Moving Gabrielle Tiger to a new enclosure with swimming pools!

Moving Gabrielle Tiger to a new enclosure with swimming pools!#OnTheMove #BigCats #BigCatRescue #Tigers

Posted by Big Cat Rescue on Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10 2018

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Big Cat Updates

King Tut got a new suite of cages, Gabrielle Tiger got a new suite of cages with two pools.  The Texas tigers go home from vacation. Sundari leopard is next to go on FunCation.

Afton's Coordinator Notes for 5/4/2018

Wonderful day today!!!  We had the right amount of keepers to feed, clean, and do specialty tours.  Bonnie, Alyssa, and Ciera were rock stars today. Both senior keepers stayed all day helping double check food prep, get supplements done, and do a couple easy cage maintenance repairs. Then the three of them and I raked all of Zimba's enclosure this afternoon. For doing such a great job, they got to let him out back in his home. He was very happy!!

Alyssa, Devin, and I rescued a hawk and released it. It was stuck in the old rehab enclosure.  Bailey did not want to eat this morning or at noon, but I accidentally walked in on her this evening trying to eat the food I left for her. I left her 5.3 oz. If she eats that and again in the morning, we may be able to let her back outside as well. She has been a pretty good patient today. She was not as aggressive as I envisioned she would be at all.

Texas tiger cage still needs to be worked on so they can go home. The recovery hospital needs to be cleaned and the cage taken to the slab where Zimba was. We let him out late and didn't get around to getting it. Hopefully, if Bailey goes out, we can do the whole building at once. Everything at the slab needs to be cleaned and put away.

That is all. See you tomorrow!!

Becky Gagliardo's Coordinator Notes for 5/5/2018

Pretty good day today overall. We were very short on volunteers but the ones we had were great.  The interns helped with feeding and cleaning as well as their tours.  Bailey got to go back outside and she was very happy about that.

All of the hospital cages were cleaned - they just need to be put away. Recovery hospital still needs to be swept and mopped.  The inside of the Texas tiger enclosure was painted but the pools still need to be scooped out.

Andi bobcat spent all day outside of her den in the tall grass and then later this afternoon she was on top of her big den just enjoying herself.  We got some cleaning and enrichment and feeding signoffs done.

Got to see and talk to the Explore group that was here for the Keeper tour - they are having a blast.  If the Explore people are having a problem finding Shamrock, she was up on top of the camera, I had a hard time finding her at first, I was looking down and not up.

That is it for me.

Jennifer Ruszczyk's Coordinator Notes for 5/6/2018

Amazing day today. It was hot and muggy today, summer is here!!! We had some of our Extreme Explorers here today and it was great to put a face to the names. We got feeding and cleaning sign-offs done. Matt cleaned out Mac's den. We cleaned two of the tiger pools, did a lot of laundry, moved the hammock in Vacation to a shady area. Bridgett, Bethany, and Deidre worked their tails off!!

Lynda lead the charge in getting the squeeze cages put away and organized. Gale worked on organizing the hospital.  The Hurricane Holly's were here and replaced some wood on platforms in Vacation. We moved all the old wood out and boy oh boy was it heavy.

Time to go home and put my feet up.

Lauren Buckingham's Coordinator Notes for 5/7/2018

We had a fantastic day today, lots of volunteers came to help out. Brandy finished food prep before lunch so we could work on projects in the afternoon.  Yellow shirt Alyssa, Andrew, Green Sarah C and Navy Vanessa stayed all day to help with projects. The Texas tigers enclosure was cleaned up, the last pools finished, dens dirted, water bowls switched out, lockouts and tunnels weeded and all sections were raked and weed-eated inside and out.

Everyone worked hard all day so myself and Kathryn took them out to watch cat paintings being made for the stars awards.  Ivermectin went well, only Cameron left to do. Sign-offs were done for operant and enrichment. The memorial tiles were cleaned in the AM by Phyllis. Thank you to Mary G and Pam for covering the private tours. We also got 3 new interns today Stefanie, Lauren, and Dylan.

That's it from me!

Kathyrn Stapleton's Coordinator Notes for 5/8/2018

We had a great day today! Plenty of volunteers.  We tried out the new feeding sheets today. Seth and Andy loved their whole tiger reds. Seth ran around with his before eating. We are making sure to pay close attention to the new sheets amounts, cut up, and containers have changed for a lot of cats.

Aleesa and the new Interns Lauren and Stef K busted out 2 rehab cages. Noel and Aphrodite's big sections got mowed. Finished up work at the Texas Tigers enclosure so they can go home on Thursday.

Enrichment was done, a bunch of cool treats got handed out. Sign-offs were done as well. Lots of classes taken. Picky cats ate well except for Cameron he is being extra picky this week and ignoring all the keepers that try.

That's it for me!

Devin Saari's Coordinator Notes for 5/9/2018

Awesome day today lots of volunteers to help get feeding and cleaning done by noon! Steph C got food prep done before lunch.  The perimeter fence from the sand cat gate to the cell tower gate was started but still needs to be completed (about 70% done). Both hospitals were swept and mopped.

The items from Babycakes old cage were removed and are sitting on the slab drying so that they can be put away.  Interns and volunteers that needed classes and sign-offs got them today.  The cicle cats were very happy to get their icy treats on this hot day!

That's all from me!

Guatemala Rescue Update

We got an update from Guatemala today saying they hope to have the first circus lions and tigers arriving at the temporary holding camp, THAT YOU HELPED FUND, on Give Day Tampa Bay on May 1st, with your Facebook Fundraisers in April and here:

Big Cat Rescue sent the first installment of $6,000 and here you can see the trucks arriving with supplies and cages being built. The first 18 big cats are being voluntarily surrendered by one circus, and if permitting goes well, they could be arriving in the U.S. in 4-6 months with your help.

There are good sanctuaries standing by for the first 18 cats and we expect there is enough capacity in legitimate sanctuaries to rehome all of the cats. The Guatemalan government will have their hands full, trying to confiscate animals from those who continue to keep them illegally, so we want to make the transition from seizure to the temporary camp, to U.S. and African sanctuaries as seamless as possible.

Progress on the Guatemala Circus Cat Rescue Effort

As you can see the cats are waiting for their hold holding cages to be completed.

As you can see the cats are waiting for their hold holding cages to be completed.

As you can see the cats are waiting for their hold holding cages to be completed.

Thanks to YOUR donations we were able to provide them with the first round of funds to purchase caging materials.

The work has begun on the new holding cages.

This effort is a huge undertaking that still needs a lot of funding.  Please continue to support this effort at

Zeus Tiger Sunset T-Shirt by Cindy Arthur

Zeus Tiger Sunset T-Shirt - Available in men's and women's styles and in a variety of colors, here are two samples.

Zeus Tiger Sunset Tee Shirt in Pink

Zeus Tiger Sunset Tee Shirt in Pink

Zeus Tiger Sunset Tee Shirt in Green

Zeus Tiger Sunset Tee Shirt in Green

Your purchase helps Big Cat Rescue provide rescue and permanent care of nearly 70 exotic wildcat species.
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Cat Camp 2018: Big Cat in the City

Jen, Rebecca, and Chris were overwhelmed with everyone’s kindness and support – it was two non-stop days of talking about the issues and meeting both new and long-time Big Cat Rescue fans. They even got to meet an outstanding BCR supporter and CAM fan who flew in all the way from Paris for the event!

Jen, Rebecca and Chris

Having Cat Man Chris there with Big Cat Rescue was certainly a draw. After posing for a picture with the famous cat dad, Chris was sure to encourage all of his fans to make the Call of the Wild!

The Big Cat Rescue booth even had a visit from the cat whisperer himself, Jackson Galaxy! Jackson is a big fan of all cats, big and small, and seemed particularly impressed with our sanctuary’s on-site foster program for domestic kittens. We were sure to extend an invitation for him to visit us in Tampa and check out our kitten cabana.

SEE FUN PHOTOS of this event at

Foster Kitten Updates

The following have returned to the Humane Society to find their furever homes:

  • Anika
  • She-Ra
  • Simba

Modglin House, prepared for Luna, Rafiki, and Hermione. Luna is still on meds.

Sand Cat House, prepared for five 3.5 week old kittens. They had to wean early and are being fed wet food three times daily until they start eating dry.

Denny Mitchell's "All About Cats"

Denny Mitchel has been volunteering at Big Cat Rescue for between 17 and 18 years.  Through the years he was watched the sanctuary grow.  He has been on board as out knowledge and philosophy evolved through the years.

He has been instrumental in growing our educational tours program. Through his tour guide talents, he has helped educate over 20,000 guests in his years as a tour guide.  In fact, Denny has guided over 1,000 educational tours here at Big Cat Rescue.

If you have ever been on one our educational tours with Denny as your tour guide it is something you will always remember.  His knowledge of the cats, cat behavior, and his sense of humor makes learning about the cats and cat issues a very entertaining and memorable learning experience.

Denny now gives at least two tours a week and sometimes as many as three in a day.  He excels at incorporating his research about cats behaviors, socialization, and anthropology into his tours.

All About Cats Show

All About Cats Show

Over the years Denny has also used his knowledge of cats, cat issues, musical, and composing talents to create an amazingly funny educational show about cats, both wild and domestic.  He has written some extremely creative lyrics.  It is a show you absolutely won't want to miss.

Denny and Susan, his talented wife, also have five domestic rescue cats at home.

Through his show, he raises money for important cat programs.  He has a great talent for engaging his audience.  I highly recommend catching his show highlighted in the flyer above.

If you live too far away to attend his upcoming show, you will be excited to know that he is working on a DVD that he is planning to have in the Big Cat Rescue gift shop in the near future.  We will be sure to announce it when it is ready.

Making Popsicles for Cats

Erin is a Volunteer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL helping save the lives of big cats. Want to get involved?

Erin is making frozen cicles for our cats. We hand them out daily and guests can see our cats enjoying this frosty treat on the Keeper Tour.

Erin is a Volunteer at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL helping save the lives of big cats. Want to get involved? Erin is making frozen cicles for our cats. We hand them out daily and guests can see our cats enjoying this frosty treat on the keeper tour.

Erin making cat popsicles

Popsicles are not only nutritious and delicious if you are a cat, but the also give the cats something fun to do and helps keep them hydrated and cool.

Viewers, like you, purr-chase cans of tuna and sardines at who then delivers them directly to the sanctuary for these daily treats.

Cats On The Move

Since Hoover Tiger moved to Joseph's suite of cages volunteers worked hard upgrading his previous set of cages for Gabrielle.  Her currently enclosure had a big rubber tub she could get in to cool off but her new suite of cages has two pools with water that constantly circulates through a pumping system back and forth to Tiger Lake ensuring her pool water stays fresh, clean, and cool.

[ultimate_modal modal_on="image" btn_img="id^105660|url^|caption^Gabrielle Tiger gets a new suite of cages with two pools|alt^Gabrielle Tiger gets a new suite of cages with two pools|title^Gabrielle Tiger gets a new suite of cages with two pools|description^null" overlay_bg_opacity="80" img_size="80"]


Why Did the Texas Tigers Get Extra Vacation Time?

Andre, Arthur, and Amanda are pretty rough on their pools so they were in need of some extensive repairs.  While this was being done volunteers all pitched in and did a deep cleaning, some landscaping, and cage wire painting, etc.

Texas Tiger Pool Repairs

Texas Tiger Pool Repairs

Since the Texas Tigers share space they have multiple cages connected by tunnels.  In case we have to separate them we make sure each cat would still have a big den, platform, and pool.  The suite of cages these three tigers share actually has four pools.

Patching weak areas of the pool before the resurfacing.

Patching weak areas of the pool before the resurfacing.

Dyes to brighten up the pools.

Dyes to brighten up the pools.

Sunset colors!

Sunset colors!

Critter Alert Network

Nut-tasha T. Squirrel has announced that the Secretary to the Cats will be visiting Big Cat Rescue this week! She will be traveling to Tampa on Thursday and will arrive at the sanctuary on Friday. While CAN will NOT be reporting on the Secretary's day to day activities during her vacation, there will be extensive coverage of her journey.

Nut-tasha T Squirrel

Nut-tasha T Squirrel

To ensure that you don't miss out on any of the fun, a summary Facebook post has been created containing links to all of the CAN reporting. You can follow all the happenings at this link.

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