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LaWanna Mitchell


LaWanna MitchellI had spent a couple years traveling various zoos and learning how to make web sites and website goodies, just looking for a way to make a difference for animals;  tumbling around trying to find my ‘place in the sun’, my purpose in life.  then in July 2004 I found Big Cat Rescue’s web site and offered to make games for them.  Carole sent me some photos and the fun began. That progressed into being blessed with getting actually visit Big Cat Rescue for eight heavenly days taking photos in September 2004.  If a turning point in life can be pinpointed, that trip was exactly that for me.  My life changed forever right then and there.

After visiting Big Cat Rescue it was quite clear to me that this place was it unlike any other animal facility.  I had finally finally found the animal place I wanted to devote my life to thus no longer needed to travel around looking for my place in life.  More trips to take photos of the cats at Big Cat Rescue followed in 2005 & 2006.   During those visits I became completely hooked for life.  For me, building web site goodies for Big Cat Rescue is like breathing itself.  If I couldn’t be a part of Big Cat Rescue and part of working toward the goals of their mission, I think my breath would actually stop.  I LOVE Big Cat Rescue with my whole heart and my whole being and firmly believe in their mission and goals.

Now, I take great delight in spending my days using those photos to create goodies for their newest website  I really enjoy doing tabling events and doing little classroom presentations on saving endangered species by saving their wild habitats.  Big Cat Rescue participates in many habitat preservation projects and getting to share those with kids whose minds and hearts are open and full of wonder for wild animals is a truly joyous thing.  Currently, there are three passions that rage like wild fires in my heart and working with Big cat Rescue allows me to help make a difference in these three areas.  #1 Raising awareness for the need for new laws to keep big cats out of backyards and roadside ‘wannabe’ zoos #2 Raising awareness for saving wild habitats and last but not certainly not least #3 Educating the public on the real truth about white tigers.

Working with Big Cat Rescue is the highlight, the joy, and the purpose of my life.  Not to go without mention, working with Big Cat Rescue is the greatest privilege I could ever have imagined receiving in my life.  To sum it up, I live and breath Big Cat Rescue and our mission and count it a privilege to do so.  I can’t give money, so I give what I can, which it my time and devotion.

Meet the Big Cat Rescue Team. See a typical day at the sanctuary.

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