June 5 2019

Jinx Black Leopard

Big Cat Updates

  • Tomorrow, June 6, 2019, is Carole’s birthday.
  • Ash and Cinder are outside, now.
  • Apollo, a very elderly Siberian Lynx, got a sicle every hour today and a fan. (photos below)
  • Pebble, the little rehab bobcat is not doing well at all.

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Coordinator Report – Sue Messineo

Whew, it was a hot one today! A big Thank you to the volunteers who came in today, Marie Schoubert, Cindy Kuharek, Mary Lou Geis, and Susan Reed who fed and cleaned all of the big cats and after that went around and made sure that every cat got a cicle.

Thank you so much to all of the interns. Dylan, Brook and Mazz trained others on cleaning, Abby gave a private tour, Brook trained Justin on food prep. Alexis, Erin Ainslie, Erin Payne, Justin, Elizabeth, Brook, Vito, Kate, Monisha, Mazz, and redshirt Taylor Tyree cleaned and grass seeded Servie’s enclosure and then moved on to Kelowna & Dryden’s enclosure – raked, weeded, cleaned off the roof, cleaned platforms, and dens, added topsoil and grass seed. Dylan, Abby, and Elizabeth also helped with afternoon tours.

Bobcat Rehab

Rehab bobcat kittens, Ash & Cinder, were moved outside today. They will be rehabbed and released back to the wild after they grow, learn to hunt and care for themselves!
You can read their stories and watch them 24/7 on Explore!

Rehab Bobcat Kittens, Ash and Cinder, moved outside today.


Exclusive Content for Today

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  1. Video – Apollo Siberian Lynx slowly waking up to say hello to Marie
  2. Video – Armani Leopard and her Ball
  3. Video – Ares Cougar and his Blue Spool Toy

Videos of the Day

Simba and his Funny, Cute, Adorable NomNom Sounds.

Evening Walkabout with Founder, Carole Baskin, and Keeper Angie to see the cats getting treats, snacks, and evening meds.

Rehab Bobcat kittens, Ash and Cinder, move outside are will be put together.

Foster Kittens enjoy an A/C Kitten Cabana while being socialized for their new homes.

Photos for the Day

Miss Natalia Leopard is resting in the cool grass beneath the shade trees!

Natalia Leopard

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️
Handsome King Tut Savannah is showing off his amazing long whiskers for Whiskers Wednesday! >>•<<

King Tut Savannah

Here comes Manny Jaguar ready to show you what #wildwednesday is all about!

Manny Jaguar

When a cat sprays urine to mark its territory – that also includes people! Jasmine would like to demonstrate.

When a cat sprays urine to mark its territory - that also includes people! Jasmine would like to demonstrate.

Bobcats, Moses and Bailey, romping around in their soft grass <3

Bobcats, Moses and Bailey, romping around in their soft grass <3

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends! 🌙
Handsome Dryden Bobcat is peeking out to say “Sweet dreams”! ✨💤✨

Dryden Bobcat

Apollo’s Fan

Sapphire Tiger was cleared to Swim

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