Keep it Positive in the Face of Opposition

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Dear Friends of Tony,

Being that I sat at my computer for 14 hours the day after the council meeting on January 20Th     responding to emails it is very clear that you guys question if there is hope for Tony at all.

Listen one bad meeting in a 12 month period of fighting for him is not a huge deal guys. Many doors are slammed in your face or were slammed in my face before anyone else got involved. The 8 months that I worked on getting Tony out of the truck stop before I found other people that care about Tony, there was so many times I felt like I was losing hope. It always has been and will remain a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. This is just one of those LONG rides….lol

I fear that if we face this issue with a negative attitude then we will get a negative result. The negative result would be that Tony suffers at the truck stop for the rest of his life. If for one moment you ask yourself why or what you are fighting for go to look at the video’s and pictures. We have to face council and the lack of compassion and intelligence. Tony on the other hand has to face living in hell each and every day and has no idea that we are fighting for him.

I will probably have a hard time putting this next part into words but I’m going to try. The very first time I saw Tony was January 31 2008. I remember the moment we caught eye contact, it was the first time in my life that I felt peace. It was as if everything around us had come to a stop, it was like complete silence. When I walked up to the enclosure he was moaning and it sounded so sad that my heart hurt, it was as if this magnificent creature, huge in size and power was crying out for help. The sound he was making sounded like pure sadness.

Look how far we have come. Tony is in the media, all over the internet and we are having council meetings. People that did not know about Tony before do now. We have learned so many things from trying to help Tony. More doors open and some begin to shut.

We have to remain positive for Tony. I understand how you feel but you have to remember that it was one meeting and nothing more. Mr. Jewell was voted in by Michael Sandlin, could we expect anything from this man? It’s far from over and we still must remain strong for Tony. I know together we can do this.

Your Friend,

Sky Williamson

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