Kids Growing Up with Pets can Become Snorers

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Kids Growing Up with Pets can Become Snorers

A team of Nordic researches studied over sixteen thousand people and determined that having a pet as a child can increase your chances to snore as an adult. There are other related factors, such as frequent ear infections and respiratory infections as a child that also influence adult snoring as well. However, every where I’ve read reports of this study on the Internet all emphasize the ‘pet’ issue. Therefore, I’d like to shed a different light on kids having a pet.

There is no better friend to a child than their pet. A pet can teach a child respect, responsibility and most importantly the feeling of unconditional love. What I cringe at however is when parents agree to take the ‘pet plunge’ with the agreement that a young child accept all responsibilities of the animal. A ten year old does not have the maturity needed to accept full responsibility of a pet. Nor does a twelve year old, or fifteen year old or even some full grown adults! If you are a parent and agree to the nagging of your children to take the pet plunge, accept the responsibility of your new friend as a family; don’t expect the kids to go this alone.

Kids can however do many things to assist in the care of the four legged family member; which can help ‘set them up’ to be better pet parents when they are adults. Cleaning the litter box, cleaning and changing the water bowl each day, and taking charge of exercising duties for both the dog or cat can all be educational experiences for kids (and exercise!). The feeding duties for pets would depend on the animal’s personality and depend on the maturity of the child. But please parents, don’t give the child more than they can handle.

A pet can enhance a family’s life. Properly cared for a pet will touch the lives of every family member. And with regards to the snoring issue, even if that is completely true I don’t think snoring as an adult can compare to growing up without a pet.

Wishing you and your pet the best,

Susan Thixton

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