July 10 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Keeper Lynda’s Coordinator Report for Sunday 7/9/17

Today was a fasting day for the cats before their quarterly round of Panacur for deworming. Several volunteers still came in early to do operant and helped w/ the supplement cats. Then we got an early start on cleaning and all were done by noon or 1:00 pm at the latest – before it got too blistering hot. Most of the senior volunteers took the opportunity head home early since we didn’t have to worry about refeeding cats all day.

Keeper Desmond changed out a lot of fly traps (THANK YOU to the kind viewers who sent us new ones from Smile.Amazon.com).

Keeper Rich changed the a/c filters and repaired the operant sticks

Keeper Bonnie added some dirt along side Vacation Rotation opposite Joseph where there was a little bit of exposed wire.

The Holleys repaired the platform in Sapphire’s enclosure, moved supplies from behind the E center and built a box to enclosure the pool pump near the solar panels.

Interns were occupied most of the day with tours but we had time at the end of the day for operant and enrichment signoffs.

Ares is starting to wonder out to explore the big open air section of vacation, while Orion is still happy to stay in the roofed section most of the day.

Sassy cougar has discovered the big den in the center of FunCation and is hanging out in there now but went back to roof section and got her PM meds.

Dr. Justin came to check on Smalls bobcat’s paw. He prescribed some new meds, for now.

Dr. Justin also just paid visits to Mickey and Cheetaro and thought they looked good.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Cats Get Coolaroo Beds & a little walkabout, too.

Coolaroo Bed Update

We handed out 14 more Coolaroo beds today, so that leaves only 14 of the small cats without one.  I think there are 8 still coming from donors, meaning only 6 more are are needed.  Here is the link: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OP6R094/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Tomorrow, July 11th, is Amazon’s Prime Day so it would be the best day to order one, if you had already planned to send one.


Evening Walkabout with Carole

Morning Walkabout with Carole: Putting Cheetaro Leopard back outside.

Volunteers play with rescued kittens while they wait for their forever homes. Watch more at http://explore.org/live-cams/player/big-cat-rescue-kitten-cabana

 Amazon Prime Day + YOU = Big Win for the CATS

YOU get great deals and Amazon donates part of your purr-chase price to the cats.to the cats.

When you #StartWithaSmile on #PrimeDay, Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue. Shop for great deals at smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3330495

Amazon’s Prime Day is here! Deals start at 9:00 pm ET tonight, July 10 and runs through July 11. Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

What great deals will YOU FIND?

People often ask us if there is something special they can send.  Have you been thinking about sending a PURR-sonal gift to the cats?  Check out our Amazon Wishlist.

With YOUR HELP promoting this, it could be a really big day for the cats. You can use the text below, IF you want.  Promoting this link will ensure the cats gets a little part.

Text: ” When you #StartWithaSmile on #PrimeDay, Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue. Shop for great deals at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3330495 ”

Here are some photos you can use to post with that text.  Click on the small photo to get the large version.

 HUGE SHOUT OUT to Greg Mercer and the Jungle Scout crew

Hi Greg and Jungle Crew,

I’m writing to let you know that you may be saving the tiger, and other beautiful creatures of the jungle…and I know how much you love the jungle. By saving the wild cats of our planet’s jungles it saves the entire eco-system for all wildlife there. Those jungles, in turn, provide the oxygen we all need to survive; so maybe I should start by saying you saved my life 😉

Here’s how you are doing it:

Through the amazing tools, like Jungle Scout and the Chrome extensions, Jump Send, and others that I want to use, like Splitly and Fetcher you are providing tools that will make it easier for me to raise funds to protect, and awareness about, the plight of tigers (who have seen a decline in wild populations of 96.8% in just the last 20 years).

I’ve hungrily devoured every podcast, google hangout, or line of text I could find about your products and am up to episode 15 in the #MillionDollarCaseStudy Your excellent content, delivery and guests have made it possible for me to navigate areas of SellerCentral that I didn’t even know existed even after watching every one of the Amazon University videos.

Big Cat Rescue is the leading 501c3 non profit sanctuary in the efforts to end the trade in exotic cats as pets, props and parts. There are only a handful of accredited sanctuaries that rescue lions, tigers and other wild cats; mostly from the pet trade. Those cats end up in the pet trade when they hit 12 weeks of age and are no longer cute and cuddly photo props. We are home to about 70 such cats, but we can’t rescue our way out of this crisis.

Ending the captive trade is critical to saving the cats in the wild, because the legal (yes, it’s actually legal in most places to pay $40 for a USDA exhibiter permit and have a tiger) trade provides a smokescreen for illegal poaching. In the U.S. if someone is caught with tiger teeth, or skins all they have to do is say it was their pet. End of investigation.

What sets Big Cat Rescue apart is that we are part of a Big Cat Coalition that is leading the efforts to ban the private possession of big cats via the Big Cat Public Safety Act HR 1818. See BigCatAct.com

So, what are YOU doing to protect tigers?

You are helping me create another revenue stream, and a way to reach people on Amazon who might not have any idea how dire the situation is for big cats. We have to raise almost 4 million dollars a year to take care of our 70+ cats and fund our efforts in education and advocacy. We’ve done that for the past 25 years through a combination of donations, visitor revenue and sales from our onsite and online gift shop at BigCatRescue.biz There is no government funding for this work.

My goal is to build the Amazon business, using all of your grrrreat (could not help myself) advice. I just had my first shipment from China to FBA initiated and am working on my second. A bit a of hiccup on the second one as Amazon decided that Tiger’s Eye bracelets are fine jewelry, so they are requiring a $5000 application fee.

I think they will waive it though as we are one of the 13 charities they are featuring on Prime Day tomorrow in their Smile.Amazon push. We get about $3500 a month from a large number of our 2.2 million FB fans using Smile.Amazon.com on our behalf.

I’ve owned a real estate investment business for 37 years, but I’m 56 and getting too old to deal with tenants and all the ways they can destroy my homes, so I’m excited at the prospects of gradually converting that intensive management business into one that I can run from a laptop in my own beach view jungle hut. Costa Rica is next on my list of places to “fix” when it comes to wildcat issues, and thanks to you and your team, I may get there while I’m still young enough to do it.

So again; a huge virtual hug of thanks for helping save the big cats.

For the cats,

Carole Baskin

Letter to Management Letter To Management

July 9, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam:

We have been contacted by Trip Advisor, and wish to inform you that we have rated the Vacation Rotation a paltry 1 out of 5 stars. This vacation is NOTHING like what was stated in the brochure and on the web site where we booked it. This was promoted as a “mountain-type safari.”

I ask you: Where are the mountains? Where is the snow and cold weather? What’s with all the rain and humidity? And where is the upgraded food menu including venison steaks, Mahi Mahi martinis. etc.?

Instead we have flat grassland occupied by flocks of big black birds. There are no herds of white-tailed deer, raccoons or coyotes to chase. And there haven’t even been any hikers or mountain bikers to frighten. (We have seen a blonde lady on a bike riding by periodically that we were going to chase, but truth be told, SHE kind of frightens US because she seems to always be holding something and talking to herself while she’s riding.)

To make matters worse, it is well known that we hate water. Instead of a nice, big, beautiful mountain to climb we are being forced to deal with a big old pond that has turtles, and ducks living in it.

During the day we are being taunted by several stinky tigers who live across the road and sing cowboy songs, and at night we are kept awake by some old lion who continuously roars and sounds like a locomotive.  (I had to sneak over the fence and use the telephoto lens, but I finally got proof!!!!! I couldn’t get close enough to see it but is the one on the far right playing a Harmonica?!!! P.I. Midnight Louie)

To make matters worse, both the stinky tigers and the locomotive lion seem to be getting OUR upgraded food plan with several feedings and treats per day.

Our sister, Artemis, warned us that this was a rip-off and she chose not to go. We should have listened to her. In fact, the only reason we are giving this facility 1 star is because we are away from “Miss I Am Always Right Artemis” for a while. She may be our sister, but she thinks she rules the house.



Ares and Orion Cougars
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats and Desmond F., Assistant)

 Keeper Corner

Keeper MaryLou:  Dryden Bobcat says, “GO AWAY!”

In Carole’s Facebook live video she mentioned a link to the cute bracelet she was wearing.  Here is the link and bracelet.  BigCatRescue.org/bracelet

  Big Cat Models

Big Cat Model, Handsome Anson: My name is Chris and I wanted to share a picture of my son, Anson reading his favorite magazine!


Note to Viewers:  Some of you signed up to get it and have not yet gotten it.  It can sometimes take an issue or two before your new subscription kicks in.  You should get the next one.  In the meantime, the online version of this issue of Big Cat Times will be available soon.  If you have not signed up send an email to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org and let us know what name and address you want your subscription to come to.

 What is Amazon Smile?

Answer:  It is a wonderful way to support the cats at no cost to you is to go to your Amazon.com account and sign up for Amazon Smile to have .5% of your purchases donated to Big Cat Rescue.

It is easy to set up. Once you do, instead of going to Amazon.com to shop, in the future you go to Smile.Amazon.com. Everything at Smile is exactly the same as you are used to at Amazon, same products, same prices. If you have a Prime account, it will still be there in Smile. The ONLY difference is that .5% of your purchases are donated by Amazon to Big Cat Rescue – ZERO cost to you, but it sure adds up for the cats.

To sign up for Smile just go to https://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-3330495 and log in with your usual Amazon ID and password.

Once you have signed up, you should go to Smile.Amazon.com to make your purchases instead of Amazon.com. Just typing Smile into your browser instead of Amazon should take you there, or bookmark the URL, or, after you select Big Cat Rescue, you may see a screen like the one below inviting you to download a shortcut to Smile.Amazon.com.

Want to access your Smile account from an iPhone or iPad? Easy!

  • Open Safari and go to Smile.Amazon.com
  • Log in with your Amazon login
  • Hit the SHARE icon at the bottom of the screen (the square with the arrow pointing up)

Hit the Add to Home Screen icon (the square with rounded edges with the + sign in it)

You will see an icon direct to your Smile account (including Prime if you have it) on your phone’s home screen.

If you have the regular Amazon app on your phone, it is a good idea to delete it so you do not forget and go there.

Smile.Amazon.com works the same as Amazon.com and has all the same products. The only difference is that it sends a half percent of your purchase to Big Cat Rescue. This has become a meaningful source of support that you can add to at no cost to you. Please sign up and urge people you know to do so.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has chosen to support the cats through their normal Smile.Amazon purr-chases!!  YOU ARE Making A Difference!!

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