June 2 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Lauren Grant’s Coordinator Notes for 5/31/2018

Busy day!

Golf carts were scrubbed down this morning.  Interns were working on and off on picking up sticks along the tour path.

Chaos’ cage was almost finished. The platform still needs to be scrubbed and some weeds need to be pulled in and around the enclosure. Raking needs to be done around the enclosure.

Thurston and Lovey’s enclosure was worked on. They are still locked out of the two bubbles closest to Gabby.

Some of the rehab enclosures were weed-eated.

That’s about it!

-Lauren G

Afton’s Coordinator Notes for 6/1/2018

Happy first day of June!! This year is flying by!

Keisha was put back out into her home enclosure. The transport cage was cleaned and put back, but the outdoor recovery cage needs to be cleaned.

There are clippings out at the party house that can be picked up. This would be a quick and easy project for a non-feeder in the morning.

Chaos’s enclosure still needs to be completed with the platform being scrubbed, weeds pulled in and out, and raking done on the outside.

Thurston and Lovey’s two sections closest to the tour path need to be done. The one closest to Andi just needs the platform scrubbed, and the other was started but needs to be finished. The sticks from the top of the enclosure still needed to be picked up as well.


The above are just tidbits of what goes on in a day at Big Cat Rescue.  Cleaning and maintenance are ongoing projects every day of the year.

If you will notice in Afton’s report Thurston and Lovey are closed out of two of their sections.  This is another reason why building the cats’ enclosures in sections is helpful.  Even though these two cats are closed out of two sections for routine upkeep they still have plenty of space, feeding lockouts, dens, sun, shade, water bowls, and toys.

Keisha is being offered food multiple times a day as she is eating small amounts at a time.  She is really happy to be back home and has diligently re-marked her platforms, trees, toys, etc.  She has wandered around and checked out each and every favorite napping spot making sure they are just as she left them.

She, like Cameron, is currently on a turkey treats kick.  She is really preferring turkey.  You can continue to help us provide the extra turkey for her and Cameron at BigCatRescue.org/turkey

Cyrus is loving FunCation.  He has found all the good napping spots and spying spots.  He is enjoying getting to spy on different neighbors for a while.  He finds it rather entertaining.

Chaos is enjoying Cyrus’ cages while he is away on FunCation.  Giggle….. She had a blast going around and marking everything in his cages as hers.  She sure is a take charge kind of girl.


Action Alert - Cougars

Action Alert – Cougars

Nebraska’s mountain lions may once again be in the crosshairs. The proposed 2019 hunting season would allow 20% of the viable population in Pine Ridge to be killed! Worse yet, 640 hunting permits will be issued to hunt eight cats, meaning there will be 80 hunters per cat.

The proposed plan is sloppy and would only satisfy a small yet vocal group who would rather see these cats mounted on their walls than roaming in their state.

Nebraska residents, take action! Follow the link below to email the Deputy Director of Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission and tell him that you oppose a 2019 mountain lion hunting season.


If you live outside Nebraska YOU CAN STILL HELP by posting this EVERYTWHERE you can think of so that more Nebraska residents can find it. Post it on your social media pages, in Facebook groups, etc.

HAPPY 21st Birthday Running Bear

Today is a special #Caturday because it’s also Running Bear’s 21st Birthday!!!

HAPPY 21st Birthday Running Bear

HAPPY 21st Birthday Running Bear

Please make The Call of the Wild today in his honor! BigCatAct.com

Lisa Alstein and Darren Holley from the enrichment group made him an actual “Running Bear” ? along with a little white dove ? given in honor of his lifelong love Little White Dove. Running Bear and Little White White Dove absolutely loved playing with enrichment together. He spied from the ferns while we were there watching but I’m sure he will investigate them on his own terms.

Happy Birthday Running Bear- we love you, buddy!!

Happy Birthday, Running Bear

Happy Birthday, Running Bear

Keeper Corner

Narla has taken over Afton’s desk.

Well, this is a new one, let’s just lay on mommy’s arm. She’s always finding new ways to keep me from working so she can have my attention. ~Afton

Narla on Afton's desk

Narla on Afton’s desk

Natalia has a big attitude for such a little girl. ~Jamie Veronica

Natalia has a big attitude for such a little girl. ~Jamie Veronica

Natalia has a big attitude for such a little girl. ~Jamie Veronica

Bobcat Rehab

The boys are eating well and gaining weight each day. BigCatRescue.org/bravotango/

Feeding Bobcat Rehab Kittens - The boys are eating well and gaining weight each day.

The boys are eating well and gaining weight each day.

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