March 25 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Sue M's Coordinator Notes for 3/242018

Beautiful day today. Thank you, to all of the volunteers and Interns for working so hard.

We had a work group that cleaned out the back half of Thurston and Lovey's enclosure and half of Tiger Lilly's.

Thank you, to Babs for making over 90 cicles for the cats.  I spoke to the Interns about how to open a bag of red to save the blood for the blood cicles.

We got a few sign offs done.

Cameron is loving just about any meat dipped in liver juice.

Sue M

Other Tidbits:

THANK YOU to whoever sent the catnip to the cats from Amazon.  It has arrived and the Enrichment Team will have a blast watching the cats enjoy it.

Poem by Lori Duska

Lori's Poem for Baby Bobcat, Shamrock

Lori's Poem for Baby Bobcat, Shamrock

My laundry’s not done, but that’s okay.
I can wear these jeans for one more day.
Dishes in the sink? Just pile on more.
I’ll use paper plates ‘cuz that’s what they’re for.

Cooking? No time! The pizza shop will deliver.
I can’t be bothered, my hearts all a-quiver.

What’s causing this attitude? What’s making me this way?
Well, for heaven’s sake, watch Explore!
Shamrock got a stuffie today!

Ever seen anything cuter than this little tot?
You can think long and hard, but I suspect not.
I really must go, I’m totally smitten.
I could spend hours watching that bobkitten!


Did You Know?  YOU CAN Watch this cute funny little wild bobcat kitten on a stream web cam 24 hours a day?  The web cam name is Bobcat Rehab and the link can be found at

Fostering Program Update

The following have been adopted and are settling into their furever homes.

  • Momma Selena
  • Stephanie
  • Simon
  • Maverick
  • Bing
  • Goose

Do You Need Help Encouraging Your Friends and Family to Make the Call of the Wild?

Big Cat Challenge

THREE:  Email and ask for a copy of the 30 second video clip called "Would You Still Do Ir?"  The file is very small so can be sent through email.

TWO:  Get the video file and upload it to your own Facebook (or other page), and tag one friend and ask them what they thought of the video.

THREE:  When they reply to you, offer to help them make the Call of the Wild.

JUST IMAGINE:  If each and every one of you will do that, just think how many calls could be made in one day.

[cq_vc_videocover videoimage="104832" videolink="&"]

If you prefer to share it directly from YouTube here is the link: OR, you can just copy/paste this link to your own Facebook page.

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