Job Opening at Big Cat Rescue July 2007

Cynthia has done a wonderful job for us in the following job description and intends to stay on as a volunteer, but she wants more time with her family….her other family. She will stay on and train someone, but has indicated that she would like to have this job filled by July.

The best candidate for this position will be a current volunteer who cares more about helping the mission of Big Cat Rescue than the meager income this job provides. The best applicant will be the one who sees this as a life investment and not just as a 9-5 job. Preference will go to the person who best convinces us of why they would be the perfect person for this paid position.

Guest Relations, Gift Shop and Partner Coordinator


1. Manage Gift Shop.

a. POS Point of Sale system management, including creating bar codes and items, deleting discontinued items, ringing up sales, balancing register at the end of each day, running reports, dealing with connectivity and Internet issues, processing credit cards and batches and training Admin Partners in same.
b. All product ordering, dealing with merchants, finding the best deals, budgeting for best return on investment vs. storage capacity and shelf life, knowing what sells, checking each shipment as it arrives for accuracy, tagging it appropriately, entering it into inventory and neatly storing excess.
c. All soft drink and water ordering, dealing with merchants and delivery trucks and keeping the machines fully stocked throughout the day.
d. Inventory maintenance; knowing what we have, where we have it and being able to accurately identify it in the POS system through proper labeling.
e. Keep bathrooms spotless and stocked in the gift shop and at the beach. Keeping the toilets working is essential when we have a lot of guests or a lot of rain.
f. Keep work areas clean, swept, dusted and well organized.
g. Keep all product areas clean, swept, dusted, well organized and properly labeled so that inventory can be maintained accurately.
h. Use best marketing practices, signs, displays, rotating screens and multi media to enhance the sales of gift shop items. Includes having videos playing before and after each tour.
i. Maintains bug spray for guests and a clean waiting area in the back yard for them.
j. Coordinates the recycling and trash removal from gift shop area.
k. Changes A/C filters, air purifier, water purifier filters and keeps bulbs replaced.
l. Manages Petty Cash for paying small ticket items, and submits receipts for reimbursement. Petty Cash receipts must ALWAYS add up to cash expended.
m. Fulfill phone orders and shipping. Apply proper postage to orders and letters. Coordinate with postal employees or Fed Ex. as needed.

2. Guest Relations.

a. Be a happy face to the public.
b. Sign in tour guests and deliver completed forms to proper staff.
c. Answer phone and be able to give detailed information on Big Cat Rescue, tour times and types, directions from everywhere to the sanctuary and be able to take and deliver messages for the rest of the staff and volunteers.
d. Keep guests in gift shop or in back yard waiting area until their tour guide takes over and making sure none wander off.
e. Be able to explain to our guests about our Adoption program, Membership program, Snow Leopard Trust program, Legislative Actions, Weddings, Memorial program, Fur Ball, Volunteer program and a variety of other aspects of the sanctuary.
f. Answer front gate.
g. Send Thank You notes and donation receipts to all donors.

3. Fur Ball.

a. Receive, tag and acknowledge all donations to Fur Ball auctions.
b. Store in a manner as to protect them until the Fur Ball and chart them so that we know what has been donated and where it is when the Fur Ball rolls around.

4. Coordinates Admin or Partner Volunteers.

a. Solicit, coordinate and train Admin / Partner Volunteers to help with all of the assignable duties above while retaining ultimate responsibility for the accurate and proper implementation. Scheduling of these volunteers overlaps with Operations Manager’s need of these people for tours and special projects, so the person in this position must be able to work with Operations Manager to best cover the needs of the sanctuary while maintaining harmony in what can be a stressful environment when volunteer staffing is low.
b. Other duties as assigned by the officers and directors of Big Cat Rescue.


40 hours per week on site. Continuing green shirt level volunteering and its minimum requirement would be expected in addition to paid hours, so the candidate needs to understand that there would not be adequate time for a second job and should only take the position if the compensation meets their needs.

I agree to perform the above tasks to the best of my ability in exchange for 18,720.00 annually.

___________________________ _____________________________


This Agreement is between the undersigned individual (“Employee”) and Big Cat Rescue Corp. (“BCR”).


A. BCR is an educational sanctuary which provides a variety of services to animals, business and industry, private and public institutions, and the general public primarily in the following markets: By providing a permanent home to discarded exotic animals and finding solutions to the causes of such suffering, abandonment and abuse.

B. BCR has a proprietary interest in its business methods and systems (“Systems”) which include, but are not limited to, policy and procedure manuals, computer programs, financial forms and information, supplier information, accounting forms and procedures, personnel policies, animal care policies and procedures, databases and documents containing information on our donors, prospective donors, other supporters or individuals who contact us for various information or reasons, and visitors (all of whom hereinafter referred to as “Clients”), information on the animals in our care currently or in the past, , all of which information is not publicly disclosed and is considered by BCR to be confidential trade secrets; and

C. BCR intends to employ Employee in a position where Employee will have access to information relating to BCR’s Systems and BCR will encourage Employee to develop personal relationships with BCR’s Clients and prospective Clients; and

D. BCR will be vulnerable to unfair post-employment competition by Employee since Employee will have access to BCR Systems and will have a personal relationship with BCR’s clients and prospective clients; and

E. In consideration of the benefits associated with being paid to work for Big Cat Rescue, Employee was willing to enter into this Agreement with BCR as a condition of employment, pursuant to which Employee will limit his right to compete against BCR following termination of employment for any reason to the limited extent set forth in this Agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, intending to be legally bound, the parties agree as follows:


BCR may, pursuant to Employee’s employment hereunder provide and confide to Employee BCR’s Systems, techniques and methods of operation developed at great expense by BCR and which Employee recognizes to be unique assets of BCR’s business. Employee shall not, during or after the term of employment, directly or indirectly, in any manner utilize or disclose to any person, firm, corporation, association or other entity, except where required by law: (a) any such Systems, techniques and methods of operation; (b) any Client information, legislative contacts, vendors, sales prospects, customer lists, products, animal records, research or data of any kind; or (c) any information relating to strategic plans, sales costs, profits or the financial condition of BCR or any of its Clients, customers or prospective customers, which is not generally known to the public or recognized as standard practice in the industries in which BCR shall be engaged. Employee will not remove from the BCR property without written consent any of the Systems either on paper or in digital form, and if such systems are removed from the Property they will be returned on the day requested with any and all copies. Any digital form of any Systems that employee has on any computer that is not BCR property will be permanently erased with no copies retained. Employee acknowledges that failure to comply with these provisions constitutes a criminal act of theft of these Systems owned by BCR.


A. Subject to the provisions of Paragraph B below, Employee, for a period of two (2) years following termination of his employment, shall not, without BCR’s written permission, directly or indirectly, on Employee’s behalf or on behalf of any other person, firm, corporation, association or other entity, engage in, or in any way be concerned with or negotiate for, or acquire or maintain any ownership interest in any business or activity which is the same, similar to or competitive with that conducted by, engaged in or developed for later implementation by BCR at any time during the term of Employee’s employment.

B. The provisions set forth in Paragraph A, above, shall apply to (i) all fifty states and (ii) each foreign country, possession or territory in which BCR may be engaged in business at the termination of Employee’s employment or at any time within twelve ( 12) months prior thereto; but only if Employee was directly or indirectly involved or exposed to plans for such business at any time within twelve (12) months prior to termination.

C. Employee further agrees that Employee shall not for a period of two years, directly or indirectly, at any time in any manner,

1. Induce or attempt to influence any employees or volunteers of BCR to terminate their employment or volunteering with BCR, nor

2. Contact or attempt to contact any of BCR’s Clients for the purpose of raising funds for any organization or cause or selling any product or communicating any information that is either disparaging of BCR or inconsistent with the mission or positions of BCR, nor

3. If Employee does have contact with any Client, disparage BCR to any Client.

D. Employee acknowledges that in the event of any violation by Employee of the provisions set forth in Article I above or this Article 2, BCR will sustain serious, irreparable and substantial harm to its business, the extent of which will be difficult to determine and impossible to remedy by an action at law for money damages. Accordingly, Employee agrees that, in the event of such violation or threatened violation by Employee, BCR shall be entitled to an injunction before trial from any court of competent jurisdiction as a matter of course upon the posting of not more than a nominal bond, in addition to all such other legal and equitable remedies as may be available to BCR. Employee further agrees that, in the event any of the provisions of this Agreement are determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to any applicable statute, law or rule, or for any reason unenforceable as written, such court may modify any of such provisions so as to permit enforcement therefore as thus modified.

Article 3. TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: Employee acknowledges that BCR has the right to terminate Employee’s employment at any time for any reason whatsoever.


A. As used throughout this Agreement, BCR shall include Big Cat Rescue Corp., a Florida non profit corporation, and any other entity in which Big Cat Rescue Corp. has an interest, and its subsidiaries or affiliates.

B. Reference to the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender.

C. This Agreement shall supersede and substitute for any previous employment agreement between Employee and BCR, and is entered into in consideration of the mutual undertakings of the parties, the cancellation of all previous agreements, and the release of the parties of their respective rights and obligations under any previous employment agreement, excepting only such rights and obligations which by their nature are intended to survive termination or cancellation of such employment agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be


Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue

Date: ________________, 2007.

For the cats,

Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue
an Educational Sanctuary home
to more than 100 big cats
12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625
813.493.4564 fax 885.4457

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