March 12 2017

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Big Cat Updates

3/11/17 Neither of the Lion Boys ate anything for Breakfast. I was able to get Joe to eat 2 large Turkey drums at 1pm. Both of them like to eat in the PM.

Nirvana ate 5oz of ground chicken out of the small white cardboard bowl.

The work group was only able to stay until 1pm. Smalls enclosure was done and some raking in front section.

Reise would not come to lockout in the AM, 1pm she ate 2.6lbs ck breast & pork by her den.

Smalls will not eat. Dryden would not come out to eat in the AM

Gabby, Artemis and Orion all left all of their mush.

Hoover wouldn’t eat all day.  Keepers tried 4 times with an array of choices.

Coordinator Sue M

Will Bobcat Report

Date: 2017-03-12
Vet Issue: seizure
Notes: Keeper Sharon witnessed Will having seizure inside den box at 11:45am. He then came out of den and was disoriented. By the time I got there he was walking around enclosure fine.
Reported By: Sharon/Lynda
Mgr Checked: checked

LaWanna Update:  Still very sick.  In and out of ER three times.



A work group is here today to clean out, rake and spruce up Keisha Tiger’s home while she’s on vacation.


 Facebook Live Video Replays


We had a few false starts because the comments weren’t showing, so here are the attempts in reverse order:

Playtime in the Kitten Cabana with the Foster Kittens and Volunteers

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3/11/2017 Contest

Question:  What state was Zeus Tiger rescued from?

Winner:  Candy W.

Answer:  New York

Winner’s Prize:  


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 Big Cat Facts

Sand Cats in Morocco

Sand Cats in Morocco 1In 2017 Big Cat Rescue continued our support of the first ever study on the ecology and behavior of Sand cats in Morocco, launched in 2015 by Dr Alex Sliwa and Gregory Breton, scientists from Europe. The $2,000 we donated will pay for 4 weekly trips by trained local people to track the radio-collared sand cats. This is of the utmost importance right now, and added a month’s worth of tracking data accumulation to the study.

Sand Cats in Morocco 2The researchers aimed to study the cats over several years to collect data, throughout the lives of individuals but also across generations. In an attempt to understand the species better the research aims to look at particular ecological aspects such as activity times, size of home range, territory, social and reproductive behaviors, prey species and different hunting methods. The method of the study is for researchers to actively search for Sand Cats. Once located, the animal are caught and sedated, to be measured and given a health check, then fitted with a radio collar. These animals will then be followed with an receiver and antenna to determine their movements.

The Nature Conservancy Florida

The Nature Conservancy Florida and Big Cat Rescue have previously partnered, to successfully release Florida Bobcats, who have been rehabilitated at Big Cat Rescue and released on lands owned by the Nature Conservancy.

In an effort to help another Florida Native Big Cat, Big Cat Rescue donated $4,000 to the Nature Conservancy for their initiative to Save the Florida Panther.

The Florida Panther is one of the most endangered mammals on the planet. Once roaming from Texas to the Atlantic, only about 160 cats remain in the wild. Their current habitat in South Florida is simply too small, fragmented and isolated, for the population to grow to a healthy and sustainable level. Panthers have reached maximum capacity within their home range, and, because they are solitary and territorial, panthers require large areas to hunt, breed and den successfully. Panthers must extend their range beyond the confines of their current territory to prevent extinction.

The Nature Conservancy Florida Florida Panther

The Nature Conservancy is leading an effort to establish links between existing spaces and panther habitat with a goal of ensuring permanent protection for 7,300 acres.  They have already protected thousands of acres of prime panther habitat within the Greater Everglades and protected land on the Caloosahatchee River. Protected only hours before foreclosure, this land purchase secures a highly used passage for panther crossing the Caloosahatchee River and looking for new habitat. Without this property, extinction was a near certainty but with this link permanently intact, the Conservancy is determined to build on this foundation, by protecting and restoring key links north of the river up into central Florida.
Read more about their work here: florida-panther.xml index.php/extwidget/preview/ partner_id/1012331/uiconf_id/ 24075381/entry_id/1_tct74dly/ embed/dynamic 


 Featured Big Cat

Seth Tiger has a nest cam again.

I just updated the hospital camera links over at


 Viewer Videos From

There are some GREAT videos recorded by viewers at that you will really enjoy watching.

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

Kitten clipart, cat art Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

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