March 18 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Angie Gabor's Coordinator Notes for 3/17/2018

It was a good day, today. We had lots of volunteers that helped us clean and feed.

Lots of tours today. We had an overfull parking lot.

We got both hospitals cleaned and put away all of the hospital cages after they were cleaned. Intern Emma did a great job at cleaning all of the memorial tiles on the memorial wall.

We had a wonderful donor that filled one of our offices with enrichment donations. We got that all moved to the enrichment barn.

Interns worked hard and weedwhacked all around the hospitals and behind food prep. There is still some raking that needs to be done back there.

That is it for me!! Goodnight! ~Angie

Facebook Video Replays

Vaccinating Clover the Rehab Bobcat

Did you know that wild cats can suffer from all of the same diseases that affect domestic cats? Because of that we have to vaccinate all of our rehab bobcats too. It's a lot harder to do because we are making sure they stay wild while in our care, and they don't trust us coming close to them, like our permanent residents do.

The odds here may be four to one, but the little bobcat, Clover, is doing her best to keep from being netted and vaccinated. These ladies have nerves of steel and hearts of gold.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104637|url^|caption^360 Vaccinating Clover the Rehab Bobcat|alt^360 Vaccinating Clover the Rehab Bobcat|title^360 Vaccinating Clover the Rehab Bobcat|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Enjoy some cute LIVE video of Shamrock on her second day out in Bobcat Rehab. You can help fund our bobcat rescue work at

This was recorded on the high quality web cam.  Once there choose the Bobcat Rehab cam.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104628|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Baby Bobcat named Shamrock|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


I was at Nikita Lioness' cage helping Kathryn and Angie deal with some cage modifications when the Feeding Tour arrived, so I was able to go LIVE briefly, until I lost the Internet signal. ~Carole

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104643|url^|caption^Snacks for Nikita Lioness|alt^Snacks for Nikita Lioness|title^Snacks for Nikita Lioness|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


The Dancing Tail

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104647|url^|caption^Short funny clip of a leopard's tail dancing.|alt^Short funny clip of a leopard's tail dancing.|title^Dancing Tail|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Zeus Tiger! Help us rescue the circus tigers from Guatemala at or by creating a Facebook fundraiser in April. We will donate the entire FB fundraiser proceeds for April 2018 to help ADI fund the rescue, temporary camp and flights to the cats forever homes.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104648|url^|caption^Zeus Tiger! Help us rescue the circus tigers from Guatemala at or by creating a Facebook fundraiser in April. We will donate the entire FB fundraiser proceeds for April 2018 to help ADI fund the rescue, temporary camp and flights to the cats forever homes.|alt^Zeus Tiger! Help us rescue the circus tigers from Guatemala at or by creating a Facebook fundraiser in April. We will donate the entire FB fundraiser proceeds for April 2018 to help ADI fund the rescue, temporary camp and flights to the cats forever homes.|title^Zeus Tiger and Carole talks about rescuing circus tigers from Guatemala|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Wildcat Walkabout March 16, 2018 at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL where we will visit with rescued lions, tigers, leopards, bobcats and more!

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104650|url^|caption^Wildcat Walkabout 3-16-2018|alt^Wildcat Walkabout 3-16-2018|title^Wildcat Walkabout 3-16-2018|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


EN VIVO: Estos tres pumas AMAN la hora de la merienda ?

Keeper Angie gives snacks to cougar siblings Ares, Artemis, & Orion while chatting in Spanish.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^104625|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Cougars on El Dodo|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


CALLING ALL HOOVER FANS: Keeper, Big Cat Devin, feeding Hoover Tiger. Will Hoover get down off the platform and come get his goodies? YES!! Hoover comes at a RUN!! OH WHAT FUN!!

People Often Ask

People Often Ask us to save this cat or that cat that is across the ocean in another country.  It is not as easy as people think it is.  It is time consuming and costly.  We are not equipped to work overseas.

Animal Defenders International is dedicate to saving animals overseas.  I'm sure you have heard of some of their rescues like the big bunch of lions they flew to a sanctuary in Africa, and of course our own Hoover Tiger.  Those rescues pretty much depleted their funds.

A recent issue is 50 big cats needing rescue in Guatemala has surfaced.  There is a lot of leg work that has to be done before the cats can be rescued and during that time the cats will need care.  This all costs.

If EVERYONE who passionately pleads with us to save this cat or that cat overseas will chip in just a little themselves, or make a commitment to chip in each moth for their care we are willing to help Animal Defenders International save and those tigers.

When we commit to help, will you commit as well? It will take donations, promotion, sharing, talking about the issue to your friends and family? We are willing to help, are you?

See photos and more at

More details will be coming out soon.

Urgent plea for Indiana’s bobcats!


Urgent plea for Indiana bobcats

Urgent plea for Indiana bobcats

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is proposing a hunting and trapping season on this beloved wild cat. The state has not provided any supporting scientific data for a hunt and the IDNR doesn’t even have a current population count. If this rule passes, the state’s only native wild cat could be chased down by packs of hounds or caught in cruel leghold traps for the first time in 50 years.

Bobcats were nearly wiped out due to hunting, over-trapping, and habitat loss before being granted protection on the state’s endangered species list in 1969. It has taken nearly five decades for bobcat populations to recover!

We know that these beautiful wild cats are solely killed to become trophies or for their fur. If this shortsighted proposal is approved, this still-recovering species may soon disappear, depriving Hoosiers the joy of seeing a treasured bobcat in the wild.


Visit the IDNR website and voice your opposition to this proposal by submitting a comment. Just follow these simple steps:

Scroll down to the Rulemaking Docket list in the box at the bottom of the page.

Next to the third row, entitled “Wildlife Rule Amendments”, click “Comment on the rule” to submit your comment.
Thank you for speaking out for bobcats!


Do you live near Anderson, Indiana?
Join others who are advocating for bobcats and attend the IDNR public meeting on March 22, 2018, at 5:30 pm ET to oppose the proposed bobcat hunting and trapping season.

IDNR Public Meeting: March 22, 5:30 pm
Mounds State Park Pavillion
4306 Mounds Rd.
Anderson, IN 46017

Learn more about bobcat trapping for the use of fur in this BCR video
“Indiana agency proposing bobcat hunting, trapping season” AP 3/5/18

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