May 12 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere from Momma Sky, Rehab Bobcat, and her kittens, Cobalt, Indigo and Azul!??? Have a beautifully blessed day everyone! ?

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere from Momma Sky, Rehab Bobcat and her kittens, Cobalt, Indigo and Azul!??? Read more about Sky’s story at: Photo: Have a beautifully blessed day everyone! ?

Happy Mother's Day


The cats have received a check for $9,543 from YOUR Facebook Fundraisers & Donations on our Live Videos in the first two weeks of April 2019? THANK YOU!!!!

Did you know? You can do a Facebook Fundraiser for the cats any time?  Yep, that's right. You do not have to wait for your birthday to help the cats.

Big Cat Briefing May 12, 2019

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at

Coordinator Report - Lynda Licht

Hope you all enjoyed Mother's Day.

We had a little frantic start to the day as Drs. Justin Boorstein and Dr. Liz Wynn were able to come in the first thing to do an exam on Nikita lioness. Thanks to Jennifer Ruszczyk, Rebecca Williams, Dylan Lavigne, Mike Surdyk, Lacy Benton, Mazz, MC Streator, and me for getting morning meds, lockouts, supplements, and feeding done so efficiently we could pull people to help with Nikki. It was a group effort including, Kathyrn Stapleton, Afton Tasler, Lauren Buckingham, Deidra Ritchie, Stephanie Witherspoon, Candice Casey, and Jeff Lovering.

To get Nikki out, Victor Alonso and Jamie Veronica decided to cut extra big openings in the safety gate after she was sedated. So, I put my best cage builder Jennifer Ruszczyk on the task of rebuilding the doors. Barbara Brooks and Bridget Sardone came in to help. Barbara was able to help in the hospital (she told me later I had given her the "best gift ever!" for letting her help) while Bridget & I helped Jen.

Sarah Copel made an effort to get in earlier than planned so she was able to clean two big cat sections and give Bridget a sign-off as well. Tanya Chute handled the Feeding Tour with Megan Myers along for her first sign-off. After they were done with the tour, they busted out food prep for tomorrow with help from Ashley Tait.

Rebecca Williams did the Keeper tour and then double checked behind Sarah and Bridget.

Thanks again to Edith Parker, Jennie Jamison, Amanda Wright, Christine Hamblin, Marilyn Halpin, Erica Forbes, Jeff Lovering, and Regina Turgeon for covering the gift shop & all AM tours so interns could help in the hospital & other tasks. Ashley, Brooklynne Dillon, and Ofek Krauss did a freezer inventory with Dylan.

After Nikita was back in the transport, Kathyrn Stapleton, Tanya, Rebecca, and Sarah all took turns watching her throughout the day. We have a Nest cam on her as well.

Also after Nikki's exam, the Windsong hospital was cleaned up and made ready for tomorrow. Megan, Tanya, and Dylan also weed-whacked and cleaned up around the hospitals and food prep buildings.

Lastly, we've been saying it for a couple of weeks now but it's getting really hot and humid. Tours should go out supplied with some Gatorades & rain ponchos along with additional Voxes & earbuds. Tour guides and backups sometimes see cats panting and call the coordinator to check on them. Extra eyes on the cats are always appreciated. I was called out to see Kricket serval but she was just fine.

Thanks for a great day and everyone's hard work!

Videos of the Day

Nikita the 18-year-old lioness is declining rapidly. Both vets are here to find out why.

Nikita Lion gets Xrays

Nikita Lioness Vet Day

Nikita Lioness is getting an ultrasound.

The vets fixed her teeth, didn't find any tumors, gave her lots of fluids and antibiotics, and now it's time to wake Nikita up.

Nikita Lion will wake up in the transport cage.

HaHa, I got you, Mom!! Awe, the baby backflip at the end.... Watch the fun baby bobcat antics every day & night on the LIVE Streaming Bobcat Rehab webcam at

The baby bobcats are growing. Watch them playing on their little logs, pouncing, tumbling, and romping around. Recorded from the Bobcat Rehab LIVE Streaming webcam at

It's Kitten Season so the Kitten Cabana is full of foster kittens.

Merchandise of the Day

Check out this lovely Dried Flower Glass Cat Necklace!! Dried flowers inside this glass cat pendant necklace make it a unique addition to your jewelry collection PLUS you can help fund the freedom fight with every purr-chase!!

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Photos for the Day

Manny on the Prowl!!! The Jaguar is commonly found in rain forests, savannahs, and swamps, but at the northern end of its territory, it may enter the scrub country and even deserts. The Jaguar still has a stronghold in the Amazon basin but has been nearly wiped out of all drier regions. Wherever it is found, it requires fresh water as the Jaguar is an excellent swimmer.

Manny Jaguar is really enjoying playing "hide and seek" with the den in Funcation!

Manny Jaguar is really enjoying playing "hide and seek" with the den in Funcation!

Sapphire Tiger loves to swim in the early morning hours <3 The tiger pools have a pipe and pump system that constantly drains and refills the pools so the water is always fresh and cool for the cats. The support from all of you make these special little comforts for the cats possible. THANK YOU!!!

Did you know the cats received a check for $9,543 from your Facebook Fundraisers in the first two weeks of April 2019? THANK YOU!!!!

Sapphire Tiger

Adorable Artemis Cougar wishing you sweet dreams!

Adorable Artemis Cougar wishing you sweet dreams!

Artemis Cougar



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