May 19 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Cats who had dentals yesterday are doing well and are all back home in their enclosures. Sapphire cannot have access to her pools.  she is resting, till a bit uneasy so tours are not going in her area. Keepers, of course, are watching her and pampering her but giving her as much privacy to rest and relax as she needs.

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at

Coordinator Report - Jennifer Ruszcyk

Hot but fun day today. Dylan and the Holly’s took down the platforms in funcation so we can build them some new platforms. Dylan, Stephanie, and Candice filled in the holes from the platforms. Stephanie Witherspoon and the blue crew (interns) weeded and started sprucing up the memorial garden. It is summer and weeds are here.

Cats that got procedures done yesterday went back to their enclosures. Matt Ruszczyk, Tanya Chute, and I got the hospital all cleaned and ready for when we need it again.

Thank you Lynda Licht, Angie Gabor, Rebecca Williams, and Matt for coming in to cover cleaning, meds, and specialty tours. Of course, our partners took care of all our guests and got to spend tons of time with our very special explore fans!!

Big Cat Fact - Black Jaguars & Black Leopards

Big Cat Fact - Jaguar - Melanism is most common in jaguars (Panthera onca) – where it is due to a dominant gene mutation – and leopards (Panthera pardus) – where it is due to a recessive gene mutation. Close examination of one of these black cats will show that the typical markings are still there, and are simply hidden by the surplus of the black pigment melanin. That means black leopards and black jaguars still have spots.

Jinx Black Leopard

Jinx Black Leopard

Foster Kitten Update

Mama Claudette has finally found her much deserved purr-manent home, as well as the following kittens:

Chase and Cordelia were adopted by our very own, awesome volunteer....Angie!

Thank you all for your great care.

Karma L. Hurworth
Assistant Manager/Master Keeper, Big Cat Rescue

Videos of the Day

AAHHHH, nothing like a little late night stretching and chattering.
Dutchess Tiger is quite the night owl sometimes.
Hope everyone caught the updates yesterday, it was packed full.
Recorded on the Tiger Lake webcam

Merchandise of the Day

Cute Cat Automatic Folding Umbrellas!!! Stay dry with this adorable fully automatic cat umbrella in several color choices like Blue, Navy, Pink, Purple, and Green!!! Help Fund the Freedom Fight for Captive Big Cats with each purr-chase!

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Photos for the Day

Miss Servie Serval is ready to settle in for an evening of rest and relaxation!

Servie Serval

Servie Serval

Sometimes, you just don't feel like being social.
Cats have a way of making it clear they are IGNORING YOU!
Gilligan, a Canadian Lynx, is good at that.

Sometimes, you just don't feel like being social. Cats have a way of making it clear they are IGNORING YOU! Gilligan, a Canadian Lynx, is good at that.

Gilligan Canadian Lynx

Miss Dutchess Tigress hopes everyone has a blessed Sunday! ?

Dutchess Tiger enjoys hanging out on her platform, watching for squirrels.

Dutchess Tiger

Beautiful Miss Kewlona Bobcat wishes you sweet dreams!

Kewlona Bobcat

Kewlona Bobcat

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