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Big Cat Updates

Coordinator Report for 5/18/2017

Apache went back outside today.

We finished the two tiger cages up front, raked around Smalls, cleaned Breezy’s front cage, did enrichment, made a paw print, did some dart training, did some raking around the tiger island cages.

It is now 8:30 PM I am out of here for today.  ~Gale

Some of our AMAZING Interns covered in dirt, a.k.a. “Angels In Blue”  These hard workers tackle every job for the cats with a smile.  Hauling dirt, raking leaves, scrubbing water bowls, collecting poop, and just about everything else you can possibly think of. What a PAWSOME CREW!!!!!!

These are some of the workers that are LOVING the coffee, tea, and snacks you send for the Gale’s Keeper Cafe!!  THANK YOU, Everyone!!

Have YOU thought about becoming an intern at Big Cat Rescue?  Learn more about that at:

Heads Up – Andy Tiger Vet

Monday around noon or 1:00 PM Andy Tiger will be neutered, get a dental exam and diagnostics. An eye specialist will be looking at his eyes too, as she often does when a cat is sedated for any reason.   Keep an eye on for us to go Live.  Then watch the procedure live at

People Often Ask

People Often Ask:  “Why don’t you give the cats live prey and let them hunt?”

Afton has “Done It Again!”  She has made a BRAND NEW “FAQ Fact Friday Video” to answer this frequently asked question.

Top 3 Reasons We Don’t Feed Live Prey
Often times we get asked why our big cats do not get offered live prey. Here are the top 3 reason we do not offer our big cats live prey.

Today is Little White Dove’s birthday. She is 20 years old!!

Little White Dove Key Chain $3 – Wildly beautiful Little Cat Photo Key Chain. Key chain features Little Whit Dove the bobcat. 2-sided acrylic key chain is 2” x 3”. Color photo appears on both sides with the words Big Cat Rescue.

Bobcat Mug with a wrap around photo $15 Bobcats of Big Cat Rescue 11 or 15 oz. mug features a photo collage of several of the past and present bobcat residents including; MaryAnn, Lovey, Andi, Bailey, Moses, Mrs. Claws, Max, Little White Dove, Mr. Howell and Nabisco. This sturdy white, glossy ceramic mug is an essential to your cupboard. This brawny version of ceramic mugs shows it’s true colors with quality assurance to withstand heat in the microwave and put it through the dishwasher as many times as you like, the quality will not be altered. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Carole watching Kali Tiger in her pool while on her way to check out the new Cat Walk.

22 year old Apache Bobcat Goes Home:  Apache Bobcat was in the cat recovery hospital. He has a small mass on his shoulder removed and sent out for testing, he has some bad teeth removed, and some fur mats removed.   See his procedures at

Carole watching Kali Tiger in her pool while on her way to check out the new Cat Walk, etc.

We are REALLY LOVING to new streaming web cam that put in on the Vacation Rotation Enclosure.  Get outdoors and take a play break with the big cats. Watch more at


Oldie But Goodie

Viewer Wendy Jenks posted this on our Facebook page:  I checked my email today and saw that I had received the “May Pet Perspectives” from BluePearl Specialty + Emergency Pet Hospital (where I take my tiny tigers and little lions when they are under the weather), and saw this wonderful feature included in their e-newsletter.
What a nice surpise!

THANK YOU, Wendy!!

Keeper Corner

Keeper MaryLou:  Hoover Cooling Off


The tiger pools have water that circulates back and forth from the spring fed lake so the water is always fresh and cold.  The tigers love that.  Carole’s brother and the maintenance guys keep those pumps running 24/7 to ensure the tigers always have fun in their pools.  Even though the pools are made of reinforced concrete the tigers manage to tear them up so repairs are something else that the guys have to stay on top of.

Some of you have been asking for the link to Carole’s favorite bobcat shoes so thought I’d post them again.

Remembering Nirvana Ocelot

Nirvana Ocelot has not been forgotten. She was featured on the cover of the magazine, Humane Activist.  Click on the screenshot below to see this issue of their magazine as a PDF.

Here is their website where you can sign up for their magazine by mail or get the free downloads or the current or past issues.

Their contact email:

Viewer Pix

Viewer Scotti Cohn:  Big Cat Rescue sends their cats on vacation! This area is a 2.5-acre enclosure called the Vacation Rotation where each lion and tiger gets a two-week vacation out in the big play area. (Most of the big cats’ home cages are 1200 square feet to half an acre.)

Viewer El Tigre Viejo:  A beautiful photo showing part of the vacation rotation enclosure from the NEW web cam.

Viewer Robin-crackerob:  Hi Josh!

Way To Go Lesa!!!!!!!!!!!  Lesa Stratton has been an amazing help by EVERY DAY sharing one of our videos on her Facebook page.  So when we sent out the Big Cat Challenge to do a direct upload with the “Would You Still Do It?” video she was one of the first to respond.  We are so excited that OVER TWO DOZEN of you took that challenge.

Here is Lesa’s Post Text:  See things from another’s point of view. Don’t unknowingly feed into the very industry causing all of the damage. Support bills protecting the rights of animals like the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. 1818), a bill put out by Big Cat Rescue. More information on this bill is available at and it is incredibly easy to take action.

Note to Viewers:  I wish I could highlight and purr-sonally THANK EACH of the over two dozen people who posted that video as well.  PLEASE KNOW Each and Every One of YOU are appreciated!!!!  If YOU want this video file to upload directly to your own YouTube, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn or other social media account please email and simply ask for the CubTruth video file.  It is a VERY SHORT Video and a VERY SMALL File.

Where’s Waldo… Uh I mean Amanda

Viewer Teresa Alvarez sent this in.

How many tigers do you see?

THANK YOU Teresa!!!!


Cooking Big Cat Style – Grilling & BBQ Cookbook Update.

We now have 50 recipes submitted so I am starting work on the new book “Cooking Big Cat Style – Grilling and BBQ”  There is room for a few more, if you get them in within the next few days.

What I need FROM YOU are the following:

  • BBQ Sauces & Tips
  • Grilling Techniques & Tips
  • Your Marinade Recipes & Tips
  • Father’s Day Quotes and Sayings that I can add in the book that will not cause any copyright infringement issues

Submit items to

Happy Birthday, Little White Dove

Female Bobcat Date of Birth 5/19/1997 this makes her 20 years old.

Little White Dove is well known for her beautiful golden eyes.

She chose to bond and live with Running Bear. Though she was once food aggressive, as so many of the wildcats here are, she now defers to Running Bear at feeding time. She will even allow him to be fed before her.

During the day, they spend much of their time perched high up in their tree sleeping. Seeing them up there, it is easy for guests to understand the nocturnal nature of bobcats and how easily they can camouflage themselves in trees. Despite development and human encroachment of their habitat, bobcats can sometimes manage to stay hidden from view and manage to survive.

Photos of Little White Dove

Photos taken through the years by different people, different cameras and different camera settings so some of the photos from earlier years are not spot on with their color.

 Foster Kitten Program

Watch the live Kitten Cabana” streaming web cam at:  Sometimes kittens are sleeping and sometimes they are filled with kitten craziness.

Viewer Jmeson75:  Hi Karma!!

Viewer Tammya:  Well hello there you little blue eyed doll baby!

Your FB Gifts for the Cats

Through Facebook there is a program you can do personal fundraisers for the charity for your choice.  Several people have done, or are doing one for Big Cat Rescue.  L@@K at the results!!  Between birthday fundraisers and general donations through Facebook’s donation button the cats received $3,635.69!!  WOW, THANK YOU!!!!

Birthday Fundraisers that ended in April:

  • Mike Kennedy $330
  • Niki Ry $250
  • Jodi Zucker $50
  • Dharma Louise $50
  • Sami Swisher $220
  • Amanda Owens $220
  • Dani Sikes $120
  • Steve Law $100
  • Ben Hinrichs $100
  • Jordan Rodriquez $65
  • Kaitlyn Sherman $60
  • Nace Raine Mentzer $50
  • Leigh Martin $50

THANK YOU, Everyone!!!!

When we feed out 500 pounds of quality meat every day, 365 days a year, and hand out meds daily, etc these birthday fundraisers really do help, A WHOLE LOT!!

 Viewer Videos From

The Texans are back! VR May 16

Morning handsome Texans! VR May 17

Arthur having fun in the pond, VR May 17

Amanda in the pond, VR May 17

Andre in the lake in VR, May 16

Fun and Frolics at 1-45am….Max and Maryann

The Texas Tigers having their breakfast

None of these taste like chicken!

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

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