March 13 2017

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Big Cat Updates

LaWanna is still too sick to chat with you guys or update pages, so you’re stuck with me (Carole) and I’m crazy busy with Spring Break.

Off the top of my head:

Hoover Tiger is NOT eating well.

Reise Cougar wasn’t eating, but ate a little yesterday and today.

Smalls Bobcat isn’t eating much, but I think she may be catching her own out in FunCation.  She’s exploring more and checking out all the great climbing spots.

Sassy Caracal and Pharaoh Serval pooped!  Yay!

TJ Tiger wasn’t interested in food this morning.



Victor is putting siding on the gift shop expansion project.  He and Dave taped and “mudded” the walls and ceiling sheetrock joints. sent out their new camera team to see about getting webcams back on Nova the Bobcat Kitten in Bobcat Rehab.

Gale pulled Josh off mowing to see if he knows how to build a screened porch for the Keeper Cafe.


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 People Often Ask

A Walk on the Wild Side (also known as Toucan’s Exotic Animals) is a traveling fairground exhibit and pseudo-sanctuary based in Canby, Oregon. It is owned and operated by Steve Higgs and Cheryl Jones. Although they are licensed as a nonprofit organization, claim to be a “rescue”,  and are legally permitted to house exotic animals confiscated by the state, they have admitted that they are not a sanctuary and do many things that responsible rescues would never do. These include exploiting tiger cubs for $30 photo-ops; (see one of their injured cubs at the top of this page) breeding and buying animals for display at fairs; threatening and insulting those who criticize them; renting out animals for parties and commercials; and advocating for the “right” of circuses, roadside zoos, and private owners to own, breed, and exploit endangered species.  See the complete, investigative report, including photos and video:

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