March 9 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Reise did not want to take her meds or eat, took a lot of coaxing for am and pm meds.  She ate but not a full meal.  She is distrustful and eats a little and runs away.  She won’t go near the lockouts.

Picky cats were very picky, but most ate by end of day.
Joseph seems to be calming down and eating again.  He really doesn’t like the stick right now, but ate quite a bit off the tongs.
Josie did not eat anything today, she is hissy and agitated.
Kali’s cage got mowed and the roof sections raked. the outside around her cage is raked but not picked up.
Last night Sassy Caracal was found in respiratory distress. She was examined by Justin Boorstein Her kidney disease is a little worse, she was very dehydrated and she has a UTI. X-rays of her lungs look about the same as a year ago. There is an anomaly on one. Otherwise nothing obvious was seen. It is suspected she may have had a seizure. Sassy will be closely monitored in the Cat Hospital for the next few days.  She’s doing slightly better today.  Breathing better.
Kewlona and Dryden are in their new enclosure next to Gilligan, They have all the way down to the cage next to Servie.

Ariel has been moved to her new enclosure behind Tut and Pharaoh.


Moving cats all day.  Watch for us LIVE on Facebook.

I think LaWanna must still be out sick, so sorry if your questions are stacking up.

 Facebook Live Video Replays

Mouse in the House

Moving Dryden and Kewlona off FunCation to their new big home

Ariel Bobcat Gets Weighed and Moved to New Cat-a-Tat

Moving Smalls Bobcat to FunCation for 2 Week Vacay

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2/09/2017 Contest

Question:  How much does Ariel Bobcat weigh?

Winner:  Nadia Lynch

Answer:  18 lbs.

Winner’s Prize:  Today the winner won the leopard and dark topaz ring Carole was wearing.  


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 People Often Ask

Sassy Caracal and Nirvana Ocelot are in the:

Recovery Room 2 at West Boensch Hospital for cats who are in Intensive Care.

Recovery Room 3 at West Boensch Hospital for cats who are in Intensive Care.

 Big Cat Challenge

UPDATE!! 5-Hour Energy heard all of your voices and has agreed to change their television commercial to remove the tiger cub and never use big cats or cubs again in their advertising! THANK YOU everyone who politely spoke out for Hercules!

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Big Cat Rescue joined an awesome group of animal protection groups in this joint letter to save leopards.


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