January 16 2020

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Big Cat Updates

Catch up on the daily news from the sanctuary.

Carole's Big Cat Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find more at DailyBigCat.com. You can find older briefings at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Inspirational Memes and Quote of the Day

Your journey begins with the first step.
Inspirational Memes and Quote of the Day - Your journey begins with the first step.

Coordinator Reports for January 15, 2020

Lauren Buckingham - Today was our first Wednesday without 3 pm tours and the last day of Panacur.

Thank you to everyone that came in to help with feeding, cleaning, food prep and projects. MC came in to cover AM meds and Brittany did AM supplements. Michael, Susan, Brittany, Devin, Fred, Abbey, MC and myself took care of feeding. Nikki, MC, Michael, Sue, Mary, MaryLou, Bailey, Sky & Trevor got all the cats cleaned. Stephanie & Fred got food prep finished before lunch. MC and I swept and mopped the big hospital. Sue and Mary took care of PM cicles. Abbey gave Trevor an operant sign-off.

At 2 pm the keepers, partners, and interns went around, with Kathryn and me, to do some cat paintings. They each chose a cat and took the finished products home.

We want to try and do something cat-related every Wednesday around 2 pm, be it enrichment, operant, paintings, time for photographs or cat time for those that come in to volunteer during the day.?

Steph C. took care of PM supplements. We had some meat that needed to be fed out today so the Guatemala boys and some of the other big cats got PM snacks. They were very happy about it after 3 days of Panacur!

The interns and Steph worked on the cage behind Ginger Serval. The roof was patched and dirt added to raise the dens.

That's all from me! Another great Wednesday

Karma Hurworth - Our first Wednesday without Day Tours!

Jennie Jamison came in and led the private tours that were already booked. Angel Welker, Elizabeth Heath, and Abbey Rivett came in and cleaned, stocked, greeted guests, and answered the phone while I was in the staff meeting. Thanks, ladies. You allowed me to get all the outstanding sponsorship kits out!

Videos of the Day

Morning Walkabout at Big Cat Rescue - Cats Featured: Flint Bobcat, Smalls Bobcat, Philmo Bobcat, Moses and Bailey Bobcat, and King Tut Savannah Cat!


Simba Tiger exploring the pond in Vacation Rotation the day he arrived at his fur-ever home, November 25, 2019.

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1. VIDEO – Another look at Flint and his castle, and then Flint, the pink-nosed, heart-stealing bobkitten!

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1. Video – Ariel Bobcat is so pretty! She's softly growling. Sound up! Can you hear her?
2. Video – Armani Leopard looking gorgeous in the morning light last time she was in Funcation!

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Live Streaming Webcam Daily Report

Good Morning All!
The Cats were active today!

In the VACATION ROTATION, Kimba Tiger started his day with his usual pacing the fence and in the feeding station, then he had breakfast and went back to pacing the fence and back corner and looked for the girl Tigers. After a while, he went into the feeding station den to nap and then later snuck out to the big den for another long nap. In the late afternoon, Keeper Lauren came to give him a snack. He was napping soundly and didn't come out for a bit, but then he woke up and stuck his head out of the den to look around. He saw Keeper Lauren standing over by the fence and came out and lounged just outside the den opening, laying Sphinx style to watch her for a short time. Then he slowly walked over to the platform and got underneath it to stalk her for a few minutes, lol. He was laying all flat and stealth-like, lol. Then he went running over to her and she fed him his snacks. He enjoyed his snack and then he started pacing the fence for a bit, then he lounged on the grass and watched everything around him. He paced for a long time and lounged on and off, with the occasional pit stop in the feeding station to get a drink of water and pace while watching for Amanda. Of course, when he lounged it was in an area across from Sapphire and Jasmine and he was facing their way to watch for them, lol. He's so cute! He continued to pace the fence until after dark and probably for a while longer, I just couldn't see him, lol. He is so cute! Love him! :-)

At TIGER LAKE, Dutchess Tiger was up and active early, pacing the left fence and then the right fence looking for Priya Tiger. Priya came down to the lake a couple of times, trying to decide to take a swim or not. She finally decided to take a nice swim and then took another swim a bit later. Of course, Dutchess and Priya did their usual morning race up and down the fence, lol. Dutchess was non-stop wandering around and pacing the fences for quite a while, but finally slowed down a bit and lounged by her roofed section. A bit later she took a swim as well and then went back to pacing. Priya came down by the lake a couple of more times to check things out and then went back to the front of her enclosure. Later Dutchess took another long relaxing swim in the lake. Then she went up by the left fence and laid down to lounge and watch things for a while. Then she wandered around for a while, before laying down up by her roofed section to lounge some more and watch things, then she laid down and took a nice catnap. After a while, her keeper came to give her a snack and Dutchess woke up and happily made her way over to her and ate every piece. Then she went up the left fence line to the front area and laid down to bathe and then look around for a bit, before wandering around her enclosure again. After a while she got on top of her den and lounged for a while, watching everything around her and then she laid down to take another long nap until it got dark and then she moved over by the left fence and laid down there to nap for a while longer. These Tiger girls are so beautiful! Love them! :-) ~A special thank you to CamOp Nancy for the three beautiful photos of Priya at the lake. :-) ~

LIONESS NIKITA was in her roofed section in the morning awaiting breakfast. She gave a good roar while she was waiting too. After she ate breakfast she came into her yard and went behind her Palmetto trees to lounge and then nap a while. Then later she moved to the left by her big tree and napped in the morning sunshine. A keeper came by to say hi to her and lead her to her roofed section so they could clean her water bowl. Once it was clean, they opened the gate to her yard back up and she came back in, got a drink of water and wandered around behind her Palmettos, then made her way to her roofed section and laid down back there, but in view. Later she came back into her yard and laid down behind her hammock for a nice nap. Later she moved out in the open on the grass to nap in the sunshine for a while. Then her keeper came to give her a snack, which she happily got up and went to the fence to eat. After that she went over by her hammock to give a good roar and then she went behind her Palmettos to lay down and take a nap into the night. She's so beautiful! Love her! :-)

In the KITTEN CABANA, there is still no kittens. In the morning, Beacher Savannah was in view waiting for breakfast and PurrFection Ocelot was also in view wandering around waiting for her breakfast. After they ate they both disappeared, but briefly walked by a couple of times. Later, Beacher was out getting treats from his keeper while a tour was there. He ate his treats and wandered around a bit, before disappearing again. PurrFection also came out later and lounged on her platform looking gorgeous as always, she lounged until it was too dark to see her anymore. They are so beautiful! Love them! :-)

I wish everyone a fantastic Thursday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

You can find these live streaming webcams at http://explore.org/bigcatrescue and take your own photos by using the webcam's snapshot feature.

Yesterday's Big Cat Updates

Jinx the Black Leopard (Smaller)Did you catch yesterday's Big Cat Updates? It was a pretty long one. See what you missed out on. http://bigcatrescue.org/january-15-2020/


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