Lioness saves little cub from cliff (VIDEO)

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Lioness saves little cub from cliff (VIDEO)

Mama lioness comes to the rescue of a tiny cub in Kenya’s Masa Mara park.
Andrew Meldrum
September 29, 2011 16:21
A lioness in Kenya rescued a little cub from a cliff. Here a lioness grooms her cub. ( Luis Robayo /AFP/Getty Images)

And now for something fun. How about photos of a lioness saving her little lion cub?

These photos, taken in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park, show a lion cub who falls down a steep ravine. The little cub struggles but looks like it will fall further.

Other lions try to rescue the little tyke but they find the cliff too steep.

The mama lioness comes to the rescue by going down the treacherous slope and bringing her little one back up. She carries it in her mouth and then gently grooms it afterwards.

How is that for heartwarming?

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