May 18 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Lauren Grant's Coordinator Notes for 5/17/2018

We had a very productive start of the day. Flea meds were done almost completely by lunchtime thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out today! Most ate them with breakfast, and Marie was able to get most of the rest while everyone was out cleaning.

The gift shop floor was scrubbed today. We were able to get a couple of sign-offs done but were rained out on handing out extra enrichment. The rain also made it difficult to get any projects done so we called it a day a little early.

Picky cats ate pretty well, except for Zeus.

That's about it!
-Lauren G

Devin Saari's Coordinator Notes for 5/15/2018

Great day today lots of volunteers to help get feeding and cleaning done by lunchtime! Interns and volunteers that needed classes and sign-offs got them.

The few cats that needed diets for tomorrow are in the cooler ready to be fed out. Max and Maryann's ponds were cleaned. There was a metal delivery today and it is sitting on the left side of the workshop.

The perimeter wall cleaning project was started back up again and we have made it all the way from the Sandcat gate all the way to behind food prep and are now working behind the old E-Center toward the front gate. (It's almost done up to the front gate)

Laundry was moved into both the hospitals from food prep. The cicle cats loved their icy treat on this very hot and humid day!

That's all for today!

Lauren Buckingham's Coordinator Notes for 5/14/2018

It was a very rainy day today! We had a good number of volunteers come out to help. Despite the rain, most cats ate well. Food prep was finished before lunch.

Both food freezers were reorganized and cleaned. The food prep floor was scrubbed. A start was also made in the cooler. Operant sign-offs were done for the interns. Stefanie K passed her walking test.

Despite the rain, we still sent out 2 tours this afternoon.

What Happened to Priya Tiger?

Priya Tiger Running, Chasing, Pouncing, Splashing, & Playing - Priya arrived at the sanctuary in 2016 as a very aggressive but very sick tiger. Fast forward a year and a half later and see how she is doing now!  Watch her run and play!

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Victory For Bobcats!

We often ask each of you to step up and speak out for cats.  When you do, many victories are won for the cats.  YOUR VOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Kewlona Bobcat says, "THANK YOU! YOUR Voice Made a Difference!"

Kewlona Bobcat says, "THANK YOU! YOUR Voice Made a Difference!"


In March, we alerted Big Cat Rescue supporters about Ohio's proposal to open a bobcat trapping season this fall. Thousands of Ohio state residents spoke out in opposition to the ill-advised proposal and on Thursday evening the Ohio Wildlife Council voted to indefinitely postpone a bobcat trapping season! This is a much-welcomed reprieve for the state's iconic wildcat.

Only four years after being removed from Ohio's endangered and threatened species list, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was rushing to open up a bobcat trapping season in the southern part of the Buckeye State. Last year the state gave Ohio University $245,000 for a multi-year bobcat population study. But instead of waiting for the results of the study, the DNR was prematurely pushing forward a trapping season to appease trappers who wanted to cash-in on pelts! The proposal was not backed by science or in the interest of public safety. It was solely about profit.

Big Cat Rescue worked with partners in Ohio to oppose a bobcat trapping season and activated our supporters in the state to take action. AdvoCats provided comments on the proposed rule and emailed the Wildlife Council, they submitted letters to the Editors of various newspapers, attended council hearings, and spoke out at the public hearing.

Two such AdvoCats, Marilyn & Barry L., had this to say about the public hearing in late April:

People were very passionate about the Bobcats. They brought up everything from the financial aspect - a Bobcat was worth a lot more for ecotourism because photographers would pay a big price for the opportunity to photograph a Bobcat in its natural surroundings. They all thought the permit cost of $4 plus $1 tax to kill a Bobcat was ludicrous and suggested to raise the price up to $500. They talked about the high probability that a lot more than 60 cats would be killed over the 24-hour period that the trappers had to report their kill. They talked about the unintended victims, be they other endangered species, pets, children, etc. They talked about the fact that the DNR wanted to eliminate notification to the citizens of Ohio of the hearing in print - make it only available online. People complained that they lived in a rural area because they loved wildlife and were horrified at the entire prospect. Plus the fact that they did not get Internet out there and would have no idea of these hearings taking place. As I told you, if not for getting an Email from Big Cat Rescue, we would have had no idea. That, I'm sure, was the intent.

Thank you, Marilyn and Barry, and all of our Ohio AdvoCats! We know that many Big Cat Rescue supporters throughout the state played a role in this victory. WE THANK YOU!

Ohio’s DNR will likely bring this issue back up again in the future but for now, it’s a great win for bobcats and a testament to the power of people taking action!

Jennifer Leon, MPA
Director of Outreach

Flea Treating 70+ BIG Cats - Tigers, Lions, Leopards, all cat species can catch fleas, so at Big Cat Rescue we have to treat all of our 70+ residents with flea prevention just like your domestic cat at home every quarter. Watch more videos like this at and at

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UPDATE - Wild Bobcat With Drainpipe on his neck has been spotted.

Some of you have been asking if the wild bobcat with a drainpipe stuck on his neck has been captured yet.  Sadly, the answer is no.

However, there is some good news.  He was spotted on the trail cam three nights ago.  He did not go into the trap but is still alive.  More good news is he appears to still be of a good weight so he is obviously able to hunt and eat.

Bobcat with a drainpipe stuck on his neck

Bobcat with a drainpipe stuck on his neck

We want to thank the kind gentleman who continues to set the trap.  He has caught, and of course released, a handful of raccoons.  He has offered to continue setting the traps for a while longer to see if this wild bobcat can be safely captured so the drainpipe can be removed.

LAST CALL, Only a dozen left!

There are less than a dozen Joseph's Memorial Photo Books left.  Once these are gone, there will be no more ordered.

Joseph's Memorial Photo Book

Joseph's Memorial Photo Book Front Cover

Joseph's Memorial Photo BookJoseph's Memorial Photo Book

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