June 3 2017

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3 New Cats Arrive Soon

Big Cat Rescue is ON THE ROAD NOW to Rescue 2 Caracals and a Serval!

Can We Count on Your Help For Their Transport Costs, Surgeries and Lifetime Care?

We can’t share all of the details with you quite yet, but we will soon be rescuing 3 cats from Ohio and bringing them to their forever home at our sanctuary!

The cats were owned by a hybrid breeder in Ohio who willingly surrendered 2 caracals and 1 serval to the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) when the agency discovered she owned the cats in violation of Ohio law.

We will be rescuing a pair of 6-year-old caracals named Cyrus (male) and Chaos (female) – oh boy, wonder if her name reflects her feisty purrsonality? Our keepers can’t wait to find out!

When ODA approached Carole about taking the cats and mentioned that two of them were caracals, she caught her breath and her thoughts immediately turned to our beautiful Sassy caracal, who recently passed in March 2017, and her lifelong companion Rusty caracal, who passed last September. It almost seems like Sassy and Rusty are up in heaven orchestrating our rescue of this new pair of caracals and helping them find their way to Big Cat Rescue so that these beautiful caracals can live out their lives in peace here too.

And the young serval who is coming is 2-year-old Zucari. He’s practically still a kitten and will be the youngest serval at the sanctuary. We can’t wait to meet this boy!

All 3 cats will need to be spayed/neutered once they arrive. And we won’t know until our vets examine them if they have any other health issues that will need to be addressed. Our keepers are busy spiffing up spacious enclosures for these precious new cats and we will share more news and photographs as soon as they are on their way to Tampa!

If you want to be an integral, important part of rescuing Cyrus, Chaos and Zucari, we would be very grateful to receive your donations toward the cost of their transport, surgeries and lifetime care at our sanctuary. It is your donations that allow us to continue to be able to immediately say YES

when we are asked to save exotic cats in need! THANK YOU!

DONATE HERE:  https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51389/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=10097

Big Cat Updates

Afton’s Coordinator Report for Friday June 2nd. 

We got some raking done today. Food prep floors, walls, and stainless steel surfaces were all scrubbed. Shelving in the cooler were scrubbed as well. The tables in the goose house were brought out and scrubbed and put back.

Projects for the weekend are on the whiteboard above the computers. If all of that is taken care of, then there is always raking to get done around the sanctuary

Besides the supplements in the cooler, there is a new supplement that goes in the mush of a few of the cats.  Hoover has been eating his in mush with his PM diet.


Jamie has created some special Big Cat Rescue Gear to help support the rescue of three new new cats.  She is on the road RIGHT NOW to go get those three new fur babies.  We all axiously await the arrival of Cyrus, Chaos, and Zurcari.  The shirts are available is various styles, colors, and sizes.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Watch our big cats LIVE any time at BigCatCams.com (Carole’s bracelet that says “Big Cat Rescue” is pictured and linked below)

There are new kittens in the Kitten Cabana today and Big Cat Rescuers are on the road to rescue two caracals and a serval. Find out more at https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51389/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=10097


The bracelet Carole was wearing in this morning live video chat is found at:  CatRescue.biz


Requested By Viewer:  This is a 24 second SHORT video of a tiger roar.

WARNING: Set your coffee down before clicking play!!!!!!!

Question for Viewers:  Can YOU name that cat?

(Thank you Friends of Big Cat Rescue group for inspiring this!!)

Keeper Corner

Keeper Desmond:  I missed filming the drama. Cameron wanted in the den. Zabu would not move so first he sat ON her and when that did not make her move he then walked right over her into the den. Even then she would not move.

I missed filming the drama. Cam wanted in the den. Zabu would not move so first he sat on her then walked right over her into the den. Even then she would not move.

Keeper Desmond:  “Up on the roof it’s as peaceful as can be. And the world below can’t bother me” Orion I think.

"Up on the roof it's as peaceful as can be. And the world below can't bother me" Orion I think.

Keeper Marie Schoubert (May 26): I love this picture. The 3 TX tigers are so obedient… sometimes… their vacation is over and their trip back home was sooooo smooth? Thanks for the pic Jamie Veronica ?

This group of Interns, (a.k.a. Angels In Blue) are such heard working dedicated individuals when they tackle a project, it gets DONE!

Interns, Melissa and Aleesa get a cage patching lesson from Gale.  Note from Keeper Candy Couser:  Here, the amazing team of Intern Level 2 Melissa and Aleesa are mending cages to ensure that the cats are safely enclosed and can’t get out. Specifically, they are mending the roof in Moses and Bailey’s lockout while singing jungle themed songs and tunes from Disney movies. Moses and Bailey are safely locked out on the other side and are calmed by the soft melodies. We are fortunate to have a number of dedicated interns on site and experienced interns such as Melissa and Aleesa.

Melissa and Aleesa get a cage patching lesson from Gale. Here, the amazing team of Intern Level 2 Melissa and Eleesa are mending cages to ensure that the cats are safely enclosed and can't get out. Specifically, they are mending the roof in Moses and Bailey's lockout while singing jungle themed songs and tunes from Disney movies. Moses and Bailey are safely locked out on the other side and are calmed by the soft melodies. We are fortunate to have a number of dedicated interns on site and experienced interns such as Melissa and Eleesa.

One job that is always done with a smile is the raking of a mountain of leaves and enclosure cleaning.  Keeping the grounds clean and free of debris is important to help prevent pest infestations such as fleas etc.  When the cat see the vets they are also thoroughly checked for fleas.  In all these years one cat had one flea.  Yes, you read that right only one flea was found on one cat.  The cats do get regular flea prevention but keeping the grounds thoroughly cleaned is a must to keep the cats protected from such pests.

Transport cage scrubbing.

Helping with the wild bobcat rehab enclosures.

Interning is dirty work!

A hard day of work ends with watching Seth.

Photo from Last Year:  Sometimes after a long day of working in the rain, you just need to let loose and splash in some puddles.

Interns live in Intern housing right here on sanctuary grounds.  They can hear the lions roaring and tigers chuffing and can even hear Gilligan caterwauling at night.  They are really making a difference!  They work caring for big cats all day then they go home at night to foster domestic cats and kittens that also live in the intern houses.

Do YOU have what it takes to be an Angel In Blue? http://bigcatrescue.org/get-involved/volunteer/intern

Big Cat Rescue provides free intern housing for up to 15 interns. All interns have their own private bedrooms, access to local phone lines, wireless internet, access to a shared computer and shared bathroom, kitchen and T.V. areas. Intern housing is stocked with linens, towels, pots, pans, dishes, etc., cleaning supplies, laundry soap and dryer sheets.  Each intern will be reimbursed for up to $50 of food costs each week (if receipts are submitted to the Intern Manager in a timely manner). A small stipend is available to help defray the cost of living for interns who are granted the Level 2-4 Internships. Interns are a very important part of Big Cat Rescue and like other sanctuary expenses the program is covered by tour fees, gift shop sales, which leaves 100% of YOUR donations to be used JUST FOR THE CATS!!

Facebook Viewer Fundraisers

WOW, YOU all Did It AGAIN!!!!!  Yesterday, Big Cat Rescue received a deposit from Facebook in the amount of $2,780.03.  These are funds donated to the cats through the Facebook Donate button and through the Facebook Viewer Fundraisers and Facebook Birthday Fundraisers you all have been doing!!

Did You Know? Through Facebook there is a program you can do personal fundraisers for the charity for your choice. Several people have done, or are doing one for Big Cat Rescue. L@@K at the results!!

44 Facebook Viewer Fundraisers that closed in May 2017 raised a total of $4,750!! WOW!! 

Last month in April13 Facebook fundraisers closed and those had raised $1,665.00!!  WOW!!

I’d say YOU ALL have made this really GROW for the cats!  THANK YOU, to each and every one of you who have talked about this program, suggested it to your friends, shared the fundraisers, etc.  GREAT BIG chuffs, roars, and purrs to ALL of you!!

  1. $300 Kendall Tobe
  2. $242  Robert Alain Moses Solache
  3. $240 Alexandra York
  4. $212 Michelle Scott
  5. $210 Nick Yarian
  6. $205 Katie Hunter
  7. $200 Jeffrey Shaw
  8. $200 Melissa Jean
  9. $200 Mabel Chen
  10. $200 Tanner Stewart
  11. $150 Chandler Crane
  12. $145 Jeremy Spring
  13. $140 Nori Stroede
  14. $140 Emily Lynn Tomczyk
  15. $140 Peter Wyrwas
  16. $126 Elizabeth Barrett
  17. $120 Jade Rafallo
  18. $105 Eva Simone
  19. $100 Veris RavenQuin
  20. $100 Steve Law
  21. $100 Taylor Green
  22. $95 Charlotte Noruzi
  23. $90 Dana N Chris Kennedy
  24. $80 Elaine Williams
  25. $70 Stacey L Martin
  26. $70 Rigel Bennett
  27. $70 Bruna Helena
  28. $70 Victoria May
  29. $60 Julio Cobian
  30. $60 Kristy Linkogel
  31. $60 Tami Lukachy
  32. $60 Laura Lainhart DiMestico
  33. $50 Alice Baltes-Quist
  34. $50 Maggie Houston-Ehret
  35. $50 Eric E Hulette
  36. $50 Katie Rose Braun
  37. $50 Shawn Vincent Downing
  38. $50 Sidney von Katzendame
  39. $50 Azia Ramirez
  40. $50 Tiffani Miller
  41. $50 Layla Marie Pugh
  42. $50 Angela Tani Richardson
  43. $50 Heather Oneson
  44. $50 Alicia Al-Ashkar Hunter

WOW,  I cannot even begin to express how grateful ALL of us at Big Cat Rescue are for the kindness and thoughtfulness of all of you!!!  YOUR generous kindness is making what we do here possible!!!

How to create a Facebook Fundraiser:

  • Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed.
  • Click + Create Fundraiser.
  • Select Nonprofit
  • Search for us, then choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details.
  • Click Create.

NOTE:  If you want help setting up or need photos for your project please contact lawanna.mitchell@bigcatrescue.org

Did You Know?  Here at Big Cat Rescue, literally 100% of your donations are spent directly ON THE CATS!!! We are able to adhere to that strict policy because the other sanctuary expenses, administrative expenses, salaries etc come out of tour fees and other sources of income. We are extremely serious about donations being used JUST FOR THE CATS!

Because of adhering to that strict policy regarding donations, and all of the other ways Big Cat Rescue is transparent in their operations, we have earned Charity Navigator‘s highest 4-star rating for “sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency” every year since we were first evaluated by them in 2010. Per their rating letter “Only 7% of the charities we rate have received at least 4 consecutive 4-star evaluations.

Big Cat Models

Pam Lazo:  I took BCR to the upper peninsula of Michigan!

Pam Lazo:  The back of the shirt. Oh, and that is Paul Bunyan and his Ox Babe.

Pam Lazo:  My wonderful rehab shirt.

From BCR to Pam:  YAY!!  THANK YOU for taking us with you!!  BTW, these photos are PAWSOME!!!  You all making this a lot of fun for all of us!!!

Facebook Live Contest

When you purr-ticipate in Carole’s Facebook Live contest you need to put your answers in the special form at BigCatRescue.org/win


Question: What kind of snake was in Nova Bobcat’s cage yesterday?

Answer: Black racer

Winner:  This has only happened once before, but sadly, no one said Black Racer.  A black racer is not a grass snake.

 Foster Kitten Program

NEWS!!!!!! We have 11 new cute, adorable, cuddly kitten that came into the Cabana today

Did You Know?  We are 5 away from rescuing kitten #500!  ALL of YOU make this kitten fostering program possible!!!!!

Viewer Silver has created some Kitten Cheat Sheets so everyone can tell the new kittens apart.  THANK YOU, SILVER!!!!!!

The kittens play in the Kitten Cabana during the day while interns care for the big cats but at the end of day those amazing Angels In Blue swing by the Kitten Cabana and take their little fosters home with them for the night.   During the day YOU can watch these precious little kitties playing on their live web cam at http://explore.org/live-cams/player/big-cat-rescue-kitten-cabana If you scroll way down the page there is a comment area that is really more like a Cat Chat Room.  Ask questions, make comments, join conversations, and have fun with the rest of us.  We love that Explore.org provides such high quality cams and websites like this.

We want to THANK EACH OF YOU for providing things like kitten food, kitten milk, litter, laundry soap, etc for the Foster Kitten Program.

Items currently needed are polar fleece blankets, towels, small litter pans that kittens can get in & out of, fleece beds and toys that can be easily cleaned.  If you live in the area you can drop items by the sanctuary any day except Thursdays.   If you want to send items for the kittens you get those from Smile.Amazon.com and they will drop ship them for you, directly to the sanctuary.  If you prefer to contribute funds for the program instead you can do so safely and securely at the link BigCatRescue.org/donate

When the kitten reach two pounds, are healthy, and very well socialized they are returned to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to find their fur-ever families.  If you are interested in adopting one of these adorable bundles of love please contact them.

Again, THANK YOU to Explore.org for the amazing live streaming web cam and to the super volunteer cam operators, and to all of you for donating to this program.

Viewer Pix

The Many Faces of Any Tiger

This collection of Any Tiger photos was submitted by Viewer Beth Parent.  They are TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!!!  Thank you, Beth!

People Often Ask

People Often Ask:  Why we doesn’t Big Cat Rescue have a bunch of ligers, white lions or white tigers.

A viewer sent us a link to this article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-19/white-tigers-inbred-for-beauty-and-tourism-dollars/7182594

Big Cat Rescue’s response:  I’m just glad they got the main point across which is that it’s cruel to inbreed. It’s an example of how impossible it is to get a message across when someone else is telling your story.

Years ago we would always offer to take the golden tigers in a rescue situation because most of the other sanctuaries would fight for the white ones and not want the gold ones. We didn’t think it was right to display white tigers and pander to the ignorant public’s desire to see them.

When we took in Zabu, it was because there were no other sanctuaries helping on that one and we weren’t going to leave her behind. We don’t turn away tigers based on color; we just offer to take the oldest, sickest and least “desirable” colors when we are participating with other rescue groups in a big rescue.

When multiple sanctuaries work together to do rescues we often offer to take the oldest and sickest because we have the resources to provide the best care.  We have an on-site hospital, quick access to amazing vets, dentists, eye specialists etc for the cats.

Learn about white tigers:  WhiteTigerLies.com

Learn about ligers:  BigCatRescue.org/liger-facts/

Learn about why getting your photo taken with a cub is so wrong:  BigCatRescue.org/cubs/

Step Up, and make a difference:  BigCatAct.com

Cole and Marmalade’s Corner

Every cat needs a cat castle! … and if you’re gonna do something, do it right! 🙂

Many people have asked for a how-to guide on building a cat castle, so here’s what we did…

1. “I need boxes, lots of boxes!” We collected different boxes while grocery shopping for a couple of months, anything we thought would be interesting or come in handy.

2. We used masking tape to connect the boxes and then cut out holes where we wanted.

3. Then we found some paper packing material and glued/stapled that to the main structure to give the castle some cool brick like texture all over.

4. Using non-toxic kiddie paints we used a sponge to paint the castle to add even more texture.

5. For the separate building we purchased some paper from a craft store with brick and wood patterns and used this to cover it and then cut up a beach mat for the roofing!

Just takes some time and patience trying to get things to line up and look good, but it’s definitely worth it!

 Viewer Videos From Explore.org/bigcatrescue

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at cat@bigcatrescue.org

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page http://bigcatrescue.org/quick-links/

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions


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