January 14 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Angie Gabor's Coordinator Report for Saturday, January 13, 2018

Today was very chilly but the cats were pretty active.  Many of the cats seem to enjoy the cooler weather, especially the tigers and Canadian Lynx.

We had great volunteers and that braved the "cold" and helped out all day doing everything from cleaning, feeding and food prep. We had some amazing red shirts that stayed after cleaning and helped with cleaning all of the dishes and surfaces after food prep was completed.

Today we did our first El Dodo broadcast completely in Spanish. They got to see Meds given out to the cougars and some fun treats to Manny. They all did "excelente".

We added hay to Purrfection's den, since it will be cold overnight.

Picky eaters did well today.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video replays

Evening Meds and Snacks for the cats.

Virtual Marketing 360 puts YOU right in the middle of the action as Natalia the Amur Leopard arrived at Big Cat Rescue. https://www.facebook.com/virtualmarketing360/

The Dodo Impact: These rescued big cats are getting treats for being the BEST patients at Big Cat Rescue <3

The Dodo Impact: There are thousands of tigers hidden in backyards and basements all across America — and you'd never even know it.

El Dodo: Keeper Angie presents the cats, IN SPANISH

 Something to ROAR About

As many of you know, Big Cat Rescue participated in the PGA TOUR Volunteer Challenge sponsored by Astellas Pharma in 2016 and 2017 through our local Valspar PGA TOUR tournament. We've just received the final check from the 2017 contest and are thrilled to announce that YOUR votes resulted in $69,000 for the care and feeding of our 70 cats! Unfortunately the sponsor's promotional campaign won't recur this year, but combined with 2016, your votes raised over $120,000 for the cats...now that's something to roar about!

grey kitten, kittens, cute kittens, kitten clipart, cat art Foster Kittens

Felix has already been adopted into a forever home!

Kitten Crazies!

 Big Cat Rescue Wish List

Some of you have been asking for the wish list to be updates so Kathryn set aside some time to get to her desk and did that.  She put a bunch of new things for food prep and the keeper cafe on the list. Here is the link to our wish lists. This page has the hospital wish list as well as a link to the Amazon wish list. https://BigCatRescue.org/wishlist/

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Michael Heap: Zabu being oh-so ladylike in the sun

Zabu being oh-so ladylike in the sun

Gales says, "Sunshine feels so good on the belly, Don't ya know!!!"

Keeper Michael Heap:

Amanda and Andre found a sunny spot to share on this cool Tampa day. Amanda was there first and Andre decided to join ? ~ Keeper Rebecca

Armani Leopard being silly.

Pharaoh Serval, "Is this my handsome side?"
Photo by Keeper Brittany Mira

CamBu in the den. Zabu watching over Cameron as he sleeps.
Photo by Keeper MaryLou

Good boy Zeus! Love this big guy so much! ♡ ~Keeper Sharon Henry

 Chakra Bracelet

Some of you requested a code after the limited time had passed so Carole started a public sale from 15.00 down to 11.00 today for everyone. No code needed. Easy link is: BigCatRescue.org/chakra

2018 Big Cat Rescue Calendar

Love BEAUTIFUL photos of YOUR FAVORITE Big Cats? Big Cat Calendar is NOW Available - LIMITED QUANTITY! BigCatRescue.org/calendar

13-month glossy color calendar features the big cats who call Big Cat Rescue home. Size Approx 8.5" x 11" when closed, 17" x 11" when fully open.

 News & Articles

ONE: It's Time to Debunk Trophy Hunters' Claims With Actual Facts READ ARTICLE

TWO: India wildlife: The lion's roar is back in Gujarat- Nikkei Asian Review READ ARTICLE

THREE: Maintaining tiger connectivity and minimizing extinction into the next century READ ARTICLE

FOUR: This is horrible. This Swedish zoo profited off 9 baby lion cubs and then killed them when they were no longer small and cute because their "upkeep was too expensive." READ ARTICLE

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