January 15 2020

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Big Cat Updates

Jinx the black leopard Jinx, the 21-year-old black leopard is happy to be back outside in his enclosure after a short stay in the Windsong Memorial Hospital.  He had an overall checkup, had some bad teeth removed, x-rays, and bloodwork, he was also neutered. He was found to have some lumps which Dr. Justin biopsied and sent out to be tested.  He does have another tooth that will eventually need some work done on but for now, he should feel much better. THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who donated during his medical procedure.  Keeping the cat hospital stocked and equipped and staying well-stocked on the daily meds needs by so many geriatric cats is a never-ending expense.

Upcoming Event: On January 18th Howard Baskin will be a guest speaker at Alley Cat Allies in Orlando, Florida. Go to their website at https://www.alleycat.org/take-action/events/ to find out more about that event.

Recent Cat Moves:

  • Nabisco Bobcat was moved to the enclosure across from Zucari Serval.
  • Philmo Bobcat was given access to the portion Nabisco moved from.
  • The cougar cubs are home from Funcation
  • Armani Leopard is now out in Funcation
  • Simba Tiger moved to his enclosure next to Kali (Max Tiger was very happy to see him?).
  • Kimba Tiger is now out in Vacation.

EXCITING!!! Oculus has approved Big Cat Rescue as one of their providers.

Carole's Big Cat Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find more at DailyBigCat.com. You can find older briefings at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw


Inspirational Memes and Quote of the Day

“When the world says give up, Hope says try one more time.”

Inpirational Memes and Quote of the DayCoordinator Reports 1/14/2020

Karma Hurworth - It was a steady day in the gift shop with a group tour this morning and three Day tours in the afternoon. Gina Schopmeyer and Elissa Pally led the group tour, with Carrrieann Banacki-Gillert, Diane Amison-Loring and Jennie Jamison backing up. The afternoon was taken care of by Carrieann, Sky K Newport, Bri McSherry, and Bailey Chalmers, with all three getting sign-offs from Pam Rodriguez and Monisha Prema. Thank you, Pam, for staying late to give the sign-off! Jeanne Harvey and Lexi completed it by backing up.

Thank you to everyone who stayed to pitch in with the end of day chores. It was an awesome day!
Pictured below....a couple guests so excited about their tour, they wanted a picture with their guide!

Dylan Lavigne - Hello my friends, it is time once again for the coordinator report! Today feeding was done by Brittany Mira, Michael Heap, and Karla Pinzon. The cats were excited to soon be done with Panacur. While they were doing that, the parking lot and areas around the front of the gift shop were cleaned up by Monisha Prema, Kat Lightcap, Trevor McCabe, Bailey Chalmers, and Sky K Newport.

Cleaning was knocked out by Fred Pagan, Michael, Karla, Nisha, Kat, Trevor and Bailey and Sky who got their first cleaning signoff! Food Prep was done by Fred and me, the last day of Panacur is tomorrow! Lastly, Kat and Trevor got some operant sign-offs in the afternoon

Thanks for a great day, everyone!

Wild Bobcat Rehab & Release

While there are no bobcats in the Explore rehab enclosure the entire space was weed whacked inside and outside, including around the logs and trees. Locks were removed, cleaned, oiled and stored inside.  Hay was removed from dens and dens thoroughly cleaned. Fallen sticks from the trees were removed, including from the roof and ground, and were hauled away.  It will be all fresh and ready for any new cats that need rehab and release. THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who has supported this wild bobcat rehab and release program. Because of your ongoing support several bobcats are now enjoying the freedom that was their birthright.

Videos of the Day

Hangry Serval Cat - Hutch the serval is a very chatty guy, especially when it is breakfast time! This serval LOVES breakfast time and he does not hesitate to make sure you know exactly what he is thinking!

Morning walkabout with Keeper Brittany Jan 14, 2020 - Cats Featured: Dutchess Tiger, Priya Tiger, Simba Tiger, Max Tiger, Cyrus and Chaos Caracal and Nikita Lioness.

Jinx, the black leopard, going back outside after his short stay in the Windsong Memorial Hospital LOL, Dutchess Tiger had fun chasing the golf cart caravan.

Explore.org/BigCatRescue Webcam Highlights

"Oops, I meant to that!!" These tiger girls sure like trying to get that big red ball out of the lake. Check out the live streaming webcams at explore.org/bigcatrescue

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Valentine's Day is just a month away!! Show your love for Max & MaryAnn bobcats at Big Cat Rescue with this adorable design by Cindy Arthur!

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise for Valentines Day

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise for Valentines Day

Our Official Amazon designs that support the cats:

REMINDER: Please make sure you check the Size Chart for Amazon because sizes may run differently than you are used too.

You can donate to the cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select BCR as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop Smile.Amazon.com instead of Amazon.com. It is exactly the same as regular Amazon EXCEPT when you use the Smile URL Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to BCR. It's added up to over $175,000 for the cats over the past few years

Big Cat Rescue's Unique charity link is https://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3330495

BigCatRescue.org Webpages of Interest

Big Cat UpdatesA recent article that might interest you is "Preparing for Your First Trip to the Vet" is quite interesting and informative and covers some things you might not have thought about.

"Florida Panther Facts" The Florida Panther is a unique subspecies of cougar that has adapted to the subtropical environment of Florida. Schoolchildren picked the panther as the state animal in 1981. Do you know how many are left? Find this and other interesting facts.

"Small Wild Cat Conservation Summit in Sri Lanka" In December 2019, Big Cat Rescue was invited to attend the 2nd ever International Small Wild Cat Conservation Summit, being held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Summit, which was a 5-day event, filled with presentations, discussions, and workshops, was open to Conservationists, Donors, and enthusiasts from around the world. Over 30 participants attended from a variety of home ranges such as Mongolia, Iran, Japan, India, South African, Bhutan, and the US and even included representatives from Panthera, The Mohammed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund and Global Wildlife Conservation. The purpose of the Summit was to bring together those working on the frontline of small wild cat conservation to share experiences, forge connections and make conservation of small wild cats work, as a means of optimizing global conservation efforts of small wild cats.

Supporting Conservation Projects in the Wild

From Lauren Buckingham - I just wanted to leave a note that this year we have been able to donate $137,600 to conservation projects all over the world. Every day we take care of our cats and its amazing that we can now do so much to help their wild counterparts!

All of it is made possible by you guys...from tour fees, gift shop sales, special fundraisers/events set up specifically for wild conservation such as the annual Walkabout in November as well as International Tiger Day back in July, in addition to the great job everyone does to spread the message about the plight of big cats.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for everything you do for both the cats at the sanctuary and their wild counterparts.

Learn more about the conservation projects at http://bigcatrescue.org/insitu/


  • Andrew Myers has been promoted to Senior Keeper. CONGRATULATIONS, Andrew!!
  • Erin Carden accepted the job as Gift Shop Manager so be sure to congratulate her, too! We love Erin for this vital role in our success because she’s doing a great job as a Coordinator, has a bubbly purr-sonality for our guests and has demonstrated her dedication to our advocacy efforts over the years.

Exclusive Keeper Moment Videos for Facebook Top Fans and Supporters (Jan 14th)

Supporter Exclusive Content: Become a Facebook Supporter of Big Cat Rescue for only 99 cents per month to get extra Keeper Moment videos every day. THANK YOU to the viewers who have signed up to be Facebook Subscribing Supporters. We hope you are enjoying your exclusive content. It takes 1200 subscribers to cover the expenses of one tiger. As of today, we have 1,547 subscribers. If you are a subscriber and you are enjoying the extra content, please tell your friends.

1. Video – Jinx supervising Sue cleaning food from his platform. Keepers need lots of patience!
2. Video – Just a quick Jasmine video as she spies on the keepers across the road. I love this view of her!
Become a Subscribing Supporter at https://www.facebook.com/becomesupporter/122174836956/

Kristine's Live Streaming Webcam Daily Report

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

In the VACATION ROTATION, Kimba Tiger was very elusive today. In the morning, he did his usual strolling the perimeter and the feeding station, he ate his breakfast and then disappeared. He must have slept the day away in one of the dens, lol. Later in the evening, he reappeared and strolled the perimeter for a while, looking for Jasmine and Sapphire, then he paced the feeding station looking for Amanda. He's so cute! He strolled the perimeter and feeding station area until after dark. He sure does love the girl Tigers! So cute! :-)

At TIGER LAKE, Dutchess Tiger was active throughout the day and Priya Tiger came down to the lake a few times throughout the day as well. In the morning, Dutchess lounged on the grass for a while and then she did some pacing, before getting up on her platform to lounge and look around for a bit. Priya came down to the lake to take a dip while a small tour watched from the catwalk. She found a stick and played with that for a bit in the lake, then she jumped out and hugged a tree. So cute! Dutchess took a nice swim not long after. She slowly swam back and forth, batting at her boomer ball a couple of times. After her swim, she got back up on her platform to lounge some more, before taking a nice nap. Later Priya came down to the lake to lounge and watch things for a bit, while Dutchess also came over to the fence to say hello. After Priya left, Dutchess took another nice swim, paddling back and forth along the lake and stopped to look through the fence just under the camera. Then she jumped out and ran along the fence. After that, she paced along the fence for the tour and lounged at times by the fence or on the grass to bathe. She got up on top of her den to lounge for a short time as well. She eventually laid down on the grass to bathe and take a long nap. As the sun set, she woke up and paced the strolled the perimeter until after dark, then laid back down on the grass to sleep for the night. They are precious! :-)

LIONESS NIKITA lounged in her yard under her tree for a while, then keeper Fred came by to say hello and she got up to greet him at the fence. Very cute! Then keeper Michael Heap came to clean her yard, while she waited patiently at her closed gate. Then once he was done, her gate was opened and she came back into her yard for a bit, then went to her roofed section for a bit and then came back into her yard to lounge and nap by her Palmetto trees and then out in the open on her grass. She lounged by her water bowl area and watched the birds or planes fly by, too. So cute! She had her evening snack and then she eventually she went and laid behind the Palmetto tree by her gate in the roofed side, to nap and was thereafter it got dark. She is too precious! :-)

In the KITTEN CABANA, there are still no kittens.

Beacher Savannah waited for his breakfast at the left end of his enclosure in the morning. He came into view for a short time a couple of other times throughout the day too. PurrFection Ocelot also came into view for a quick minute, as well. They are precious! :-)

I wish everyone a wonderful day!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner






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