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Big Cat Updates

Afton’s Coordinator Notes for 6/8/2018

Today was a beautiful day before the monsoon started. We had to cancel tours and take the kittens home early since the floor of the cabana got all wet.

Food prep was done before lunch, but projects got cut short due to the crazy storm that came in. They worked on trimming palmettos and pulling weeds, and vines in the section closest to staff offices all the way to the tunnel, inside and out.

Everything on the cleaning slab was washed and put away. Some enrichment sign-offs were done for the interns.

Sue Messineo’s Coordinator Notes for 6/9/2018

Just enough volunteers, it was a hot Florida day but everyone worked very hard. The cats were lazy but out for the tour guests to enjoy seeing them.
The interns worked on a vacation cat’s enclosure and got a lot done.

Hoover has access to Zeus’ suite of cages and all the way up to the Texas tigers. He was extremely interested in his new neighbors.

Keisha ate almost 6 lbs today, she really likes chicken breast. Four of that was for Keeper Rich B.

– That’s it for me Sue M.

We wish Keisha would have eaten more but this is GREAT compared to how little she ate the last couple of days. She is not out of the woods yet, but we are hopeful. THANK YOU for staying positive and for the well wishes and prayers.

Action Alert

Action Alert - Cougar in Nebraska

Action Alert – Cougar in Nebraska

Nebraska’s mountain lions may once again be in the crosshairs. The proposed 2019 hunting season would allow 20% of the viable population in Pine Ridge to be killed! Worse yet, 640 hunting permits will be issued to hunt eight cats, meaning there will be 80 hunters per cat.

The proposed plan is sloppy and would only satisfy a small yet vocal group who would rather see these cats mounted on their walls than roaming in their state.

Nebraska residents, take action! Follow the link below to email the Deputy Director of Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission and tell him that you oppose a 2019 mountain lion hunting season.


If you live outside Nebraska YOU CAN STILL HELP by posting this EVERYWHERE you can think of so that more Nebraska residents can find it. Post it on your social media pages, in Facebook groups, etc.

International Tiger Day is July 29!

Please join Big Cat Rescue in raising crucial funds to help wild tigers in 3 different ways…and look grrrrreat doing it!

Andy Tiger

Andy Tiger

Big Cat Rescue will match the profit from your purchases of our 2018 International Tiger Day merchandise — and all donations you make on our International Tiger Day merchandise page — dollar for dollar up to $5000 and donate it to USFWS Tiger Conservation Fund, World Wildlife Fund, and the Corbett Foundation. All three groups are doing amazing work to protect wild tigers in India!

Big Cat Rescue has designed a unique line of 2018 International Tiger Day merchandise that you’ll be proud to wear while supporting wild tigers. WITH YOUR HELP, we hope to raise and donate $20,000 to the three projects. Learn about the projects, shop and donate directly.

Want to learn about the three programs we will be donating to this year for International Tiger Day?  Go to BigCatRescue.org/tigerday and scroll down below the merchandise screenshot.

Click on the photo below to shop for International Tiger Day Gear to help us raise funds for three wild conservation programs that are making a difference saving tigers in the wild.

Shop International Tiger Day Gear

Shop International Tiger Day Gear

Keisha Tiger Update

Master Keeper Rich B. sat with Keisha Saturday, just hanging out with her.  She ended up eating four pounds for him!!  As you can imagine everyone was doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!!

Rich is a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue and is dedicated to saving big cats!! You can save big cats too!! http://bigcatrescue.org/get-involved/ Rich, aka Mr. Fix It, is always willing to take on any task around the sanctuary. Today he sat with Keisha tiger and got her to eat for him!

Rich is a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue and is dedicated to saving big cats!! You can save big cats too!! http://bigcatrescue.org/get-involved/
Rich, aka Mr. Fix It, is always willing to take on any task around the sanctuary. Today he sat with Keisha tiger and got her to eat for him!

Keisha Update from Afton

Keisha has had a rough week with yesterday being the worst of them. As her caregiver yesterday, I left the sanctuary devastated that it was the first day she didn’t take all of her meds and ate only 1 oz of food under my watch. Today I left feeling much better! Keisha ate 5 1/2 lbs total throughout the day and took her meds for me no problem this morning! She spent the whole day out of her den.

Afton gives an update on Keisha

Afton gives an update on Keisha

Exciting News!!!

Big Cat Rescue is honored to be one of only 1200 sellers on Amazon allowed in this program: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Exclusives/b?ie=UTF8&node=11024013011  Your purr-chases help us support the cats here at the sanctuary.

The cats, the staff, and volunteers want to say, “THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who purr-chased items and an extra THANK YOU to each of you who took the time to go back and leave a star rating and review of your item for us on Amazon.”

Andy Tiger - Art By Cindy

Andy Tiger – Art By Cindy

Visit the cats’ Amazon store at BigCatRescue.org/amazonstore  but be sure to log in to your Amazon acct through Smile.Amazon.com so that Amazon will donate a percentage of your purr-chase price to the cats, at no additional cost to you.

Keepers In Action

Big Cat Rescue has a small paid staff who does mainly office administrative and outreach work.  Animal care is done entirely by ladies and men who love these cats and give their own time to care for them.  The cats get the most amazing care because the caregivers are here working out of love for the cats.

No matter what the task, how big or small, or even how dirty the task may be this large crew of amazing volunteers are truly the cream of the crop, the best of the best. (around 100 to 130 volunteers & interns)

These volunteers and interns really are the best.  THANK YOU to each of you who have sent them snacks and coffee.

My Pick of the Day - Internation Tiger Day Gear

Keisha Beach Blanket – Give your bathroom a vibrant look and wrap yourself up with this super soft and cozy all-over sublimation towel. I plan to use mine as a throw on the recliner. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her eyes in this!! Get yours at: https://big-cat-rescue.myshopify.com/search?q=international+tiger+day

• Available in one size: 30”x60”
• 52% cotton, 48% polyester
• Made in China. Printed in the USA
• Printed on one side only
• The non-printed side is made of terry fabric, making the towel more water-absorbent

Letter To Management

Second meeting with Mr. B. Cakes

June 9, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam:

A second meeting was held by the residents of our gated community regarding the upcoming Walkabout to be held on Saturday, November 3.

7 – Hoover Tiger feels that since Amanda has two boys living with HER, he should be allowed to have two girls living with HIM. He is in the process of fixing up a spot by the lake for their anticipated arrival.

8 – Cameron Lion is upset because “those stinky tigers once again get to be in the VR simply because they play to the crowd.” He feels that more people would be attracted to watching him and Zabu on vacation, and wishes to file an official protest. He also wishes to point out that from now on he plans to be on “Joseph time” when coming and going from the VR.

9 – Natalia leopard requests noise-cancelling earplugs, saying she’s heard quite enough of both Beacher and Hutch talking, and doesn’t think she can take it if Beacher starts narrating the day of the Walkabout.

10 – Since Andy and Seth will be the official greeters, they have promised to use their landscaping skills to make sure their enclosures look purr-fect. Andy also promises to try to make sure he has no grass in his teeth when greeting visitors that day.

11 – After giving it some serious thought, HRL Nikita thinks the perfect punishment for Keeper Matt stealing her invitation to the royal wedding would be a public shaming. She requests that a stockade be built near her enclosure for him, and a sign listing all his crimes (the invitation, attempting to steal her blue ball, etc.) be posted next to it.

12 – Amanda Tiger once again had a lot to say. However, fear of being sent to Facebook or Explore jail prevents us from printing her comments here.


Mr. B. Cakes, Office Manager
(Sent via Lori D., Secretary to the Cats)

Mac Cougar & Keeper Matt - What a Pair!!

Strange development at BCR today. Mac was sporting some interesting swag…  Keeper Matt received a mystery box in the mail from Mac…  HMMMMM…. What are those boys up to now?

Keeper Matt and Mac Cougar - Strange development at BCR today. Mac was sporting some interesting swag...

Strange development at BCR today. Mac was sporting some interesting swag…

If you want a few chuckles, go check out all the comments under Matt’s post about this in Big Cat Rescue’s Official Facebook Group. Here is the direct link to get the funny comments https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211568155499830&set=gm.10160412711985006&type=3&theater The is the group that our keepers and viewers post in.  Come join the fun.

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