Man-eating tiger found dead in Aceh

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Man-eating tiger found dead in Aceh

07/26/08 15:43

Tapaktuan, Aceh Province, (ANTARA News) – A Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrensis), believed to be a man-eater, at Simpang village, Bakongan Timur subdistrict, South Aceh, was found dead at a spot around 1.5 km from a human settlement.

“The man-eater was found dead and part of its body has been eaten by lizards. The female tiger had been dead for the past few days,” Samsumi, a tiger tamer, said here on Friday.

Samsumi said the tiger most likely died of serious wounds in its head after being hit with a knife by Ramlah in her efforts to save her husband, M Jakfar, from the beast early this month.

Jakfar survived despite serious injuries in his body after being attacked by the tiger.

“The tiger, which had a deep wound in its head, ran away. We suspect the tiger died by loss of blood,” Samsumi said.

The Tapaktuan natural resources conservation agency had taken three teeth and mustache of the dead tiger to find out its age.(*)

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