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Big Cat Updates

Sabre Leopard Update

Last night Sabre was brought into the Cat Hospital because he had gotten over heated and was having difficulty moving into the shade on his own.  He was given 2000 units of fluids last night.  This morning he refused meds, refused to eat, and was given another 2000 units of sub q fluids.  His breathing became labored and the vets were called in.  Dr. Justin euthanized Sabre because there was no possibility of him getting any better and Sabre was clearly ready to go.

Carole has updated Sabre’s bio page.  She added more details, more videos and more photos, too.  If you find more pages, photos, and videos of him that are not on there, please email the links to lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org for possible inclusion on his page.

You can post your tributes at the bottom of Sabre’s bio page at http://bigcatrescue.org/sabre-2/

We know you all loved this precious boy, too so Carole uploaded a free hi-resolution 8×10 for everyone to download.  Get the link further down this page.

Melanie Davis made a beautiful collage for Sabre.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Watch all the Big Cat Rescuers spring into action to save Sabre Leopard’s life when he gets over heated. It was 91 degrees at the time and even though his cage is mostly shaded, he had laid out in a patch of sun until he was too hot to move. More about him at http://bigcatrescue.org/sabre-2/

Guinness Book of World Records records the oldest leopard as 24. Sabre turned 25 in March. His cage is HUGE and has a TON of shade but the sweet old boy decided to lounge in one of his favorite sunny spots and got overheated so the team leaped into quick action, got him shade, a sicle, cold meat treats, and took him into the hospital in the a/c.  Viewers helped keepers and vets keep an eye on him through the night on a live streaming web cam.


The four tigers rescued last winter from Colorado, Priya, Gabrielle, Andy, and Seth, are experiencing their first hot summer in Florida. Watch as they get a refreshing shower from the hose.

Keeper Corner

Keeper Bridget S:   My husband took it today while we were visiting.  We weren’t volunteering today, but needed to stop by and see our friends after losing Aspen Echo.

Keeper Lauren Grant (April 22): Sleepy Pharaoh

Re-posting by request, this is a photos posted a while back by Keeper Honey, who is also our gift shop manager:  “I found three dedicated volunteers taking a short rest during projects: from left to right Barbara Frank, Marie Schoubert, and Lauren Grant all Senior Keepers working on Tiger Row. They are so cute. Hear no evil speak no evil see no evil….. Just never know what is around the corner here at BCR.”

Keeper Afton:  The Colorado tigers! The girls Priya and Gabrielle are on the left, and the boys Andy and Seth on the right.

Keeper Afton (July 12): Afternoon bloodsicle with Armani leopard.

Keeper Afton (July 10):  When it’s pouring down rain, and you forgot to grab your rain jacket. You do it Big Cat style and make your own.

Keeper Brittany Mira:  Today was as sad and emotional as I knew it would be. Walking around Aspen’s empty cage was brutal… but this silly guy instantly made me smile this morning. He was running and playing and crashing through his ferns. Then he’d jump on top of his den and make silly little serval noises all while sniffing the air. Then he’d jump down and do it all over again. These guys know how to steal and heal hearts ♥️  Keeper Nanci Spires: That is Aspen’s old enclosure. It is ironic – she used to dash around in there as well! Good boy, Pharaoh!

Today was as sad and emotional as I knew it would be. Walking around Aspen's empty cage was brutal... but this silly guy instantly made me smile this morning. He was running and playing and crashing through his ferns. Then he'd jump on top of his den and make silly little serval noises all while sniffing the air. Then he'd jump down and do it all over again. These guys know how to steal and heal hearts ♥️

Keeper Brittany Mira:  Today I am hoping I get a few moments to visit with little dove one of our oldest bobcats in the sanctuary.

Keeper Matt Ruszczyk: Mac sporting some salon-quality fur after getting a shower.

 People Often Ask

People Often Ask – Can I use your photos?

We have posted small kind reminders to use the share feature, and mentioned how the share feature helps the cats and our mission several times in past few months, we have mentioned it in comments, and all of that has been ignored.

What is Pirating?

When someone downloads a photos and re-uploads it to their account, without permission, that is pirating.  Pirating disrespectful to the person who took the photo and let us use it. We owe those photographers the respect of using their photos for what they intended them used for.  Therefore, we also owe them the respect of speaking up with their photos are being pirated.

We love it when people share photos and videos they create from either taking photos in person or screenshots, etc. If there is an Explore icon on the image, you should leave it there.  Explore provides a great service to us, the cats, and viewers and therefore deserves to have their icon left on the photo taken with their very expensive cameras and bandwidth. It’s also great that you let people know who the cat is and that he’s at Big Cat Rescue.

It is never okay to upload one of our photos to your pages if the photo does not have our logo or link on it.  By uploading an unmarked photo to your page you are inviting and enabling others to pirate it.

Downloading and re-uploading, without permission, is not okay. We understand that most people download our photos and re-upload them without understanding their actions are hurting our efforts.  While we understand the intentions are often good, it does not alter the fact that it hurts our efforts.

How Does it Hurt Our Efforts?  In several ways but one of those ways is social media reach and traffic.

Why does that matter?  That social media traffic is very important to our efforts.  It is how we reach more people with our message and mission.  It is the way we are raising awareness for getting new laws to protect the cats.  Equipment for taking photos, computers and software for editing photos, making videos, making and maintaining websites, and maintaining multiple social media on the scale that we do, does not come free.  Money to pay for all that comes out of the sanctuary budget.  It is a financial sacrifice for the mission and a huge time and effort commitment.  What makes the sacrifices worth it is the amount people we are able reach through internet traffic with our message and our mission.

When people share our posts and photos, using the built in share features that the social media sites provide, then the social site algorithms decide it must be important so they show that photo or post to more people which enables us to reach more people which gets us closer to new laws protecting big cats.

We work very hard, every day, doing things to increase that reach because reaching more people with our message means new laws can be passed sooner saving many cats from suffering.

Therefore, when someone downloads and re-uploads our photo, instead of using the share feature, they are:

  • Taking away an opportunity for us to reach & educate more people about big cat issues.
  • Taking away an opportunity for us to reach new people to help with the efforts getting new laws passed to save cats.
  • Taking away an opportunity for us to reach potential new supporters and that is the same as stealing food from the cats.
  • Discouraging photographers from letting us use their photos in the future.

If you want to use a photo to promote the cats somewhere that there is not a share feature email me at lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org In most cases, I will know which photos were taken by which photographer and whether that photographer does or does not care if others use their photos and what photo credit needs to be given.

The downloading and re-uploading of photos, without asking permission, needs to stop.  It is getting out of hand. People are not taking just one photo but are even sitting there downloading and re-uploading whole albums.  That is a complete disrespect for the photographers who let us use their photos and a complete disregard for what they are taking away from the cats by doing it.


  • Use the share feature, that’s what it is there for.
  • If you can’t use the share feature ASK before uploading a photo to your own account.
  • Re-uploading a photo without permission is called pirating.
  • Do not download and re-upload, without permission, it’s rude.
  • Good intentions do not make pirating okay.
  • Never upload one of our photos that is not marked with our logo or link, ask LaWanna for a marked copy.
  • Never remove Explore.org’s watermark.  They are doing the cats, and viewers, a great service and deserve respect.

Following those simple rules will prevent us from being put in the uncomfortable position to be the bad guy having to ask you to take down a photo you re-uploaded without permission.

If you have downloaded and re-uploaded our photos, without permission, either email for permission or please take them down.  From here forward please help us respect the photographers by  using the share feature, that’s what it’s there for.

There are a few exceptions, with advocacy messages, but we make it clear on those that it is OK to download and re-upload.

Another exception is, some of you have asked permission to use the photos to make collages, memorials, and birthday photos for the cats and we usually say yes, and greatly appreciated those gifts of time and those are fine to upload.

Another exception is we often make a batch of photos and give permission for those to be uploaded.

Drawing or Painting from our photos:  Sometimes, people want to draw or paint our cats’ photos and we consider that exciting and an honor.

  • Our policy on that is, if the artwork is strictly for their purr-sonal enjoyment they can do so freely.  We’d love to see a photo of the finished product and would love to be able to give the photographer a photo of art inspired by their photography.
  • However, if the artwork will be in any way publicly displayed, even for free, or sold then it is only fair to the cats and the photogrpaher that the photo used for the artwork be purr-chased.  Our prices are extremely reasonable and it is only fair the cats get something from it the artist is displaying or selling art they inspired.  https://catrescue.myshopify.com/collections/photo-downloads


You can get a FREE Hi-Resolution 8×10 version of this photo, without our URL on it, that you can print to remember our precious Sabre.

Get yours at https://catrescue.myshopify.com/products/sabre-leopard-memorial-photo-download

 Foster Kitten Program

Keeper Afton (July 11):  This kitten is a bit feisty but very photogenic!! What a beautiful cat!!

Viewer Robin:

Keeper Afton (July 11):  Someone on explore.org/BigCatRescue took photos of me last week laying on the floor taking photography of the kittens in the Kitten Cabana. I just wanted to share how those photos came out. Kitties napping under the couch.

Viewer Scout282:  I love the face on this little tortie.  She is so adorable.

Viewer Denise Stuart: <3

 WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at cat@bigcatrescue.org

 Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

10 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat PURR-son

 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

 Big Cat Models

Big Cat Model Diane Buckler:  My Andy T-shirt

Viewer Pix

Viewer Erin Carrington:  I love going through Nikita’s highlights, because sometimes she looks so perfect and regal like this…

Viewer Lee Durbin:  Almost Bedtime

Viewer Michael Borrelli:  Found a cool spot under her palms!

Viewer Katy73:  Haha Andy!  Laid out!

Viewer Tammya:  Oh such a rough day.

CamOp Nan: Andy wants the lights turned down.

CamOp Nan:  A Seth Nose!!

Viewer Keli, Robin, & Katy73:  Great view from above.


Viewer Katy73:  He is not done with her…

Viewer RobNJ:  Andy, early yesterday

Viewer Susann Mesna:  YES!

Viewer Susann Mesna:  Golden Boy

Viewer Susann Mesna:  Ares and Orion are getting more brave.

 Aspen Echo Tributes

Keeper Barbara Blagdon Riddle: Our sweet girl Aspen will be sorely missed. This video is from a few years ago. That blue doughnut was her prey that day! The video is in slow-mo for ultimate fighter effect. Get it, girl!  Keeper Jocelin Gardner: This is a perfect video to remember her by. She had just started to do her old lady shuffle, but it wasn’t about to hold her back!


Viewer Diane Buckler:  Run free beautiful Aspen Echo

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