July 20 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Lauren Grant's Coordinator Notes for 7/19/2018

CAT MOVING DAY!! (See yesterday's Big Cat Updates for the videos)

Ginger Serval's platform was fixed up, some new dirt and grass seed were added to her enclosure. Then she was moved home from FunCation.

FunCation was push mowed and weed-eated. Then Smalls was moved out into it.  Hopefully, she gets more comfortable than she is now.

Priya was moved into Kali's previous enclosure (next to Cam and Bu). Kali was brought home from Vacation to Priya's previous enclosure.

Hoover was moved out to Vacation, rather quickly for him :)

The second rehab cage was mowed down for Echo to get moved out.

The deep clean of the Kitten Cabana was started by Valerie and Shelby. The floors, inside, and the cat towers all still need to be cleaned.

Lots of sign-offs were done for feeding, enrichment, & operant.

Keisha was having a really great day today.  She was chuffing and looking aware and happy. She ate pretty well too :)

That's about it!
- Lauren Grant

Wild Bobcat Call July 19th

We got a call today that said this wild bobcat was thin and has a bum leg. Jamie has taken out humane traps to see if we can help this bobcat. We will update you when we know more.

Keepers & Interns Paint the Cats

Keepers and Interns had some fun time socializing and painting the cats.

Cameron Gets A/C

Many years ago we had installed A/C is a den for a special needs lioness named Maya.  That a/c bit the dust many years ago.  That den is now one of Cameron and Zabu's.  A viewer has donated a portable A/C  unit that we can move back and forth from Cameron's favorite den to the hospital recovery cage if needed.

Cameron checks out the new ac unit that has been donated to help keep him cool and feeling pawsome ?

Cameron Lion gets a new A/C unit

Cameron Lion gets a new A/C unit

Foxtrot has White Toes

This photo of Foxtrot is a couple weeks old but I thought perhaps some of you had not seen it yet.

Foxtrot has white toes

Foxtrot has white toes

Getting Set Up at TAFA

What is TAFA?  TAFA stands for "Taking Action For Animals."

TAFA - Speaking Up for Big Cats

TAFA - Speaking Up for Big Cats

Big Cat Rescue is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming 2018 Taking Action for Animals (TAFA) conference, hosted by The Humane Society of the United States. We would LOVE for you to join us July 20-23 in Washington, DC to learn how you can advocate for animal issues, including the plight of captive big cats, and lobby for animals on Capitol Hill. Meet Carole Baskin and several more Big Cat Rescue folks and attend Howard Baskin's presentation on big cats at this important conference!

TAFA brings together advocates from across the country for a shared goal: to better the lives of animals and people alike. Participants gain a better understanding of the many issues animals face in our society and learn how to take action in their communities through lobbying, education and other citizen advocacy.

Visit takingactionforanimals.org for more information and to register. See you there!

Photos Nancey Enell posted in our Facebook group.  Jennifer had not yet set up the TV or the iPads.  You are invited to join Big Cat Rescue's Official Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/bigcatrescue/

Keeper Corner

Today, I will post some photos that Afton has posted on her Facebook page.   Click on the photos to see them larger.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these special keeper posts.  If you like the photos and keeper notes that are shared here and want to see more of them, you should go "LIKE" Afton's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AftonTaslerBCR/

NOTE:  If you want me to do more postings from keeper's pages on this Big Cat Updates page, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Afton's New Video - Priya Tiger's New House

Priya the tiger is a very energetic big cat. And since she has so active, we wanted to give her a new open space for her to run around and be silly in.

[cq_vc_videocover videoimage="125213" videolink=""]

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