Read more about the Leopard http://bigcatrescue.org/leopard-facts/    or print out PDF


Leopards can be orange with black spots or brown with black spots. The spots are on the cat’s skin. Each pattern is one of a kind like our human fingerprints. Males are usually larger than females. Leopards are very strong.


Baby leopards are called cubs. They usually have 1-3 babies in a litter. After they grow up, they move away from their family. They live alone most of the time.


Leopards are meat eaters. Meat eaters are also called carnivores. Their diet includes small creatures such as beetles, hares and birds. They also eat creatures twice their weight such as antelope, wildebeest and zebra.


These cats make many different sounds. They grunt, growl, hiss and meow. One of the most unusual sounds is a distance call that sounds like sawing wood.




1. Leopards are carnivores, which means they eat meat. There diet could include which of the following?


a. Beetles

b. Antelope

c. Zebra

d. All of the above



2. Leopards have an unusual sound that they make in addition to roaring, growling and hissing. What does their distance call sound like?

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