January 27 2018

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Big Cat Updates

King Tut is doing well.  He is back outside in his suite of cages.  He is feeling a lot better after getting those bad teeth removed.

Maya Cougar is doing well, also.  She is enjoying being back outside as well.

Noel, the young rehab bobcat, is still in the recovery hospital.  She is doing well.  She obviously does not like being confined but accepting it.  It is still our goal to eventually release her back into the wild, if she heals properly.  She still has a long road ahead before that can happen.  She has a web cam on 24/7.  Find her cam link on her page at BigCatRescue.org/noel/

Devin Saari’s Coordinator Report for Wednesday – 1/24/18

  • Great day today we had so many volunteers to help with feeding and cleaning!
  • Romina was able to finish food prep before lunch so that we had a bit of time for projects later in the day
  • The area was patched in Divinity’s old cage
  • King Tut’s cage project was started but still needs to be finished
  • A spot in the big freezer was cleared out for the mush delivery that is coming soon
  • Steve added limestone to Gabby’s lockout to see if that will work instead of concrete
  • The van was set up for Coopers release tomorrow the last seat just needed to be bolted in

Lauren Grant’s Coordinator Report for Thursday 1/25

  • Today was an interesting day.
  • Cooper was released!
  • Tut was put back into his enclosure after it was finished being cleaned.
  • Feeding and cleaning took a little longer than normal, but it did get done.
  • The Himalayan was cleaned so that work can be done on it.
  • Food prep was completed late, but it got done 🙂
  • Big THANKS to Candy, Mark, & Alyssa for staying and helping with all of the random things we had to do.

That’s about it! – Lauren G

Devin Saari’s Coordinator Report for Friday – 1/26/18

  • Today was another great day.
  • Food prep was completed before lunch so that we had time for projects in the afternoon.
  • A cage was moved to Staff Offices for Afton to set up for Babycakes
  • The squeeze cages were cleaned and put away
  • Banshee’s old cage was cleaned, patched, scrubbed and is now ready
  • Little Dove’s cage was started as well, the roof still needs to be done, need to re-rake the bubbles, and trim the palmettos

That’s it for today!

Bobcat Rehab – Cooper Goes Free

Cooper was an orphaned, starving little bobcat, who had been busted for raiding a chicken coop last summer. He needed some time to learn to hunt proper prey and to grow up, so he’s been in rehab at Big Cat Rescue. Today he goes free. Be sure to join us on Messenger here https://m.me/bigcatrescue so you don’t miss a minute of this happy day.

Cooper’s Big Day! Learn his amazing story at BigCatRescue.org/cooper Florida law says bobcats have to be released as close to possible as where they were found, on at least 40 acres, with written permission of the land owner. Cooper is being released onto a 3000+ ac tree farm where the owners are happy to have him. Some people say we shouldn’t release bobcats because someone might shoot them, but captivity can feel like a fate worse than death to a wild cat. If you give the bobcat a choice between eating every day and a nice safe den in a cage, or taking their chances in the wild; they always choose to go free. No bobcat ever came here and asked to be held captive “for their own good.”

Only cats who were born in the wild can go free. Those who were born in cages cannot. Find out why at BigCatRescue.org/gofree

Ways to help bobcats like Cooper (and Teuci and Noel who are still in rehab) are to donate or buy Cooper gear or Bobcat Rehab gear.

Florida law says bobcats have to be released as close to possible as where they were found, on at least 40 acres, with written permission of the land owner. Cooper is being released onto a 3000+ ac tree farm where the owners are happy to have him. Some people said the video was frozen during his release, so be sure to subscribe to us at YouTube.com/BigCatRescue so you don’t miss the release video.

Watch in #360 degrees as we release #Cooper, one of our #rehab #bobcats, back to the wild. If you miss it the first time because of how fast he was, you can also watch it in slow motion right after. Stay tuned next week for his full release video. BigCatTV.com

Bobcat Cooper Goes Free! I am so sorry everybody! I couldn’t get a signal. One of our wonderful volunteers let me post this footage she got. Run free Cooper! Thank you Beth Smith!

Big Cat Rescue Outreach

Facebook Live Videos

Afton and Devin discuss Babycakes getting his own office with a view. Then it’s off to evening meds and snacks for Cougars: Reise, Mac & Maya. Diablo the Savannah Cat. Desi Serval. Tigers: Hoover, Andre, Amanda, Arthur & Zeus. Lions: Cameron & Joseph. Manny Jaguar and Natalia the Amur Leopard showed up too. The picky cats were extra picky tonight.

You can donate to the cats at NO COST TO YOU when you select BCR as your charity on Amazon Smile and shop Smile.Amazon.com instead of Amazon.com. It is exactly the same as regular Amazon EXCEPT when you use the Smile URL Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to BCR. Adds up to over $20,000 for the cats in the last year!

Please visit BigCatRescue.org/amazon-smile for how to sign up and let me know you did so I can thank you. 🙂

Bobcat Emergency Call on 1/26/2018  When we get these calls, sometimes there are happy endings where the cat can be rescued, rehabbed and released, but other times the cats was already gone by the time we arrived.  It is heartbreaking, but even in death these precious cats deserve a name and respect.

King Tut goes home from the cat recovery hospital. He feels much better after getting those bad teeth removed.

Letter To Management

Letter to Management

Letter to Management

January 27, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

With great power comes great responsibility, and apparently as King of Big Cat Rescue I can’t even take time off to enjoy my new platform by the lake. That’s all I wanted – just a few minutes of rest and relaxation. The next thing I know, things have gone crazy around here!

Reise is complaining about the Big Cat Rescue Salon and Spa and writing mean reviews. (Well, honestly, I can’t blame her for that one. I saw her shaved back and she’s right, it does look like a checkerboard … hee hee hee.)

HRL Nikita is complaining about a pig and a turkey, and wants her own house now. A pig and a turkey? Is this a kid’s book or something? Like the pigs that built the house of straw? Has she been getting a little loopy on her enrichment? The only pigs I know about are the ones on the farm next door, and the only turkeys I’m aware of are the turkey legs I get at night. Where she saw this pig and turkey living together in a house is beyond me …

The Nutz have gone techie on me and started their own page on the Secretary to the Cats website, calling it the Critter Alert Network. Now I’m just waiting for the lizards, turtles and ibis to start THEIR own sites, too. And knowing the Relentless, they probably have something up their feathers (since they don’t have sleeves).

The cat burglar took off with Cooper in a crate and no one has seen him since. And to top it all off, Babycakes – who is not even a CAT – is getting his own office. Just wait until Nikita hears about that one … heads will roll and I will never hear the end of it.

I can’t even blame this on the heat, because it hasn’t been that hot lately.

I think I need to just go soak in the tub and take a nice long bubble bath to relieve all my stress. Thank goodness I have such a nice, relaxing view from my picture window. (Pssst – don’t tell Cam!)


Joseph Lion

(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

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