May 21 2018

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Guatemala Rescue Update

The first three cats have arrived at the temporary compound in Guatemala.  These first three cats will be going to Africa to the sanctuary being built there by ADI.

ADI is working with the circuses and the government in Guatemala.  Jan & Tim are staying in Guatemala during this first phase of the rescue effort.

Thanks to the funds you all have helped raise we have been able to send them money for caging materials which have arrived at the tempory Guatemala compound and work on the enclosures is well underway.

We have sent money to have a water well put in and to upgrade the electrical service so they can run freezers for the meat the cats will need.  The water well and electrical upgrades are due to begin in the next four days.

ADI is working with the CITES officials to get the paperwork started for transferring the animals out of the country.  This is a process that can take several months.

This is going to be a long and expensive rescue.  Your ongoing support for this rescue will be needed.  You can donate securely at

We will keep you updated on what projects we send them funds for.

Keeper Corner

Keeper Lynda & Zeus Tiger

Cleaning Max and MaryAnn Bobcat’s pools.

Every pool is on a pump[ing system that constantly brings water in from the lake and drains water back to the lake.  that ensures the water in the cat pools is always circulating, fresh, and cool.  Even with that we still have to scrub them periodically as well.

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