January 19 2018

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY: How do the cats handle cold weather?  Nat leopard on 360 format. Lots of kittens.  PASAprimates presentation. Manny Jaguar gets treats, leopards, too plus news articles, keeper photos, etc.

Lauren Grant 's Coordinator Report for Thursday, 1/18/2018


Definitely the coldest day we've had in a few years. The water bowls had ice in them until sometime after 1pm.

We were a bit short of keepers today, but fortunately Karma came in to help out. We did a quick clean (picking up food and poop; checking to make sure water bowls were full) since the hoses were a little frozen for most of the morning. We brought water to empty bowls by buckets :)

We started cleaning up Gabby's cage for her return next week. The front two bubbles were raked, weeds were pulled, and around half of the outside was raked and weed-eated.

Everyone was out a little early to get ready for the presentation tonight.

That's about it!

- Lauren Grant

RECENT QUESTION On a Video:  Do the wild rehab bobcats who cannot go free have trouble transitioning from live prey to a raw diet (not live.)

ANSWER: No, because usually, part of the rehab fail is they aren't catching and killing their own food very well to begin with.

EXAMPLE: Not often, but once in a while an injured wild bobcat comes through our rehab & release program that simply cannot return to the wild. We try everything before giving up on thier chance at freedom. Mrs. Claws came from the wild as an injured wild kitten and we had hoped she could go free but she failed her rehab because she just could not master catching, killing, and eating prey. So the transition to a raw diet for her was a relief.


Big Cats And Cold Weather - Published on Jan 19, 2018 - Florida typically has mild winters, but this year has been exceptionally cold. Check out how we accommodate the big cats in these freezing temperatures.

Lots Of Kittens!! Published on Jan 16, 2018 - What is cuter than a kitten? LOTS of kittens!! Enjoy watching our foster kittens socialize in our kitten cabana, so they can be adopted and make the purr-fect pets!

360 Natalia the Amur Leopard - Published on Jan 13, 2018 - Virtual Marketing 360 puts YOU right in the middle of the action as Natalia the Amur Leopard arrived at Big Cat Rescue.

Facebook Live Video Replays

We were live on The Dodo Impact this morning. Keeper Kathryn was giving treats to Manny Jaguar and two leopards.

Kaitlyn Bock the Administration and Communications Manager for PASA (the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance), an association of 22 primate rescue centers in Africa is visiting to give us a presentation on Primate Conservation! We learned a lot about how wildlife trafficking in Africa happens and what people are doing about it.

Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton: This is how I feel about all of this cold weather!!
- Natalia Amur Leopard

Keeper Michael Heap: Niagara Falls, bobcat style (Max & MaryAnn Bobcats)

Niagara Falls, bobcat style

Keeper Michael Heap: A Gabby for every day that ends with "y"

Although Keisha loves vacation, she is always happy to be back home.
Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

News & Articles

ONE: Canine distemper confirmed in Far Eastern leopard, world's most endangered big cat. There is no vaccine for wild cats. READ ARTICLE

TWO: USDA ponders disastrous plan to allow self‑policing by licensed breeders, zoos, and researchers. The negative effect this potential change would have on captive big cats in America is huge. READ ARTICLE

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