July 25 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Kathyrn Stapleton’s Coordinator Notes for 7/24/2018

Very wet morning but a sunny afternoon to dry out a bit.

Had just enough help to get feeding and cleaning done. 2 private tours and 2 kids tours mid day and full afternoon of tours. Intern Signoffs got done.

Due to the rainy days branches are everywhere. Some were picked up but will need doing again tomorrow.

That’s it for me!


We are thrilled, TRULY THRILLED to announce that on TAFA Weekend, this past Saturday and Sunday, 132 Calls of the Wild were made at BigCatAct.com!!

Hutch Serval says, "THANK YOU, for making the Call of the Wild!!

Hutch Serval says, “THANK YOU, for making the Call of the Wild!!

ALSO, on Carole said that as they went from office to office in DC on Monday she was really excited when lawmakers recognized the name “Big Cat Rescue” and told her that calls had been coming in about the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

YOUR ACTIONS ARE Making A Difference!! Keep up the great work!!! PLEASE keep making those Calls of the Wild, EVERY WEEK at BigCatAct.com !!

23 yr old Frosty Serval Rushed to Vet

Frosty Serval had to make an emergency trip to Dr Wynn’s clinic.  Doing X-rays — at Ehrlich Animal Hospital.

He refused his breakfast so keepers took food out to him more times throughout the day and he started acting like he didn’t feel well so he was rushed off-property to see Dr. Wynn as quickly as possible.

He’d peed on himself which attracted flies. Temp 104. Using cold packs and cool enema to bring down temp. Waiting on blood work.

Frosty Serval at Dr. Wynn's July 25, 2018

Frosty Serval at Dr. Wynn’s July 25, 2018

Blood work isn’t too bad. Heart looks worse but not terrible. Giving fluids, antibiotics and vet wants him inside a while. His arthritis is getting pretty bad.

He was a bit constipated possibly because of where the arthritis is in his spine might be causing the constipation issue. Dr. Wynn’s video explains it better but I’ll try to paraphrase the best I can. Arthritis along the spine where his pelvis area is might be making it harder for him to get into the proper position for pooping making it more difficult to poop thus contributing to constipation.

While he was out they removed the constipated poop so he will feel better.  They also gave him a good grooming.

More news coming soon.  As we learn more we will post it on Frosty’s page at https://BigCatRescue.org/frosty/  When Carole gets the video clips to Afton she will compile them and upload them so you all will have a better explanation.


Ginger Serval seems pretty happy to be back home.  She sure enjoyed FunCation but she is really happy and content to be home with all her own toys and favorite napping spots.

Smalls Bobcat is on FunCation although she was pretty timid and leary at first.  Her keepers have been working with her and offering her extra treats to help her become more confident.

Kali Tiger is enjoying her new suite of cages on Tiger Row.  She is now across from Keisha and seems pretty content with her new area, now that she finally has everything marked just the way she likes.

Priya Tiger has really been enjoying her new digs next door to Cameron and Zabu.  She has found so much to do!  What a busy girl.

Hoover Tiger is on Vacation and goes through spells of having a blast and hibernating in one of the big dens.

People often ask to hear about some of the smaller details of the day to day sanctuary happenings.  I thought I’d share a few of those with you.

Cameron’s New Water Bowl: Cameron has a new water bowl on his platform to help keep him better hydrated when he spends all day lounging up there.  We were worried about him not wanting to get down from the platform to drink enough during the day so this spoiled pampered boy received a new water bowl and a refill system has been installed right there on his platform!

We have to close Cameron out of the section to go in and scrub the new water container, but during the day when he is lounging up there a way to keep that new water container topped off with fresh cool water throughout the day had to be devised.   Now a few times a day, from the outside of the enclosure, we can turn on the water there to let his new platform water bowl overflow.  LOL, of course, we all know Zabu will enjoy playing with the overflow puddle.

New space for Weed Eaters and Mowers: Victor built a great space for the weedeaters and mowers to be put away neatly and keep them in good repair.

Portable AC Unit: Thanks to a very generous volunteer we now have a portable AC unit that can be used all around the sanctuary to keep some of our cats with chronic health issues cool. The unit will also be utilized at our outdoor hospital recovery cage.  (Photo in yesterday’s Big Cat Updates)

The way it works is water is pulled into the unit and drips down fiberous panels on the side. A fan blows air through these panels resulting in cooled air. The air blowing from the unit can be 10-15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

Water Bowl Shade Tiles: People sometimes ask about the little non-cat expenses the sanctuary has. On the cats feeding lockouts we put big tiles that provide shade for the cats’ water bowls. Since all the cats have more than one water bowl that is a lot water shade tiles and so, as you can imagine, we have to keep a supply of those shade tiles on hand so we can quickly replace them when one breaks. Keeping the cats water bowls constantly in the shade is important.

Leaking Water Hoses or Worn Out Nozzles: As you can imagine in a 67-acre sanctuary we have to maintain a LOT of water hydrants, water hoses, and hose nozzles. There are water hydrants and hoses, all over the sanctuary because the water bowls and feeding tiles are scrubbed, sanitized, rinsed, and refilled every morning, 365 days a year.

After the morning of cleaning cages, feeding cats, and watering has been completed the jobs for the water hoses are still not done. After all, many of the cats enjoy afternoon hose showers or mud puddles.

MUD PUDDLES? Yes, I sad mud puddles. Unless we have had rain, there are no mud puddles, anywhere. Many of the cats do greatly enjoy splashing in puddles or rolling in cool mud on a hot Florida day. I am not sure who enjoys it more the keepers who make the mud puddles for the cats who play in the puddles.

Think a hose’s job is done? Nope, not yet!! The cats enjoy lounging in the shade and for the cats who do not like puddles but do enjoy their favorite shady napping spots being slightly dampened it is hoses and nozzles to the rescue!

Around the sanctuary, we are often sewing fresh grass seed to keep plenty of soft cool grass for the cats to roll in. Those hoses and nozzles are off working again, keeping the new grass seed watered and growing.  Therefore we sometimes need to repair or replace, hydrants, hoses, and nozzles.


Please join us in congratulating the following:

Abbey Rivett has been promoted to Level 4 Intern

Fred Pagan, Stephanie Chaiser, & Lisa Sanders have been promoted to Level 3 Intern

Tanya Chute has been promoted to Level 2 Intern

Keeper Corner

Cleaners headed out to clean.

Cleaners headed out to clean. This is, from left to right, Phyllis Valerie Dylan

Heading out to clean

This is, from left to right,

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Wildcat Walkabout 2018

The Walkabout is months away, but over half of the tickets have already been purchased. If you know of someone that is interested in attending as a guest, please encourage them to purchase tickets early. This event always sells out. This year’s Wildcat Walkabout will be held on November 3. Read more here: http://bigcatrescue.org/safari-days/

Keeper Photos

Click or tap to see larger views of the photos.

L@@K--> FIVE NEW Bobcat Rehab Cams

The long-awaited Bobcat Rehab Cams are up and running.  We’d love your feedback.

Foxtrot, Bravo, and Tango are all in the small two sections of the second rehab enclosure.

Echo is currently in the two medium sections of the second rehab enclosure.

L@@K –> FIVE NEW Bobcat Rehab NEST CAMS as of July 2018 – Find the links for the new cams at BigCatCams.com

This was a pretty expensive and labor intensive project.  We had to dig ditches to run electric and internet lines.  We had to dramatically increase our available internet bandwidth, that was a huge issue.   If you would like to help offset the costs of this big project PLEASE consider donating to at BigCatRescue.org/donate/  OR, please consider doing a Facebook Fundraiser for the cats.

Apollo & Frosty Recovery Webcams – The list of hospital webcams at BigCatCams.com has also been updated making it easier for you to find Apollo and Frosty’s recovery cam links.

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