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Big Cat Updates

Any Tiger saw the vets today.  He had the following done:

  • eye exam
  • xrays
  • blood work
  • neutered
  • micro chipped
  • bad teeth removed

Andy is doing well and keepers will sit with him until he wakes up.

Note To Viewers:  Several of you ask what Andy’s weight was.  I missed what Dr. Justin said so I have asked.  I’ll try to post that on tomorrow’s update.


Coordinator report for Sunday 5/21/17

Another good workgroup today. They finished Kricket’s and Nala’s enclosures.

Interns and volunteers finished Tonga’s enclosure. They now all have full access to their respective enclosures.

Party Time!

We had a little Birthday Party for Tonga today with a ground beef snow cone cake with a big meat strip T on it. He loved it!

Picky Eaters did much better today.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Andy Tigers Gets a Dental  

Andy Tiger came in to be neutered and that’s done, but he has two bad teeth that really need to go. Andy was bred to be a photo prop and the only way the pimps can use them is to take them from their mom’s as soon as they are born. That means they never get the right nutrition and their bones and teeth suffer.
Please NEVER pay to see or touch a cub. Continue watching this camera live, after the broadcast ends at

Part Two

Part One


Andy Tiger being Neutered


Andy Tiger Sees the Vets Eye exam, x-rays, etc

Part Three

Part Two

Part One

Any Tiger has his own Line of Gear

This graphic of Andy Tiger is being added to Andy Gear.   I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Below is a sampling of it.


Last night we are celebrated that it is the final act of the Ringling Brothers circus. Walk along as we talk to ALL of the lions and tigers about the fact that this marks the beginning of a more enlightened era.

Keeper Corner

Keeper Rebecca Williams:  Yesterday was Tonga’s 20th birthday! Becky made him a special snow cone with his initial on it (made out of ground beef) and the volunteers and interns lined up and sang him Happy Birthday. He loved it!

Some sweet person installed a fan for baby cakes and he is really loving it

Gift Shop News

Besides caring for the cats, helping with grounds upkeep,  interns, and partners also work in the gift shop.  There is always a LOT to do.

We were pretty busy this weekend so lots of restocking needs to be done. There are several orders for items that Jamie makes so we should have those soon to send out. New wristbands came in
There are lots of Thank Yous to send out.  We need to stuff some more bags for checkout.  Keeper Candy will be in on Tuesday to change out the batteries in half of the vox systems to use up the last of the old style batteries. The new batteries are lasting longer so we won’t have to change them as often YAY!!

Big Cat Models

Here at Big Cat Rescue, we love our Big Cat Models!!!!


Big Cat Model Paula:  I bought the shirt from the gift shop when I
visited in January and love it. You can’t see it in the picture but it
falls below the hips and is more of a fitted shirt.

Big Cat Model Paula: I carry a lot of files and stuff back and forth from work to home and the
tote bags work perfectly. They have a lot of room and I was looking for a
bag that would carry legal size folders which these do. Love The Biscuits!
The design is beautiful.

Article Worth Reading

The Truth About the Deadly Cat Trade

There’s a missing link in South Africa, not the one between homosapiens and modern humans.It’s a link between cub petting and the fast growing trade in exploiting and killing lions, and it’s one to which tourists seem extraordinarily blind.

Cuddling playful lion cubs, volunteering to feed and care for adorable young cats or walking with them may seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity. But what visitors don’t see is that for these big cats, this seemingly innocent start in life leads to canned hunting of lions for the overseas trophy trade, to lion farming in cruel conditions, or to the slaughter of these kingly creatures in order to meet the demand for their bone in the Far East.

It’s the connection between petting and cruelty which two crusading young women are trying to drive home through Panthera, a big cat sanctuary for rescued lions and tigers near Stanford in the Western Cape. Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine Nyquist fell in love with big cats through volunteering on breeding projects before their eyes were opened to the fate of the cubs that had been in their care. “The hardest day of my life was to find out what this industry was really about and how horrible the conditions are where the lions are kept,’ Cathrine, known as Cat, told me when I visited the Panthera Africa Sanctuary, which is dedicated to creating awareness of the need for ethical and sustainable tourism and putting a stop to the deadly trade.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this article

Viewer Pix

Viewer Janie Marshall:  So Cute

Viewer Kristine Metzner:  Here is the photo of Arthur from yesterday. He was too cute! I guess I need to be sending you more photos, because I take tons of them, especially when I am CamOp that day. I have a few files full of the cats, lol. Thank you for wanting to use the photo in the updates, I feel like that is an honor!  Have a great afternoon and evening. PS. I also sent a photo of Arthur and Amanda on the platform together, from yesterday. *:) happy

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

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