May 13 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Friday May 12th

Apache and Divinity’s back section was cleaned out and grass seed and top soil were added. Be sure the cleaners run the sprinklers for about twenty minutes and hose the area the sprinklers do not reach to allow grass growth. They were given access to the entire section.

Project for the weekend is to continue working in Seth’s enclosure.


Question for Viewers:  Zabu’s birthday is coming on in two days.  Do YOU know how old she will be?

Facebook Live Video Replays

SUPER BIG CAT HEROES: watchers, cam operators, Viewer Video posters, Letter to Management writer, and well just a whole group of BEYOND AMAZING ladies met up at the sanctuary.   These ladies are such a great blessing to the cats.  I could go on and on about these super ladies.

Evening Meds with Keeper Lynda

Carole Reading Fan Mail
Thank you to Joyce, Barbara, Lori H., Lori D., Robin, Jaime, Susann, Hege, Katie, Patricia, Roonie, Kathy, Kirsten, Gabriela, Marlene, and everyone who has sent such lovely words of encouragement and love to us at Big Cat Rescue. If I missed thanking you, and I know there are many, many people I missed, please understand that it’s rare for me to have a few minutes to devote to this kind of a video, but your words and kindnesses are greatly appreciated.  The warm wishes and encouragement you all send us truly keeps us energized and going when the days get hard.

On March 31, 2016 the FunCation was officially opened by Max and MaryAnn Bobcats. This space allows two week vacations for our leopards, cougars, servals and bobcats. The lions and tigers can vacation in the 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation enclosure.  Yes, that really did read 2016…It took me this long to post the video.

 Keeper Spotlight – Sarah D.

Hello all!

I’m Sarah D., a Senior Keeper here at Big Cat Rescue. It’s important to note the last initial since there are currently three Sarah’s on the volunteer team: Sarah B. is another Senior Keeper, Sarah C., is a Level 3 intern, and then there’s me. Occasionally, two or all three of us will be together and call ourselves Sarah2 (Sarah Squared) or Sarah3 (Sarah Cubed).

My journey with Big Cat Rescue started in 2011, when my family and I took the general tour during a family vacation. I immediately fell in love with the sanctuary, but it was a little shuffler named Banjo who made my day unforgettable. Even though it was clear he was an old man, he still moseyed his way over to the side of his enclosure, shuffled his feet, and daringly dangled from his small palmetto branch. When we returned to the gift shop, I heard more about the internship program and instantly knew I need to do this.

At 24, I already had a full-time “professional” job in my chosen field, but, thankfully, my employer let me take a 3-month leave of absence for the internship. I started in April 2012, a day before my 25th birthday. From April to June, we interns worked tirelessly, but our small group got a lot accomplished. It was easy to fall in love with every animal at Big Cat, but the binturongs really stole my heart. Banjo, Bean and Thing were the best parts of my day. I loved to feed our omnivores and spend any extra time with each of them. Even though they were the same animal, they had incredibly different personalities. Banjo would almost always show off for any tour I took his way, Thing was usually up in his tree but would climb down on occasion to say hello, and Bean was certainly the shyest. Getting him to come into lockout for feeding took quite some time each day, but was a huge accomplishment when he did. We’d start with tossing him banana pieces to lure him out of the den, then continue the trend with a trail of banana until he finally made it to lockout where the rest of his food was waiting. He was such a special guy, and earning his trust over the past five years will be something I’ll never forget.

When my three-month internship was up, I knew I couldn’t leave this place forever. So, after returning to my “real life” for a year, I finally made the permanent move from Wisconsin to Florida. I started again as a Keeper Trainee, then became a Keeper and was just recently promoted to Senior Keeper in December 2016. Currently, I’m able to clean the big cats, feed the lynx and smaller, enrich cougars and smaller, and do operant conditioning with the smaller cats as well. In six months, I’ll be able to train to feed our big cats. Our strict training program is super important to our work at the sanctuary; it’s vital to keeping us and our animals safe at all times.

The sanctuary has become a second home to me, and I love spending entire days here when I can. I do work full-time, so am only able to dedicate my hours on the weekend, unless I’m blessed with a random weekday off. I’m usually here Saturday’s and have been known to keep a watchful eye on food prep. I always want to make sure the cats’ diets for Sunday are prepared before leaving for the day.

Some of my favorite memories are helping with Seth Tiger’s recent exam and celebrating Bean’s 16th birthday. But, every day that I’m here, a new memory is created and I’m usually overwhelmed by the happiness I feel. There’s nothing like seeing a new tiger in the Vacation open-air enclosure, just lying on the grass and soaking up the sun, for what may be the first time ever. The resiliency of these animals never ceases to amaze me.

These are of Bean’s 16th birthday party.  His cake was made of bananas, peeps and Fig Newton’s.


Note To Viewers:  Many of the the photos we post on Social Media were taken by Sarah D.

Keeper Corner

Happy 24th  birthday, Little Dove  ~Keeper Afton

Seth is doing well and taking his medication. He is a bit suspicious of his keepers since he had to be darted. He did this last time he was sedated, and he will come around after some time. ~Keeper Afton

Max has the cutest paws. ~Jamie Veronica

Happy 24th Birthday, Little Dove ~Keeper Sharon M.H.


Bobcat Rehab

Had a great couple of helpers today and got all the pipes for the feeding system in the first rehab enclosure drilled, cut, and installed. Thanks Melissa and Aleesa! ~Jamie Veronica

Building a new fence in the lakeside tiger enclosures with Victor Alonso ~Jamie Veronica

We have some of the hardest working women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing here at BCR! You are rocking the wader look Alyssa Weber! 🙂 ~Keeper Sharon M.H.

Cooking Big Cat Style Update

These four are finished and are uploaded to iTunes and Amazon.  Carole has added the PDF versions to

These two are now live in Amazon but are still in the pending stage in iTunes.

Cooking Big Cat Style Breads
Breads Buns & Muffin




These two are uploaded but not live yet on Amazon and iTunes.

Cooking Big Cat Style Breakfast 


Cooking Big Cat Style Cakes Cupcakes and Brownies
Cakes Cupcakes & Brownies

(Pink is one of Carole’s favorite colors, so to surprise her I made the cookbooks with a ‘pink theme.’)

If you want to be notified of the remaining links when they are ready, please email me at

Question for Viewers:  Once the collection is complete, would you be interested in a CD-ROM or Thumb drive that had our entire book collection on it?  Let me know in the comments of this page.

Sections/Books still to upload are: (371 recipes total)

  • Pies Puddings & Cobblers
  • Candy & Misc.
  • Drinks
  • Foil Packet Meals
  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Seafood and Fish
  • Mics
  • Play-dough
  • Pasta
  • Yummies for Pets
  • Stews
  • Chili
  • Salads & Dressings
  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Veggies

We will be uploading each section as a single book that is because the whole book combined is HUGE.  All the photos make the file really big.  We will also group various sections together and upload those as a larger book for those of you with devices that can handle large book files.

Example:  Dessert book will have Candy, Misc, Cookies, Cakes Cupcakes & Brownies, and Pies Puddings & Cobblers.

Animal Communicator – Laura Lassiter


April and May were very interesting, and I had several clients who had to help their animal companions cross the Rainbow Bridge. My soul-mate animal companion, Mikey, left almost two years ago, and I still feel and miss his presence. So this month, I wanted to share this message that I received from Mikey.

Listen with your mended heart
and you’ll begin to understand.
You played a most important part
in a destiny we long had planned.

My leaving you marks not our end
but continues as another start.
My love and care I’ll always send
as you can only feel with an opened heart.

It won’t be long as I’m coming back
to continue our journey we started long ago.
Headed for a place with no lack
In an endless journey of love and joy.

Mikey was then joined with other animal spirits and gave me so many messages from the Rainbow Bridge, I created a class to share with others information they wanted us to know. If you are interested in hearing the messages, please click here to register for the class. The class will be recorded in case you can’t attend but want the information.

Here is a photo of Duke that was taken 3 days before he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. As I talked with him, there were angels that appeared as you can see in the photo. I know they are not defined as such but Duke told me they were there to help him in his transition.

Have you ever wanted to make a heart-to-heart connection with a Big Cat? Do you believe it is possible to learn how to talk with the Big Cats? What are the Big Cats saying? Is talking with Big Cats different than with our animal companions?

The Big Cats have been waiting for us to talk with them! This 1 ½ hour introduction class to Communicating with the Big Cats is an incredible opportunity to have some of your questions answered about the Big Cats. Here are a few details:

  • Learn how the Big Cats communicate
  • Discover how to make a heart-to-heart connection with the Big Cats
  • Talk with one of the Big Cats at Big Cat Rescue
  • Experience a guided meditation that allows you to energetically feel a connection with the Big Cats
    The class will be recorded so you will have a permanent link to listen to the class at your convenience.

To register for this class, click here.

Stay tuned for some exciting news. There are incredible things happening and will be able to share shortly.

Love and gratitude,

S.A.V.E. Award

Scratch’s Award for Volunteer Excellence, the SAVE Award

For outstanding volunteer service, the July 2016 SAVE Award went to Rosie Emdey! Rosie is a veteran Big Cat Rescuer. She has dedicated 15 years of her life towards the care of our resident big cats and we could not be more grateful for her contribution. Thank you so much and congratulations!

A donation of $1000 has been made in your honor to the Sky Island Alliance Ocelot Project.

The Sky Island Alliance started researching Ocelots in 2006. In 2009 they documented the first living record of an Ocelot in Arizona and in 2011 they recorded the first evidence of ocelots breeding in the Sky Islands, with a kitten and mother caught on camera trap film. Sky Island Alliance protects and restores the biodiversity and natural heritage of the Sky Islands using science, education, and advocacy to connect the binational landscapes, people, and wildlife.

To help these elusive and secretive wild cats stay and thrive, Sky Island Alliance is advocating for ocelot conservation in the region by promoting greater public understanding of the importance and benefit of carnivores; informing Critical Habitat designation; identifying and mapping their best habitat and movement corridors; analyzing motion-activated camera data to determine wild cat activity patterns and behavior; supporting non-invasive wildlife monitoring; and encouraging the designation of new protected areas and privately-owned and managed conservation lands in Sonora, Mexico.

Camera Trap Photos:



 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

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