The new firehose hammocks have arrived for the Big Cats!

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June 18 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Lauren Grant's Coordinator Notes for 6/14/2018

Cameron is back outside with Zabu! They are locked into the roof section for now. He looked really good this morning, and was up and alert when I came in :)

Lots of trees were trimmed, and dead ones were taken down, all over the sanctuary today.

We have two new residents in the Recovery hospital. One resident bobcat, who I believe is named Frankie, and one new rehab kitten named Echo. Running Bear and Little White Doves old enclosure was cleaned up for Frankie.

One of the rehab enclosures was mowed and weed-eated by Steph K. and Fred. They did a great job! Abbey mowed Andy tigers open-air section while he was locked up for the trees trimming.

Lots of sign-offs were done today, including final enrichment sign-offs for Tanya and Ceira.

All of the transport cages, hospital cages, and cat carriers on the block outside food prep are cleaned and ready to be put away.

That's about it!
-Lauren G

Afton's Coordinator Notes for 6/15/2018

Hot day today! We had plenty of help to get the specialty tours done, feeding, cleaning, and projects!

Our newest resident Frankie the bobcat went outside, and he is very curious!! He likes to sneak around and peak at you. It is really cute! There are a quarantine bucket and pole at his cage, so be sure we use certified trainers to sign off any keepers that need a sign-off. His overnight cage in the hospital was cleaned and put away. We did vacuuming and mopping the Windsong Hospital.

The squeeze cage on the cleaning slab is clean, it just needs to be put away. The plastic house on the cleaning slab will need to get cleaned up. We cleaned top to bottom kipper's small section in the back. I replaced the house with a den instead.

Cameron Lion's Paw Prints on Shirts

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More Keeper Notes

Angie Gabor's Coordinator Notes for 6/16/2018

It was hot and wet today! We had just enough volunteers and interns to take care of the cats today. But it was an awesome day. We had full tours for the 10 am and 3 pm. Great groups for the Feeding and Keeper Tours. Interns got Operant Conditioning sign-offs.

The side of Gilligan's enclosure closest to Skipper was cleared off today. They pulled ferns and grasses, cleared the roof and made really nice paths for Gilligan to walk through. Gilligan was supervising the work the entire time and later did a full inspection of the area. The dog houses that were inside Gilligan and Skipper's enclosure were cleaned and are drying outside.

A bench was added to the Kitten cabana so that volunteers can be more comfortable when playing with the kittens. The kittens immediately decided that it was a new toy and played and laid out on it.

That's it for me!!!

Lynda Licht's Coordinator Notes for 6/17/2018

Another terrific Sunday. The regular crew of volunteers came out and we had good coverage. We got lots of sign-offs done too.

Project completed were:

King Tut's old enclosure (behind the Biscuits) was thoroughly cleaned out, weeded, platforms scrubbed, and grass seeded.
Gilligan's front bubble was fully raked and week-eated inside and around by tour path.
A tiger enclosure was grass seeded.
The meat in the freezer was inventoried and a new spreadsheet was created. I went over the spreadsheet with all the interns. There is also a template tab to be used to copy for future periods after the next inventory is done.
Rebecca restocked the bloodcicles.

The BEST of all, we had a 21st birthday party for Armani. Brittany went live on Facebook with it and pretty much ALL the volunteers on property were able to attend and sang Happy Birthday. Armani got the number 21 spelled out with meat on her feeding slab, she got some enrichment, tube & bag, and a salmon cicle. Her girl pal Sundari also attended the party and got some treats too.


Taking Action for Animals

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International Tiger Day is July 29!

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Shop International Tiger Day Gear

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Bobcat Rehab Updates

BRAVO & TANGO - It’s weigh-in time for the kittens. Bravo weighs 2 pounds 4.2 oz and his big brother Tango 2 pounds 5 oz.

Learn more about these two rescued wild bobcat kittens at

NOEL - Noel, the bobcat hit by a car on Christmas Day is ready to return to the wild. Watch for news of her upcoming release in the near future.

ECHO - Echo arrived with hookworms and is being treated for that.  Keepers and Interns are being super careful to keep their laundry separated from everyone else's.

Fire Hose Hammocks Arrived

Viewers worked together to purchase two more firehose hammocks for the tigers.  The first one is going to Cameron and Zabu.

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Welcoming New Bobcat, Frankie

Say Hello to Frankie the bobcat - Our newest resident at Big Cat Rescue!

His name is Frankie and they said he was only about 12 and had a similar story to Hutch, in that he’d been a relinquished pet, who had just ended up staying at the sanctuary, even though he was off mission for a place that is dedicated primarily to rehab and release.

Frankie moved into Cheetaro Leopard’s old enclosure, which had been made bobcat proof for Running Bear and Little White Dove. Running Bear and Little White Dove had moved into a huge quadraplex, so this duplex was left vacant. I think Frankie will breathe some new life into this quiet corner of the sanctuary.

See Frankie's full story at:

Morning Walkabout with Brittany

HAPPY MONDAY! Follow along as I talk to Apollo, Moses, Frankie, Smalls, Nabisco, Mrs. Claws, Gilligan, Skipper, Loki & Running Bear! We also follow Kathryn and watch Frankie enjoy his breakfast, check in with Keisha, Say hi to Kali and finish up with Cameron and his liver popsicle!

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Reviews of Big Cat Rescue

Did you know that by leaving a review for Big Cat Rescue you are helping us spread the message about saving big cats?  Leaving a review helps others learn about the cats here and our mission by helping us reach more people.

With this review system, you can even post a photo.  Check it out and if you have a moment, leave a review for us. 

Cameron Lion Update

Another Cameron Update by Keeper Afton: My heart is beating out of my chest with joy, love, and most of all relief that Cameron had a good day!!! Today is the first day we got Cameron to take ALL of his medicine! Yesterday we gave him a whole turkey that he didn’t eat, but this morning I came in and most of it was gone. He ate 8 lbs of turkey overnight, and this evening he willingly ate about 4 more pounds of food! I feel like tonight I will sleep easy! — feeling relieved.

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