Lion cub debuts at Denver Zoo

By Rocky Mountain News
November 9, 2006

The Denver Zoo unveiled a baby African lion named Kazi today that was born Oct. 25 and already weighs more than 10 pounds.

She is the daughter of Natal and visitors can watch the pair bond via live video monitors in “Pahali Ya Simba,” the Interpretive Center of Predator Ridge.

Zookeepers say mother and cub are doing well during this critical bonding period.

Lion cubs usually are born with their eyes closed and have spotted coats.

It is Natalā€™s first cub, but she had parenting practice in 2004 when Asali, a cub born to another lioness didnā€™t bond and Natal stepped in, adopted the cub and raised it as her own.

This is the fourth litter for the sire, Krueger.

Krueger and Natal are both 8-year-old African lions on breeding loan to Denver Zoo from Columbus Zoo as part of the American Zoo and Aquarium Associationā€™s (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP).

The newborn cub is highly valued in North America for its genetic uniqueness.


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