platform and loves watching her neighbors with intensity!

Natalia the Amur Leopard

Natalia the Amur Leopard

Big Cat Merchandise

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Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise


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