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Adult lions are tan in color. They have furry tufts at the end of their tails. Males have long fur around their head and neck which is called a mane. Males are usually larger than females.


Baby lions are called “cubs”. These cats have up to 6 babies in a litter. Lions live in groups called “Prides”.


Lions are meat eaters. Meat eaters are also called carnivores. The females also called lionesses, do most of the hunting. Their diet consists of antelope, zebras, wildebeests, buffalo, impalas, wild pigs and other hoofed animals.


Lions are from Africa. They live in woodlands and tall grassy areas. They can survive in many different areas but don’t live in deserts and rain forests.



1. Lions are carnivores, which mean “meat eaters”. There diet could include which of the following?


a. Wildebeests

b. Impalas

c. Wild pigs

d. Buffalo

e. All of the above


2. Lions can adapt to almost any type of habitat if it has water, space, food and shelter.


Name two habitats from which lions are absent?




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