Kay Rosaire takes her circus act to Bermuda and the cats on barges

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Kay Rosaire takes her circus act to Bermuda and the cats on barges


(Kay Roasaire’s advice at a USDA training session was that to train tigers you just poke them with a pitchfork a few times and show them who is boss)


Animals from non-profit sanctuary

By  Ruth O Kelly-Lynch

Tigers and bears from a non-profit sanctuary will arrive on the Island for 
the Animal Extravaganza shows which begin on May 26.

The animals are coming  from Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in
Florida. DNA Entertainment  spokesman Ray Hollis said the company would be
bringing six tigers and five  bears. The sanctuary, run by Kay Rosaire, has been
rescuing exotic animals from  unhealthy environments since 1987.

Approximately 57 large cats call the  sanctuary home at the moment. They live
on three large indoor/outdoor complexes  with swimming pools, toys and trees.
The brochure says the activities provide  emotional enrichment that
maintains optimal mental and physical health.

Ms  Rosaire and her son hold educational shows and demonstrations in order to
raise  funds for the habitat. Their brochure touts them as gentle caregivers:
Their  unique style of gentle handling, praise and treats encourage the
natural  behaviours of big cats on cue and in a sequence of their choice. Clayton
is one  of the few men in the world who can put his head in a lions  mouth.
Semi-retired from the entertainment industry, Kay dedicates herself  full
time to the rescue of big cats and other animals in need of a safe,  permanent
home, and continues to the educate visitors at the Big Cat Habitat and  Gulf
Coast Sanctuary as to the plight of these magnificent animals in the wild, 
addressing subjects such as conservation and habitat preservation. Kay has  spoken
at two big cat symposiums for the United States Department of Agriculture 
and is a recognised expert in animal husbandry pertaining to lions and tigers. 
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is currently 
investigating the group to ensure that it treats the animals well. Teresa Ince,  Shelter
Manager, said the Society still has concerns about the event.


We are  still not endorsing the event because we are concerned about the transport of  the
animals, the veterinary care and the housing of the animals while they are  in
Bermuda and their safety, she said.

Mr. Hollis said he was aware that  the SPCA would probably not be endorsing
his event, though he said he has not  made any contact with them recently.
Even if you have the best trainers and  safety in place it will not change
their stance, he said. They do not want  them in cages so what can you do?
That is their opinion.

He said that the  SPCAs concerns have not hurt ticket sales to the event,
they have already sold  out of all $25 tickets to the four shows. There are
still $35 and $40 tickets to  the shows which will be held May 26-28.

The public seems to realise that  with any animal you have to transport them
in a cage, he said.

The animals  will arrive on the Island on May 21 via a freight ship. He is
currently in  discussions over where to keep them while they are on the Island.
A spokesman  from the Environment Ministry said it had not granted DNA
Entertainment  permission to import the animals and the Ministry is still actively
reviewing  the case.

Mr. Hollis said it is not customary to apply for permission until  ten days
before the event and added that he is in constant touch with the  Ministry. He
also said his company has not been affected by North Rock  Communications
pulling its sponsorship from the event.

I respect their  decision, he said.

He added that he is looking to include local animal acts  into the Animal
Extravaganza as well as the big cats from the sanctuary.


Anyone  interested in more information about the event can go to _www.dnashows.com_
(http://www.dnashows.com) .



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