Little cats need microchips

The Animal Advisory Commmittee (a group I’m on appointed by the County Commissioners to advise Animal Services) sent a letter to the Veterinary board last year asking them to please reconsider. Even Animal Services themselves are against it because it will not allow them to microchip either. It basically says that a microchip has to be given by a licensed veterinarian at a veterinary clinic, which doesn’t include shelters or rescue groups. I think the vets want to do this because of the potential to mess it up, but many of our rescue groups are trained and insert the chips very well. We need to have more animals microchipped, not less. Megan
Hi guys 

There is a proposal 3/18 in front of the vet boards to strip the animal shelter worker of their rights to microchip…and only let the vets “make money” off of it. If any of you can tell me the reason we should let this go unprotected, speak up. I don’t have all the answers. But, if not, then I say go to this site and please make your easy letter count. 

Here in Tampa, as you know, we have a huge overpopulation problem and I have seen first hand how a worker has to line up 10 stray animals and do the “final” scan for the chip. sometimes they hear that beep but mostly not and then the animal is quickly delt with. It’s heartwrenching. let’s keep the power in the hands of all the compassionate animal care workers…not just vets.


Easy fill in. will you do it?



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