June 10 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Alpha, the rehab bobcat, was seen by Dr. Justin and has been given a clean bill of health and can now be released back into the wild.

Sweet elderly Siberian Lynx, Apollo, has been checked on by Dr. Justin and he is getting a change in his meds.

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Coordinator Report -

Has not been posted yet. Check back in a few hours.

Big Cat Rescue Outreach

Shout out to Taylor Tyree for representing Big Cat Rescue at Camp Westfield this past Saturday at Citrus Park Mall!!! It's not easy doing an event solo but Taylor knocked it out of the park greeting kids with a smile and sharing our handouts (coloring sheets and word searches) with them as well as info about the AR Zoo at the other side of the mall! Tampa's local zoo and aquarium also attend this event, so it's a prime opportunity to show families an alternative to how big cats are traditionally kept in captivity.

Big Cat Rescue Outreach at Citrus Park Mall

Big Cat Rescue Outreach at Citrus Park Mall

Big Cat Rescue Outreach at Citrus Park Mall

Big Cat Rescue Outreach at Citrus Park Mall

Foster Kitten Update

The following will be returning to the Humane Society tomorrow to await their furever families.


Sandcat Castle Intern House will be getting a mom with 5 newborn kittens to foster.
Himalayan Intern House will be getting one more kitten to join Naomi and Norman.  He needs socialization and to be around other kittens.

Videos of the Day

Alpha the Rehab bobcat is getting another checkup and hopefully will get the okay to be released back into the Wild soon!

Facebook group Admin and AR Zoo Manager Holly brought in a neighborhood stray cat to be vaccinated and neutered by Dr. Justin Boorstein.

Highlights from Explore.org/bigcatrescue

Enjoy highlights from the LIVE Streaming high-quality webcams at Explore.org/bigcatrescue.org or find all the webcam links at BigCatCams.com.

Wild bobcat kittens in the rehab center at Big Cat Rescue playing are a Barrel of Laughs to watch! I DARE YOU Not to GIGGLE OUT LOUD!!

Dutchess Tiger is ready for breakfast! Wait for it....

Rehab Bobcat Kittena - Overnight Report by Explore CamOp Kristine Metzner

With the heavy rain in the late afternoon and overnight, Ash and Cinder were in their den for a good part of the night. As soon as it dried up a bit they were awake and out zooming around chasing each other.

I'm so surprised at their reaction to thunder. I would have thought they would be fearful of it, but it doesn't seem to phase them at all. Such brave Baby Bobs!

They did their usual climbing of the cage walls while running and playing, and of course to get a better look at Alpha. They had a lot of energy after their long sleep and were little blurs zooming through both sides of BRIC, lol. They are amazing to watch when they are chasing each other and running so fast, they are so graceful and just glide over objects in their way.
They leap over logs, the Coolaroo, whatever it may be with such ease, they don't miss a beat!

They crack me up, they both like to take their rats under the Coolaroo and eat them there a lot of the time. They must feel hidden under there, lol.

Something else they did yesterday evening that was so stinking cute and cracked me up! They were playing by the fence that separates the two BRIC sides. They would wrestle, then one of them would run around to the other side of the fence and they would play through the fence, batting at each other, then he would run back and they would wrestle for a bit, then he'd run back around to the other side of the fence again and play through the fence, then back around to wrestle. They did that back and forth for a while, it was just too cute for words!

They just get more adorable every day! :-)
Have a wonderful Monday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

See the Facebook post for all the photos that accompany this report.

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  1. Video - Hutch Serval
  2. Video - Kali Tiger hanging out in her feeding lockout being silly
  3. Video - Gilligan Canadian Lynx getting a sicle from Keeper Cindy

Merchandise of the Day

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Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Photos for the Day

Beautiful Miss Sundari Leopard is ready for a CAT-tastic week ahead!

Sundari Leopard

Sundari Leopard

Running Bear Bobcat is waiting for his tuna-sicle to arrive!

Running Bear Bobcat

Running Bear Bobcat



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