March 14 2019

Nikita Lion is settling in for her long nightscat nap! Sweet dreams every one! Photo: Brittany Mira

Big Cat Updates

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at

Coordinator Report – Lauren Grant

Great day today with lots of great help!! Sundari’s enclosure was finished and the outside, all the way around, was raked! Thanks to the help from everyone today: Fred Pagan, Matthew Hutt, Jeanine Ramirez, Stefanie Kraus, Tanya Chute, Mazz, Christina Cochard, Candy Couser, Bridget Sardone, Mark Mira,& Lauren Grant.

Aleesa Salcido and Bridget worked on fixing the wire on the roof of Nabisco’s empty section. The side closest to Apollo is finished, but the big tree side still needs to be done.

Tanya did food prep and supplements.

Lots of operant was done today 🙂

That’s about it! Thanks again for everyone’s hard work!

Big Cat Rescue as a Research Sanctuary

In surfing I ran across the most fascinating page from about a year ago. I had totally forgotten this page was there. WOWZER!! It is packed FULL of truly interesting stuff. That site is so HUGE I am always running across something I forgot was there. If you want some eye-openers today I highly recommend bookmarking this page and surfing it as soon as you have some time to kill. WOULD LOVE YOUR THOUGHTS ON IT!!

What is Enrichment?

Keeper Brittany shows you the process of making a simple spice bag enrichment for Smalls bobcat and the behaviors that follow after she is given her toy.

What is Enrichment? “Environmental enrichment is an animal husbandry principle that seeks to enhance the quality of captive animal care by identifying and providing the environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being.” – Second Nature – Environmental Enrichment of Captive Animals.

All cats need enrichment. Different species have different natural behaviors and respond best to enrichment suited to their instincts.

Ways to enrich the cats: Provide the animal with; a natural habitat, choices (such as when/what/where to eat/sleep/etc.), control (it’s their habitat), and stimuli (something to do).

WHY: Wild animals cannot fully exhibit their natural behaviors in captivity. This can lead to unwanted psychological states such as boredom and aggression. It is our mission to give our permanent residents the best life possible in captivity. This includes striving for optimal mental and physical states.

Videos of the Day

Q&A at Big Cat Rescue- Follow along as Keeper s Brittany shows you many of the Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Jaguar, Cougars, Lynx, Servals, Bobcats, Savannah Cats and an Ocelot that Call Big Cat Rescue was Rescue Home! Cats Featured: Running Bear, Mrs. Claws, King Tut, Purrfection, Breezy, Andi, Thurston, Lovey, Tiger Lilly, Zimba, Nala, Pharaoh, and Smalls.

Merchandise of the Day

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Big Cat Rescue Lanyards are now in stock and available in 4 different colors!

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise
Big Cat Rescue Merchandise Highlights

Watch the cats daily/nightly on the webcams at Find direct links to all the cat webcams at

Pretending to ignore the vultures then…. BOOM!

A pillow made just for a bobcat!

Priya Tiger Streeeeetch!!

Photos for the Day

Cutie Pie Nabisco Bobcat wishes you a
Happy FURsday Thursday! 🐾
Photo: Brittany Mira

Nabisco Bobcat
Photo by Brittany Mira

Nikita Lion is settling in for her long night catnap! Sweet dreameveryonene!
Photo: Brittany Mira

Nikita Lion is settling in for her long nightscat nap! Sweet dreams every one! Photo: Brittany Mira
Nikita Lion is settling in for her long nightscat nap! Sweet dreams every one!
Photo: Brittany Mira


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