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July 4 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Kathyrn Stapleton's Coordinator Notes for 7/3/2018

Hot Humid day!!  Lots of volunteers to help with feeding and cleaning.  The interns and volunteers finished cleaning up around the tunnel to vacation. It looks great everyone did a great job!

Picky cats ate ok. Kali and a couple other tigers all decided they did not want whole prey today so got chicken in the afternoon.

Afton was filming cats getting enrichment, and she will have a new video out soon! It was lots of fun.

Rain in the afternoon, but everyone got out in time for Jamie's Bobcat Rehab presentation.  (See it below)

That's it for me!

Jamie Presents - Bobcat Rehab & Release

We have new Interns coming in every three months so we try to do these overview presentations so they can learn more about the various aspects of Big Cat Rescue. Last night, Jamie did a presentation of our wild Bobcat Rehab & Release Program. She highlighted our procedures as well as some of the stories of previously rescued and rehabbed wild bobcats.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^125042|url^|caption^Bobcat Rehab and Release Program Overview|alt^Bobcat Rehab and Release Program Overview|title^Bobcat Rehab and Release Program Overview|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


More Bobcat Rehab News

Jamie Veronica is already looking into and checking out future release sites for the Irish named kittens.  We are hoping the same area Nova was released at.

Our FWC Inspector will be coming this month to see Aphrodite and approve or disapprove her release.

At this age, the young bobcat kittens would be spending a little time each day out of the den if they were still with their moms in the wild.  Therefore, keepers are beginning to take the Bravo and Tango (Foxtrot is possible) outside for some shade & sunshine each day weather permitting.

Letter To Management

July 3, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

Well well well. Here we go with the body shaming again on Facebook. Apparently, some of my subjects think I deserve a new bed. Well, I can’t argue with that. However, things took a turn very quickly.

Carol J. chimes in with “Put it under her platform and watch her try to squeeze into it!”

Then Sandi K. makes matters worse by saying “Like a size 14 trying to squeeze into a size 10.”

Really, ladies? REALLY? I am not happy. Not happy at all.

Subject Susan H., however, was very kind: “I have an idea: elevate Nikki's platform and put the bed underneath so she can sleep in the shade.”

Thank you, Susan, for being a loyal subject to the Queen. As a treat, the next time I get a fascinator made I will have one made for you, also. What part of the chicken do you like so I know what to have them put on top?

As for you, Carol J. and Sandi K. – to the dungeon with you both! You will occupy the cells next to the one reserved for Matt Ruszczyk. And NO CHICKEN FOR YOU!


Her Royal Lioness, Nikita
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

Nikita's Letter To Management

Nikita's Letter To Management

Bobcat Rehab - Foxtrot

Viewers alerted us yesterday that Foxtrot started limping.  He was then separated from Tango and Bravo and observed on the webcam overnight.  This morning Jamie, Kathryn, and Karma did a quick check, shaving the leg and doing an x-ray for Dr. Justin to review.

There are is a bite mark on the right front elbow area. The wound was shaved and cleaned.  Dr. Justin will tell us what the next step for little Foxtrot is.   For now, he will stay separated from Bravo and Tango to give him a little healing time.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^125049|url^|caption^Wild bobcat kitten, Foxtrot gets checked due to a limp|alt^Wild bobcat kitten, Foxtrot gets checked due to a limp|title^Wild bobcat kitten, Foxtrot gets checked due to a limp|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


CamBu True Love Shirt

Shop for the new CamBu true love shirts!!

Cameron and Zabu True Love Shirt

Cameron and Zabu True Love Shirt

Sicle Fixins' Update

A while back we requested cups, canned tuna in water, and canned salmon for making the cats' sicles with. As you can see in the photos below we have plenty of canned fish for sicles. Afton heads up the Enrichment Team, she said we could use some canned chicken in water for popsicles. She also said we no longer use Gatorade in our daily popsicles.

The cats are all stocked up on Tuna and Salmon

The cats are all stocked up on Tuna and Salmon

What does the Enrichment Team need?   Canned chicken in water.

Another question recently asked was, "What kind of sticks do they use to make their cicles and do they need any?" Afton's reply was, "Thank you for inquiring about the sticks we use in our popsicles. We only use the sticks for popsicles that are needed for medical purposes. Right now, Cameron is the only big cat that uses these sticks. We have a bunch of these and are only using five at this time. We will not be needing any more of them currently, but thank you so much for asking!"

Namibian Govt unwittingly exposes lies that promote hunting

This was sent to use from the Campaign Against Canned Hunting 

Shooting hunting in the foot - by the Namibian government

See the below letter from the Namibian government to the hunting industry, notifying them that the gag order will be imposed by permit condition. Their purpose was stated pretty clearly. they dd not want to 'tarnish the image' of trophy hunting.

The Campaign Against Canned Hunting went on to say:  "So we have to ask the obvious questions: If hunting is socially acceptable, why hide it from public view? If killing beautiful animals for fun is to be promoted, why conceal it? And the answer to both questions is: because the reality is so ugly."

To an industry built on lies, the truth is subversive.
Here is yet more proof that hunting is to conservation what pornography is to Art.

Trophy Hunting Exposed

Trophy Hunting Exposed

Please use the comments area below to share your thoughts. Please, no vulgar language and please do not make comments suggesting violence.

Viewer Input Requested

Chelsea, Carole, and a couple of Interns are planning to do a LIVE Q & A about the Internship Program Friday, July 6th at 2:00 pm ET.  Come chat ith us.  The video will be streamed LIVE from our main Facebook page at

We will let you know when this will happen.

LIVE Q & A about our Internship program

LIVE Q & A about our Internship program

If you'd like to learn more about the Internship program before the LIVE Q & A go to

Foster Kitten Update

The following kittens have returned to the Humane Society to look for their furever homes.


Momma kitty Ana moved to the Sandcat Intern House. Himalayan Intern House prepared for a momma kitty with 3 one-week-old kittens.

The following have found their purrmanent homes!

Just to let you all know, navy shirt Keeper Rebecca will be bringing in one of her foster babies starting tomorrow for about a week. His siblings all went back to the Humane Society and he is not happy by himself, so he will be coming in each day to play. Please make him feel welcome. Here is his picture.

Rebecca's Foster Kitten

Rebecca's Foster Kitten

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