June 12 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Angie Gabor’s Coordinator Notes for 6/10/2018

Today was a really hot one, but we had a great group of volunteers that helped us take care of our cats. We were able to cover tours, special event tours, feed and clean with the help of both interns and volunteers.  The project for the day was enclosure cleaning. The interns and Bridget did an excellent job pulling weeds, cutting down branches and adding grass seed.  Food prep was completed very early.

Devin Saari’s Coordinator Notes for 6/12/2018

Great day today lots of volunteers to get feeding and cleaning done in good time. Weed eating and mowing projects were started. We started on the tour path in front of Seth’s cage and went along the white wall, behind the gift shop, along Max and Maryann’s cage down to the start of Gabby’s by the lake.  Food prep was finished in the afternoon. We had three afternoon tours go out today! Cicle cats loved their icy treats on this hot day!

Keisha Update

As of right now, she is eating some and still taking her meds. She will continue to be day by day. -Afton

A tiger named Keisha

Photo by Rebecca Williams

HAPPY DANCE TIME – Keisha ate quite well today!!

Keisha Tee Shirt

Keisha Tee Shirt

Foster Kitten Update

Foster kittens

Foster kittens

The following kittens are returning to the Humane Society:

  • Archie
  • Arnold
  • Ashley
  • Robert
  • Serena

New kittens arriving:

Intern house, Sandcat Castle, will get getting eight 5-week-old kittens.

Other kitten news:

The “A” and “S” kittens will be combined since some of them are returning to the Humane Society.

THANK YOU to our big cat friends who sent in items for the Kitten Foster Program from our Amazon Wish List.  Kitten Karma is updating that list.

International Tiger Day

What is International Tiger Day?

A Tiger named Hoover

A Tiger named Hoover

Global Tiger Day, often called International Tiger Day, is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on 29 July. It was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

Does Big Cat Rescue participate in International Tiger Day? 

YES, we sure do!! Please join Big Cat Rescue in raising crucial funds to help wild tigers in 3 different ways…and look grrrrreat doing it!

Big Cat Rescue will match the profit from your purchases of our 2018 International Tiger Day merchandise — and all donations you make on our International Tiger Day merchandise page — dollar for dollar up to $5000 and donate it to USFWS Tiger Conservation Fund, World Wildlife Fund and the Corbett Foundation. All three groups are doing amazing work to protect wild tigers in India. Details about their projects that you’ll be supporting are below.

What are the three organizations this year that Big Cat Rescue will help support?

  1. USFWS Tiger Conservation Fund
  2. World Wildlife Fund
  3. Corbett Foundation

All three groups are doing amazing work to protect wild tigers in India. Details about their projects that you’ll be supporting are found at http://bigcatrescue.org/international-tiger-day/

International Tiger Day Merchandise

Beach Blanket – International Tiger Day – Hoover Tiger

Beach Blanket Hoover - International Tiger Day

Beach Blanket Hoover – International Tiger Day

Give your bathroom a vibrant look and wrap yourself up with this super soft and cozy all-over sublimation towel. Use it as a beach towel or a fun decorative throw featuring one of your favorite tiger, Hoover, while knowing your purr-chase is helping save tigers in the wild.

• Available in one size: 30”x60”
• 52% cotton, 48% polyester
• Made in China. Printed in the USA
• Printed on one side only
• The non-printed side is made of terry fabric, making the towel more water-absorbent

BigCatRescue.org Updates

New Pages:

Relocating Bobcats and Cougars – Why is relocation not a good idea? How have tigers helped bobcats? Why so many cougar attacks and cougar sightings? What can we do to stop the violence?

Keepers See Tiger in the Wild – Big Cat Rescuers explore India and search for tigers in the wild! Learn about their trip and see photos of tigers in the wild taken by our amazing keepers, too.

Thanks to PPK Marketing Agency – For more than ten years the staff of PPK’s Agency in Tampa have generously donated what at this point has to be over 1000 hours of their time and skill to helping us convey our message opposing the mistreatment of big cats. They have created compelling radio Public Service Announcements, eye-catching and thought-provoking posters, and most recently a 30-second pre-roll video PSA that played before YouTube videos. Here is a little sample of their work for Big Cat Rescue, along with some of the acclaimed international awards that they’ve been honored with.

Big Cat Rescue’s Transport Cages and Vehicles – Learn about, and see photos of, the various transport trailers and vehicles we use here at the sanctuary.

Updated Pages:

Bravo and Tango – 2 bobcat kittens arrived on Memorial Day. What happened to their mom? See lots of photos. How can I tell the two kittens apart? They are beginning the weaning transition. They are getting ground meat mixed with milk. They have been moved to a two cage set up in the cat recovery hospital. The link to their LIVE Webcam is now on their page.

International Tiger Day 2018 – The annual International Tiger Day is July 29th.  Big Cat Rescue has designed a gorgeous, unique line of 2018 International Tiger Day merchandise that we know you’ll be proud to own and wear. WITH YOUR HELP, we hope to raise and donate $20,000 to the three projects to save wild tigers.

Big Cat Act – Learn more about the Big Cat Public Safety Act.  What is it?  How does it work?  What will it accomplish?  How can I help?

Safari Days – On November 3, 2018, you can walk about the sanctuary at your own pace, take all the photos and videos you want, and have the benefit of knowing that your admission will go to conserving exotic cats in the wild.

Big Cat Bans Enacted – Check out the most recent wins for big cats.

Reviews of Big Cat Rescue – This is really COOL!! Check out the newest way to leave a review for Big Cat Rescue!  Please join us in building this new reviews page.

Big Cat Rescue’s In Situ Conservation Work – This is a REALLY COOL page that you simply MUST take a L@@K at!!  Here at Big Cat Rescue, we believe that these great cats do not belong in cages but in the wild.  Therefore, we are passionate about finding and helping promote and support organizations who are working to save wild cats species in the wild where they belong.  On this page, learn about those organizations and see photos, too.

Manny Jaguar Watercolor Premium Tee

Manny Jaguar Watercolor Premium Tee Women Men Teens

Available in various styles and colors.

Manny Jaguar Watercolor Premium Tee

Manny Jaguar Watercolor Premium Tee

Action Alert

Nebraska’s mountain lions may once again be in the crosshairs. The proposed 2019 hunting season would allow 20% of the viable population in Pine Ridge to be killed! Worse yet, 640 hunting permits will be issued to hunt eight cats, meaning there will be 80 hunters per cat.

The proposed plan is sloppy and would only satisfy a small yet vocal group who would rather see these cats mounted on their walls than roaming in their state.

Nebraska residents, take action! Follow the link below to email the Deputy Director of Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission and tell him that you oppose a 2019 mountain lion hunting season.


If you live outside Nebraska YOU CAN STILL HELP by posting this EVERYWHERE you can think of so that more Nebraska residents can find it. Post it on your social media pages, in Facebook groups, etc.

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