June 9 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Tomorrow, Monday is Medical Monday so Dr. Justine will be here checking on the cats.

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCPv8ivo6o4CZHFifkfRYDw

Coordinator Report – Lynda Licht

Thanks to Rebecca Williams, Jennifer Ruszczyk, Brittany Mira, Deidra Ritchie and Stephanie Witherspoon for coming in today. Between the six of us and our great interns, we got it done today. Brittany has begun training in taking care of the rehabs so she came in early and went out with Lauren Buckingham to take care of Ash, Cinder, and Alpha.

Dylan Lavigne did his first solo Feeding Tour today. I asked the guests how he did and they said he was great. Rebecca cleaned two big cats sections and also double-checked two. She also handed out ciclean later in the day. Mazz covered the other two sections and I helped her out cleaning Manny and Natalia. I also did our new serval Illithia who ate great overnight and came out to hiss at me a bit.

Dede and Stephanie started their day scrubbing the den and platform in Hutch’s enclosure to finish up his cage maintenance while he’s on Funcation. Then they worked thru to 2:30 cleaning the other small cats between the two of them. They are warriors.

We had a workgroup come in from Starbucks. Brittany supervised them and shockingly she told me it was the first time she led a workgroup (she just celebrated her 4 year anniversary too!). Dylan joined them after he finished the feeding tour. The group pulled out a lot of foliage including a whole truckload of cut down banana pepper trees.

Brooklynne Dillon, Erin Ainslie, Kate O’Gorman and Lexi Agri worked on food prep before lunch.

Later in the day, the interns not on 3 pm tours including Ashley Tait and Dylan weed-whacked the big cage’s roofed section and the area in front of the cage plus around the hospitals and food prep.

When Jen R went out to give Diablo his morning meds she nearly slipped on the small bridge near his enclosure. With the rain, the algae that were covering it became quite slick. So, Jen went out later in the day and scrubbed it clean so our other keepers could use it safely.

We just had a couple of red shirts in the gift shop today including Bhielle and Julie Riddle, so interns Lexi, Brooke, Ashley, Kate, Mazz, Monisha Prema, and Erin gave all the tours while Edith Parker and Karma ran the gift shop.

As always, our small but might Sunday crew rocked it.

Videos of the Day

Jasmine Tiger by the “River” getting a sicle from Master Keeper Sue. You may be asking, “What river?” Because we are in an area that gets tropical storms with lots of rain we make drainage trenches to move the rainwater away from the cats faster than it would normally. We work hard maintaining and keeping these tranches clean and free of leaves year round so that when rain does come it quickly gets diverted into Tiger Lake. Video by Keeper Marie Schoubert

Merchandise of the Day

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Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Bobcat Rehab – Kristine’s Overnight Report

Wild rehab bobcat kittens, Ash and Cinder spent a lot of time in the den overnight, with the torrents of rain that fell for a while, but they did have their times of playing. They zoomed all over, wrestled together, climbed the fence and played and played with their food, lol. It’s the first time I’ve seen them play with their food, throwing it into the air and batting it around, just like a wild Bobcat. 🙂

They seem to really like playing in and around the logs, biting them and climbing on them, just like Sky’s babies did. So adorable! Also, both of them intently watched and batted at the rat in the middle section. It kept putting its nose through the fence. They are very interested in it. They ate most of their dinner and kept a little distance from each other while eating. They did at one point both eat from their plates at the same time, but watched each other closely.

In the evening they napped together and cuddled SO adorable! They did their usual fence climbing when they saw Alpha. It’s so cute! And Cinder climbed up to the cam to say hello to everyone this morning, too. 🙂 Love these two!!!

I wish all of you a fantastic and blessed Sunday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

Watch these wild babies day and night on the bobcat rehab webcam at explore.org/bigcatrescue or find all the webcam links at BigCatCams.com

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  1. VIDEO – Run Priya Run – Is she coming to say hello or coming for her treat? Only Priya knows!

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  1. Video – Double the Purrs! Ares & Orion Cougar saying Hello
  2. Video – Smalls Bobcat taking a break from her morning zoomies to chat with Keeper Brittany.

Photos for the Day

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️ Beautiful Miss Keisha Tigress is relaxing in the morning sun waiting on her servant to bring breakfast in bed! ??? Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! ?

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️ Beautiful Miss Keisha Tigress is relaxing in the morning sun waiting on her servant to bring breakfast in bed! ??? Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! ?

Smalls Bobcat would like you to admire her work on her tree stump!

Smalls Bobcat would like you to admire her work on her tree stump!

Bobcat rehab baby bobs, Ash and Cinder are ready to relax on the Coolaroo… for about 2.5 seconds!
Rehab Bobcat Kittens Cinder and AshBigCatRescue.org/Ash

Hutch Serval has a full belly from his yummy breakfast! Time for a little catnap in the sunshine!

Hutch Serval

Hutch Serval

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends!?
Bobcats Sioux and Lakota wish you a marvelous week ahead!?

Sioux and Lakota Bobcat

Sioux and Lakota Bobcat

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