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Big Cat Updates

Apache (22) and Andi (20) were brought in to groom as they can’t reach some spots now with their advanced arthritis.  Apache had some bad teeth removed and a biopsy done on a lump they found while grooming him.  See videos below.

May 14, 2017 Coordinator Report

Lots of people like to take their moms on tours to BCR it seems as we were pretty much sold out yesterday.

Interns and a couple red shirts led by intern Sarah C cleaned out the tunnel between the two lakeside enclosures. Just need to rake up the back half and around the outside and pull a little bit of vines towards the back. We left some empty bins in there for that as Gerty was loaded to capacity with full bins. NOTE to Viewers: “Gerty” is the golf cart flatbed truck.  Gerty has some age on her but she keeps on truckin’.

Also, the Holleys were here and finished screwing down the boards on the deck of the new gift shop and “the pier”. As Darren said, “It was a lot of screws.”

I put a shower nozzle on Seth’s hose since it seems the mister wasn’t enough for him. He got lots of hydrotherapy today as did Jasmine, Gabby, Andy and Zeus.

Our darling picky cats ate pretty well today – Cam especially favored the turkey drums today.

Happy Birthday Zabu

Zabu is 17 years old, today!

From Viewer Silver

You can give Zabu a great birthday gift.  It is free and only takes a minute of your time.

Make the Call of the Wild at

Facebook Live Video Replays

Evening Meds with Momma Becky, Carole, and Lori D.

Apache (22) and Andi (20) are being brought in to groom as they can’t reach some spots now with their advanced arthritis. and

Apache (22) is being groomed because he can’t reach some spots now with his advanced arthritis.

Apache (22) was groomed and had some bad teeth removed. Now he’s waking up.


Andi Bobcat, age 20, is too old to groom herself well, so we are removing mats and doing diagnostics while she sleeps.

Something was found during Andi’s exam so they are getting her ready for surgery.

Andi Bobcat’s Surgery

Andi Bobcat Surgery Continued

Carole just made a line of Apache Paw Print Gear at: Sales of Apache Gear goes toward helping with our legislative efforts to end the abuse and exploitation of big cats and their babies.

 Apache Surgery Photos

Viewer Pix

Viewer A Teresa Alvarez:  Thought I’d share a collage of Hoover

From Viewer Silver:  Nikita

Where’s Waldo…  Uh I mean bobcat

Here is an easy one for the youngsters.  Can YOU find the bobcat?

Where's Waldo Uh

Telling Them Apart

Telling Kewlona and Dryden Apart

Their noses are different, their whisker patterns are different, and their ruffs are different.  Look at the two bobcat photos below to see of you can find the differences.

Kewlona has a lighter Ruff

Dryden has a darker Ruff

Featured Big Cat – Zabu

Date of Birth:  5/15/2000

Date of Rescue:  5/3/2004

Zabu was born at a circus and roadside zoo in New England that has since closed.

Zabu was raised and housed with Cameron, a male lion, neither of which were spayed or neutered. Leaving these two intact cats together could have had grotesque consequences resulting in the birth of ligers. These genetically mutated cross-breeds are victim to a plethora of birth defects that plague the animal its entire life. These freakish hybrids have become popular, though this is not an animal that would even exist in the wild.

It is important that people understand that by refusing to visit venues with these animals on display, this type of animal abuse can be stopped. White tigers also do not exist in the wild. They can neither hide from attack nor sneak on prey. Man has created the glut of white tigers in captivity today through rampant inbreeding.

Because white tigers are all so deeply inbred, they all carry genetic flaws. Zabu is no exception. She has a shortened upper lip leaving her teeth exposed and unprotected. For every white tiger you may see in captivity, many normal colored tigers have died. Since public demand for the white tiger has driven up prices for them, more and more are being bred. Those that are born “the wrong color” are discarded in various horrific ways.

When Zabu and Cameron were rescued we constructed a large natural enclosure for the two of them to share since they are truly bonded as a couple. Cameron received a vasectomy shortly after his arrival to prevent any cubs from being produced. The two lived together happily for years, however, when Zabu would go into heat Cameron would become possessive over her and aggressive towards keepers. Zabu was spayed in order to curb this behavior which was successful for a few more years.

Cameron reverted to his previous behavior and the decision was made to neuter him, which would mean he would lose his beautiful mane. The loss was merely cosmetic and well worth the price to keep this loving pair together.

While Cameron tries to sleep most of the day away (as lions do in the wild), Zabu is extremely energetic and is always pestering him to play. She’ll often give up on him and just run and jump and play with her big red ball or splash endlessly in her pool. Of course, that’s after she’s tired of playfully stalking her keepers or trying to spray the groups of visitors that stop by.

A LOT MORE about Zabu can be found at:

Gales talks about Zabu and her extreme love of swimming.

Zabu also LOVES her big red ball. Here is a short compilation of various video clips if her with her big red ball.

VIEWER Video of Zabu in the Vacation Pond

How Zabu spends vacation VS how Cameron spends vacation

Watch Zabu the white tiger attack the water as she frolics around in our 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation enclosure at Big Cat Rescue! Tigers are one of only a few species of big cats that actually like the water, so we make sure that they all have access to a pool or section of our lake to cool off and play in! 🙂

Lion Tiger Playtime

More videos about Zabu

Photos of Zabu

Note to Viewers:  A few of you told me you wanted a LOT of photos of Zabu on her Birthday soooooooo, here you go!!!!!  If THIS enough?

Here are some photos from through the years of Zabu.


Zabu has her own TWO LINES of Shirts and Gear.

Hot pads, mouse pads, baby clothes, shirts, mugs, caps, phone cases, tote bags, and soooooo much more.  Be sure to check both stores linked below.

You can also Adopt/Sponsor Zabu for a year for as little as a one time fee of $25

 Question For Viewers One

The Mother’s Day cookbooks went over very well.  THANK YOU to ALL the viewers who sent in recipes.  Four sections are now posted and the remain dozen plus sections/books will post very soon.

How you YOU ALL feel about a Bar-B-Que & Grilling cookbook for Father’s Day?

IF YOU like this idea, would YOU be willing to send in BBQ and Grilling Recipes and Tips that we could use without getting in any copyright infringement trouble?

Father’s Day is June 18th.  The books need to be submitted to iTunes and Amazon by June 10th in order to be live in the stores by Father’s Day.   I need a week to put it together so recipes would need turned in no later than June 1st, but the sooner the better.  The project would need 25 to 50 recipes and grilling tips would be nice, too.

So, what do YOU THINK?  Should we go for it or not?

 Question For Viewers Two

Free Cookies Cookbook Download

If you downloaded the Cooking Big Cat Style, Cookies cookbook that Carole gave away for Mother’s Day, yesterday, we’d like to INVITE YOU to send in photos of any cookies you make from the recipes over the next few weeks.  We will be updating that cookbook in the near future and it would be nice to add photos of cookies made from the recipes.  Since I never seem to find the time to bake obviously those photos won’t be coming from me, LOL.  Therefore, they would need to come from all of you.  Send the photos to and be sure to tell me the recipe title so I get the photos with the correct recipes.

HEADS UP:  There is an error on one recipe in the book.  In the chocolate chip cookie recipe the chocolate chips got left off the ingredient list.  That should say “2 cups of chocolate chips, more or less to suit your family’s taste.”

In case you missed them here is the link to get yours:

S.A.V.E Award

For outstanding volunteer service, the December 2016 SAVE Award went to Melanie Moore! Melanie is a hard working, self starting intern. She is thoughtful and considerate. Her participation in the foster kitten program has been exceptional especially considering the health issues her charges have faced. We thank Melanie for her unending dedication.

To celebrate a $1,000 donation was given to the Oncilla Project & Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation to save the Oncilla, Margay and Jaguarundi.

The team of the Oncilla Project are developing previous work in the threatened and fragmented ecosystem of the Interior Atlantic Forest in Brazil. In this habitat live three Small Neotropical Felidae, the Oncilla (Leopardus guttulus), Margay (Leopardus wiedii) and Jaguarundi (Puma yaguaroundi). These species are included in the brazilian and IUCN threatened species list, because of the decline in their habitat and food availability. In the Interior Atlantic Forest, these species reside next to farmers who are increasing their land use and colonization, changing the ecosystem as a result.

The Oncilla project aim to protect the small feline species by:

  1. Educating people living near the forest areas about the small cat species and the biodiversity of the ecosystem.
  2. Train students to organise,develop and put into action biodiversity preservation programs
  3. Gaining information on habitats in the ecosystem using GPS collars
  4. Encouraging nearby landowners that possess remaining forest spots on their property, to create conservation areas
  5. Indicating important ecological spots to environmental authorities in addition to the landowners, to create further conservation areas
  6. Provide assistance for farmers who develop human-animal conflicts with the small felids over domestic livestock

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

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